Sunday, September 30, 2012

Army update: Dark Vengeance tactical squad WIP

With Mechani-kon 4 coming up fast, I've got a bunch of painting to do, especially my new tactical sqaud, heavy bolter Devastators and my HQ choice, Harath Shen <nerd noise>.

This is what's on the assembly line today. I'm not bringing the plasma cannon, but he's getting painted with the rest

I've erased all the Dark Angel iconography from all the models. 1 hour of slicing and filing later... Good thing my "Don't give a fuck" threshold his high! Those shoulders are good enough for me. Fuck you Golden Demon award!

This is the first time I have ever painted models before assembling them completely. With the exception of the Sergeant, missile launcher guy (Who is from ABR and has been assembled for a year) and one marine, none have bolters attached yet. I am also waiting for a flamer to come into the mail to replace the plasma gunner guy. Not too sure how I am going to be able to convert that. I'll make it work!

My "tip of the hat" to Dark Vengeance. Red bolters! I haven't decided yet if I am going to paint the "Troops" arrows on the right shoulders white, or leave them green.
My converted DV Sarge! Power fist from who knows where, Combi-melta from the commander box set and a random head from my bits box. I kind of have a crush on this guy.
My kit bashed IA Harath Shen, Salamanders Master Apothecary. I know he sucks. Fuck you. That is a narthecium, not a power fist with  a terminator cod piece and chunk of chain sword stuck to it!

Salamander back pack courtesy of the old Chaplain Xavier model.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

September beer league standings

With only a few days left in September some people still need to get their beer league games in. Here are the standings so far.

Player NameMatches PlayedWinsLossesDrawsOverall PointsVP's ForVP's AgainstVP's +/-
1) Dave Violago1001166+0
2) Keith Grant00000000
3) Chris Brown1001166+0
4) Greg Ritchie1100295+4
5) JP Perreault1010009-9
6) Rob Lentowich1100290+9
7) Collin Martin1010038-5
8) Christian Augst10011660
9) Sean Regehr1010012-1
10) Charles Janke00000000
11) Sam Leblanc00000000
12) Jason Lane00000000
13) Steve Brown1100221+1
14) Garth Bowman00000000
15) Dave Taylor1100283+5
16) Lance Jones1010059-4
17) Jordan Nylolaishen00000000
18) Fabio Fiorentino1001166+0

For those of you interested in hosting matches, but don't have a table, here is a helpful link.

Rob, you may want to look into this so there is no more 3 inch deployments in your future games ;) (You're welcome JP)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Beer league batrep: Greg VS Lance

Last weekend Chris B had a bunch of us over to his place to get a few beer league games in. Chris played Fabio, Big Sean played Steve Brown and I played Lance. It was practically a nerd orgy. So we're clear, there is never any girls at a nerd orgy... But at the same time, it's not gay. Knowing I was going to make a batrep, I wrote down everything that happened to help me remember when it came time to make this post.

if these guys played 40k, they'd play gay knights

I knew that Lance had a gluten intolerance, and being the considerate dude that I am, got us some gluten free beer to try.
All I can say is... I am glad I don't play Lance again

 The beer was ok... but barely only ok. It was light and fruity and I could only choke down 2. Be forewarned. If I have to play another person with a gluten intolerance... That person will have to suffer hives or indigestion or anaphylaxis. I would drink bud lite lime before buying this again.

So, Like I said, I wrote down everything that happened every turn so I would remember when it came time to make this batrep, right... Well, I fucking lost the paper. I can count to potato!


Now all I have is a bunch of pictures that I have no idea what happening in them. Hope you fucking enjoy.

OH OH OH!!! I know what this one is! It's my army!
 I deployed 1 tac squad in the ruins with the tank and one tac squad in the 2 story ruins with support from the contemptor. The Rapier is deployed on the left flank of my board edege. Lance deployed a combat squad in his ruins on the right flank, his dreadnaught, razerback and rhino on the left flank.
I think this is deployment.

I think I won roll off. Im pretty sure I shot at the dreadnaught and missed with the rapier. The drop pod is in reserve (It's off the table right now)
Good ol' rapier. Always misses.
 On Lances turn 1 his drop pod full of Stern Guard drop infront of my contemptor and scatter a full 12 inches back. He was not happy.

