Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Astronomi-con 2012

This weekend held the 12th annual Astronomi-con at the Winnipeg Convention Center. Once again it was a blast! My record was 2 wins (vs Eldar and Chris Browns Grey Knights!), 3 losses (Mike Ks Dark Eldar, Nurgle Space Marines and Necrons) and 1 EPIC tie agains Donny Neely and his Tyranids. Congrats to Dave Taylor for winning the free entry for the August 2012 40kegger event. Also congrats to Steve Brown for taking the award for best unit and Fabio for best army! Mike K: Best Overall, Steve D for best general, Thirsty for best terrain, Donny N for best sportsmanship and Thirsty for best terrain. Here's a few pics I took:
Steve B: Best unit

Fabio with Best Army

My Army

I never beat this guy! Great game though.

Salamanders -vs- Grey Knights

Dont ask me why it's sideways

Donny N's bugs

Donny N's Trygon and Doom /w Spore pod

Bug on bug porn

I heard there were nerds here. I'll fight 'em all!

Ryan Blocks Dark Eldar

Kevin Nelson's Space Wolves

Steve B's bugs

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  1. Chris looks cocked in that picture. You should reroll him.