Sunday, April 29, 2012

The NEW 'About' Section

The About section has been updated to reflect the new Constitution and the new way forward for the 40kegger. If you do not see your name on the membership list, and you have expressed an interest in the 40kegger, your name will appear after the registration phase for 40KEGGER 4. The Constitution with full member contacts will be released to members this summer as we get closer to the next event.

Membership and the format of the 40kegger Tabletop Wargames Club is vital for the events and the nature of the 40kegger's Liquor Permit.


The 40kegger is an abbreviation for the 40kegger Tabletop Wargames Club. The club is based in Winnipeg, Canada, and is a licensed club under the Manitoba Liquor Control Act. Hence, the club is granted by law to host Warhammer 40,000 tournaments where members can battle with dice in one hand and an ice cold beer in the other. Feel free to browse the club Constitution for more information:

The 40kegger Tabletop Wargames Club Constitution

The name 40kegger was conceived many years ago while having a beer after an evening of 40k. I looked around the table and realized that I was amongst a group of people that saw gaming night as more than an opportunity to get out and roll dice, but also as an opportunity to be out with good people and have some laughs. Hence, I knew that one day I had to create an environment where people could play 40k while enjoying the 'night out' experience of being amongst friends and having some beer.

In 2010, the 40kegger dream became a reality when I met Greg Ritchie. We began to conceptualize a small tournament where players would be able to play 40k all day and enjoy the endless flow from a keg of locally brewed 'Half Pints' beer. In the winter of 2011, the very first 40kegger took place amongst 8 players on a few tables in Greg's house. When the dust settled on the battlefield and the keg released its last drop of ice cold beer, the 8 players walked away with some unforgettable memories.

Since that first small tournament in the winter of 2011, Greg and myself have spread the 40kegger vibe to players all over the city of Winnipeg. The 40kegger has now become a fully structured gaming club that throws some great 40k tournaments. Growing more and more every year, the club and tournaments are quickly becoming a comfortable place for adult 40k fans to gather and play some games.

-J.P. Perreault

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