Out of melta range, so they shoot bolters at the tac squad. Look at that hansom fellow in the back.

I think this was to hit something...?

My terminators outflanked and walked in the board edge (warlord trait) . Most of the stern guard were killed by the contemptor... I think

Multi Melta kills the rhino

Rapier kills the dreadnaught

Something something something... shit died

1/4 of an inch in his deployment... enough to get Line Breaker!

At the end of the day, I had 2 objectives worth 7 points. I got first blood and line breaker. Lance held 2 objectives giving him 5 points. Lance also took the "Only roll 1's and 2's to hit and wound" warlord trait. His dice took a huge crap on him. Good thing it was a fun game!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Upgrade Sets!!!! Thank the Warp!

....That is all...... for now!

Countdown to Chaos

I know I have just been dumping Chaos sneak peeks like crazy for the last few days. Ya, I know that every damn blog on the Internet has all these rumours. But this is just so exciting and I can't contain myself.

How about this shot of the new Helldrake?

As Dave Hester would say, "Yuuuuuuuuuup!" That thing is now sold. I was a little sceptical about it at first, but just look at that. Now that we can see the full silhouette, and preying over those silly Loyalists below... Super. Fucking. Rad.

We also got an exclusive look at the new Boon of Mutation Table and Warlord Traits (credits to Dakka Dakka). The Boon of Mutation Table is something that a Character can roll on if they defeat an enemy Character in a Challenge. I am unsure if it is just ICs or all Characters. Either way, pretty awesome:

"Chaos Boon table (D66 pick 2d6, one is your tens and the other is your ones)
These all have names but I will leave you to find them out yourselves
You have to win a challenge to roll on this table
11-16 - Nothing
21-22 - Replace model with Chaos Spawn
23 - +1 Attack
24 - Eternal Warrior
25 - +1 Strength
26 - +1 BS
31 - +1 Initiative
32 - Return to full wounds, if unwounded gain +1 Wound
33 - +1 Toughness
34 - Shrouded
35 - Armour Save improves by 1
36 - Melee weapon has Fleshbane
41 - Passing a Deny the Witch roll makes enemy Psyker take a Str 6 AP 2 hit
42 - Re-roll failed armour saves
43 - Melee attacks are Poisoned
44 - Crusader
45 - Hammer of Wrath
46 - Icy Aura (enemy models in base contact take a Str 4 AP 5 hit at Initiative Step 1)
51 - Adamantium Will
52 - A ranged weapon has +1 Strength
53 - Hatred (Everything!)
54 - Shred
55 - Melee attacks have instant death
56 - +1 WS
61 - Stubborn
62 - Fleet
63 - Feel No Pain
64 - Roll another d3+1 on this table (re-rolling Spawnhood and Apotheosis)
65-66 - Replace model with Daemon Prince

Warlord Traits
1 - Friendly units within 12" of Warlord have Preferred Enemy (Space Marines)
2 - Melee weapons belonging to the Warlord and his unit have Soulblaze
3 - D3 infantry units may infiltrate (could this be new Creed???)
4 - Warlord and unit have hatred (everything!)
5 - Warlord causes Fear
6 - Warlord may re-roll Chaos Boons"

On Warseer, Bram posted some of the rules regarding Wargear, Gifts, and the long anticipated Psychic Powers. Looks like Chaos players are getting what they have been chanting for over the last 5 years. I'm not sure about the Icon of Slaanesh and Icon of Nurgle. That doesn't seem right and I am pretty sure Bram just got them mixed up. But you never know, maybe they are trying to put a halt on the massive Nurgle wave growing in the 40k community. Maybe they are trying to bring some game balance by not letting Chaos players make something as ridiculous as Grey Knight Paladins. I respect that. Have a look:

Improvised Armor: 6+ Save
Powerarmor: 3+ Save
Terminator Armor: Same as loyalist
Fleshmetal: 2+ Armor


Chaos Bike: SM Bike
Infernal Ammunition: AP3
Mechadrites: +2 A, includes 1 Meltagun and 1 Flamer
Plague Grenades: Mark of Nurgle only - Model carries Offensive and Defensive grenades
Seal of Corruption: 4+ Invulnerable Save

Gifts of Chaos:

Aura of Dark Glory: 5+ Invulnerable Save
Gift of Mutation: Ahead of Deployment, roll once on the "Rewards of Chaos" table
Battle-familiar: Model gains 2 additional S4 AP- attacks
Wizard's familiar: Model may reroll failed Psychic tests
Warpblood: Everyime a model with Warpblood suffers an unsaved wound, the unit that caused this wound suffers 1 S3 AP4 hit. (it appears this is not limited to close combat)

Palanquin of Nurgle: Model gains +2 Wounds and +1 Attack and gets the Very bulky special rule
Bloodcrusher of Khorne: Model gains +1 Toughness, +1 Attack and +1 Wound and changes it's unit type to cavallery
Steed of Slaanesh: Model changes it's unit type to cavallery. It runs +3 inces. Gains accurate senses and Outflank special rule and is granted +1 attack
Disk of Tzeentch: Model changes it's unit type to Jetbike and gains +1 Attack

Icons of Chaos:

All Icons grant +1 on Combat Resolution
Icon of Revenge: Unit is Fearless
Icon of Flames: Mark of Tzeentch Only: Boltguns, Heavy Boltguns and Bolt Pistols have the Soul Blaze Special Rule
Icon of Rage: Furious Charge, Unit may reroll Charge Distance
Icon of Despair: Mark of Nurgle only: Unit causes Fear
Icon of Ecess: Mark of Slaanesh Only: Unit gains Feel no Pain

Marks of Chaos:

Mark of Khorne: Rage, Counter-attack
Mark of Nurgle: +1 Toughness
Mark of Tzeentch: Invulnerable Saves improved by 1
Mark of Slaanesh: +1 Initiative.

Mark of Nurgle, Mark of Tzeentch, Mark of Slaanesh: If they are given to a psyker, he must chose at least 1 psychic power of the appendant dicipline.

Demonprince Upgrades:

Demon of Khorne: Hatred (Demons of Slaanesh), Furious Charge
Demon of Slaanesh: Hatred (Demons of Khorne), Rending, Fleet of Foot, runs +3 inches
Demon of Nurgle: Hatred (Demons of Tzeentch), Slow and Purposefull, Shrouded
Demon of Tzeentch: Hatred (Demons of Nurgle), May Reroll all saves of 1

Psyker: May chose psyonic powers from pyromancy, biomancy or telepathy. If he's a demon of Nurgle, Slaanesh or Tzeentch he must chose at least 1 psycic power from the appendant dicipline.

Vehicle Upgrades:

Destroyer-Blades: Causes D6 S5 AP - hits while performing a Tank shock. If a Unit choses Death or Glory it suffers 2D6 hits instead
Warpflames: All ranged weapons have the Soul Blaze special rule
Whipping Tentacles: Every model suffers -1 attack for each whipping tentacle it has base contact to. (very strange wording here...)
Twin linked Boltgun: Duh.
Siege shield: Vehicle automatically passes dangerous terrain tests
Demon Engine: BS 3. Ignores Crew stunned and Crew shaken on rolls of 2+. When a unit embarks, roll a D6. On a roll of 1 you remove 1 random model as a casulty, and the vehicle regains 1 Hullpoint.
Magma-cutters. If a Maulerfiend with Magmacutters hits with at least one of it's attacks, it generates 1 extra attack. If it hits with all of it's attacks, it generates 2 additional attacks. These attacks have Initiative 1, S8, AP1 and armorbane.
Sonic Blaster: Enemy units within 6" may not perform defensive fire.

Special Rules:

Obliterator Weapons:  May chose one of the following weapons: Assault Canon, Heavy Flamer, lasCannon, Multimelta, Twinlinked Flamer, TL Plasmagun or TL meltagun. All obliterators must chose the same weapon. They may not chose the same weapon twice in a row.
Mutilator Weapons: Pick one of the following at the start of any combat phase the mutilator is in close combat: Pair of: Lightning Claws, Chain Fists, Power Swords, Power Mauls. All Mutilators must pick the same weapon, and may not chose the same weapon two combat steps in a row.

Might of the Soulforge: Once per game, at the beginning of a shooting or close combat phase, a model may unleash the might of the Soulforge to reroll all failed to wound/armor penetration rolls. It suffers a glancing hit at a roll of 1 at the end of the phase.

Master of Machines: A Warpsmith may try to repair a friendly vehicle or curse an enemy vehicle.
repair: Needs to be in b2b or within the vehicle. On a roll of 5+ (4+ with mechadrites) he restores a hullpoint or removes one weapon destroyed/immobilized result.
Curse: Shooting attack: 18" range. If it hits, the enemy vehicles weapons have the 'gets hot' special rule.

Psychic powers:

Discipline of Tzeentch
Primary Power: Flames of Tzeentch Witchfire, Focus 1
24", S5, AP-, Blast, Inferno (Inferno: Each unsaved wound causes an additional D3 S3 AP - Hits)

1-2: Gift of Mutation: Blessing: Focus 1:
Friendly Character within 2" suffers a S4 AP-hit and ma roll on the "Rewards of Chaos" table

3-4: Bolt of Corruption: Beam, Focus1
18", S8, AP1, Detonation (If the target is an enemy vehicle and suffers a "Vehicle explodes" result the radius of the blast is 2d6 inches instead of D6 inches)

5-6: Odem of Chaos Witchfire, Focus 2
Template, S1, AP2, Poison (4+), corrosive. (corrosive: Vehicles hit suffer a glancing hit on a roll of 4+)

Discipline of Nurgle
Primary Power: Rot of Nurgle Witchfire, Focus 1
6", Assault D6+1, Poison (4+), S2 AP 5. No effect on models of Nurgle (yes, model of Nurgle is the actual wording.)

1-2: Weapon Virus: Curse, Focus 1
Range 24". All ranged weapons in the enemy unit have the "gets hot" special rule

3-4: Plagued Present Curse, Focus 1
Range 48". Enemy unit rolls a D3:
1: Corpsefliesinfestation: -1 attack, shrouded
2: muscular atrophy: -1 Strength, may not run
3: Liquefying Fever: -1 Strength and -1 toughness

5-6: Plagued Wind Focus 2, Witchfier
12", S1, AP2, Assault 1, Blast (5"), Poison (4+)

Discipline of Slaanesh
Primary Power: Overload Witchfire, warp charge 1
24" S4 AP4 Assault 4, concussive, Blind, Pinning

1-2: Hysterical Frenzy Blessing, Warp Charge 1
Pick non-vehicle unit within 12" and roll a D3
1: +1 Initiative
2: +1 Strength
3: +1 Attack

3-4: Symphony of Pain Curse, Warp Charge 1
1 Enemy unit within 24 inches gets -1 BS and -1 WS. All ranged weapons directed at this unit get +1 Strength.

5-6: Ecstatic Wince Witchfire, warp charge 2
24": S: special, AP - Assault 1.
Every nonvehicle model in the enemy unit suffers 1 hit with its own strength."

To finish off today, I wanted to post this image of a Helbrute that blew my mind. Kind of makes me want to start and Iron Warriors division for my Warband. I'm sure the Night Lords and Iron Warriors can be friends. Although I also have a crush on the Word Bearers... Decisions...

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

More New Chaos

Hey, now its 9:19am on September 19, 2012. Someone else on the Internet got their White Dwarf early and posted the missing pieces. Lots more stuff coming, but most importantly...


Let's all sing and dance! Grab the person next to you and just kiss them. Then slip a little bit of tongue in there. Phone your parents and tell them you love them. Pick up a random puppy somewhere and give it a hug. Tell your boss to fuck off because you don't need a job anymore, you are just going to play 40k all day from now on.



So, after a full day to digest the first sneak peeks, we get a little bit more to bring the release into perspective. Now we get a chance to see some of these models alongside standard Chaos Space Marine minis, with scenery backdrops, and fighting other races, so we can start to get an overall feel for this release.

The new characters are just brilliant. How about that Dark Apostle? Fuck me, that is exactly what a Dark Apostle should look like. I'm buying 14 of those. The new Sorceror is pretty nice, and the new Aspiring Champion looks like he complements that Dark Vengeance Chosen unit just perfectly. They really got it right with these minis; they are just what I was hoping for.

We get to see some more variations of the Forgefiend. I'm still not sold on it though, although I can see a little bit of evolution from the Juggernaut of Khorne in there. I still think its a silly cash grab unit and it will probably sit on my "WTF list" right beside the Nemesis Dreadknight. However, I am starting to like the Helldrake more. Not only can we see some more details about its head and back, we also see how beautiful it looks painted in Night Lords colors (teehee). But those new Mutilators (close combat Obliterators) are the dumbest looking minis I have ever seen. I'm glad I boycotted Obliterators many years ago because I will continue to boycott these God awful minis.

The new Raptors are amazing. Obviously a dual kit with the Warp Talons, I just absolutely love this kit. The little wings on the Warp Talons are gay, but everything else about the kit is sexy. The helmets and armour are consistent with that new baroque tone that Dark Vengeance introduced, and those pre-heresy jump packs really seal the deal. I think all my metal Raptors are going up on ebay tonight...

I have to say though, one of the best things that I have heard about this whole release is that the Codex was written by Phil Kelly. With Dark Eldar and Space Wolves among his most recent works, I know this is going to be an intense book. I'm glad Matt Ward didn't go near this book because I wasn't looking for a Necrons or Grey Knights Codex. I want something with flavour and without obvious game winning combinations. I can't wait, I want it now...

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New Chaos Minis

It's 9:35am in Winnipeg on September 18, 2012. Over the last hour or so, the Internet has been flooded with a few pictures of the new Chaos Space Marines kits coming out this October. I just wanted to throw out a few of my opinions on the subject because I have been waiting for this Codex and these new minis since the day the last piece of shit Codex came out. There are two things that I have been anticipating like crazy over the last couple years: new Chaos, and the return of the Winnipeg Jets. I got my Jets, now finally I am getting my Chaos.

So, let's dig in...


Click on the images to see a larger version. Well, I have mixed feelings about these. My first thought was, "Dammit GW, what the fuck are you doing?" I then looked at them a couple of times and started to see what might be going through the heads of the GW design team...

First of all, this is a big step away from Space Marines, which is a good thing. To be honest, Chaos has never really been that much different on the table than Space Marines. The last Chaos Codex was a true testament to that statement and has been labelled "Codex Spiky Marines" since the day it came out. This new version of Chaos is the push towards something unique, but did they maybe push a little bit too hard?

I think Dark Vengeance was really a sneak peak at the Baroque style that Chaos is now taking on. The idea with the design seems to center around lots of sharp edges and a sickening amount of metallic trim. From this perspective, I love the new Chaos look. They made them more antique, but with a sinister "Warp" feeling to them.

My problem is this new push with Daemon Engines. To me, Daemon Engines are existing vehicles that have been taken over by the Warp. I think they did that perfectly with the new Helbrute model in Dark Vengeance. But this Forgefiend and Maulerfiend? Since when did Carnifexes start fucking Defilers and making baby Daemon Engines? I don't get it. Why the Dinobot look? I really don't see much of a daemon presence there, just a monster wearing armor. And the Helldrake sort of leaves me with the same feeling too, but not quite as bad. I am starting to like the Warp Talons quite a lot. Ya, I'm a Night Lords fanboy, but I think they got it perfect with those. They have that "pre heresy" look to them (jump packs), so they truly look like ancient Astartes that have been living in the Eye of Terror for 10,000 years. Good job with the Warp Talons GW!

I understand the need to have the Codex be something vastly different than Space Marines. Great idea to have a huge Warp presence in the design, and to make them tainted to the point that they are something completely new. They did that with the Warp Talons and the Warpsmith. I am buying those without a doubt. But these other Daemon Engines?... I dunno, maybe if they have some amazing rules.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Howdy Folks,

Thought this was an interesting post on BoLS.... Nothing crazy and frankly most is probably known but even I picked up a couple did bits that I have certainly over looked. Most of these things seem to be nit-picky details that would come into effect during tournament play but hey "The way you play, is the way you practice"



Saturday, September 15, 2012

Holy fucking content Batman! Army update:

Holy shit have I been a busy little beaver! Seems you always get more work done on modeling and painting when you're trying to tidy the house. Here are 2 heavy bolter marines I made today using the heavy bolter sponsons from the Predator Infernus.
The twins

I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took some green stuff to the shoulder

Say hello to my little friend

Why hold the gun when this piece of concrete will do it for me?

If this barricade wasn't here, I'd be fucked.

What does this scroll say? It says "Thou shalt not have a large flat piece of resin displayed"
The Triplets: Ian, Arbie and Jason. second coat done

And weapons magnetized!!!