Saturday, May 12, 2012

40KEGGER @ 40,000 feet

Battle Report

Tyranids (Sam)
Imperial Guard (Jason)

This epic battle took place 40000 feet above sea level. 

The battlefield was 1' by 1 1/2' with 2 objective markers. On one side of the board is a hungry group of hormagaunts. The other side, a 10 man team of pant soiled guardsman. The Tyranids win the first turn role off. The the guard fail to steal the initiative. 

Something tells me it's gonna be a bad day for the guard.

1st Turn

Gaunts move into position and get ready to lay the beatdown!!!

The Blue Badasses assault the 10 man team.

The Guard pile in and accept the visceral onslaught that's coming their way.

Here we go!!!

Now hormagaunts have 2 attacks each, +1 on the charge, with 6 hormagaunts,and  reroll 1 on to hit. That's 18 dice with some rerolls, No problem, I got this! Man.

after rolling all 18 dice and rerolling the 1s to hit. I only managed to score 4 hits!! 

and this is what I rolled for wounds!!!


Anyways, long story short he counters back and kills 5 gaunts
and then does a sweeping advance!!





That concludes our high sky EPIC battle of awesomeness!!!!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Project: The Fortress of Shenanigans

Ok, time to start a project or else I will never get anything done. Kick my ass into gear with painting, and generate content for the 40kegger site... check!


I recently acquired a terrain piece that I have stalked since it was first released, but the price tag for the piece was never something I could justify. Sure enough, I recenty stumbled upon a used kit for sale (thanks, Chris). Therefore, I now own the amazing Fortress of Redemption.

Epic, ya'll...
The kit was in great shape; it seems all pieces are present, and it wasn't even primed. It was also glued together very well, and the bits were not hacked off the sprues. So, really, it is basically a new kit and put together as good as I would have done. Here, my phone took a picture of the new piece for you all to see.

I should glue it to my bar and turn it into a tap...
When I sat down to look at the kit, there were tons of ideas that came to mind. I definitely want to paint this one with some patience, it is totally worthy of some major brush attention. However, I was thinking was changing the fortress a little bit. First of all, my favorite part of the kit is the base portion with the two circular missle bays/turrets. The large ornate Angel of Death is cool, but I am thinking of removing that part and adding it to some rocky terrain. I think I will keep that spire as a Dark Angels piece in anticipation of the supposed new Starter Set. As for the rest of the kit, I was thinking about making a sci-fi brewery.

I plan to have this project completed for 40KEGGER 4, and have the piece on one of the tables at the event. Rather than removing the whole tower portion, I plan to saw off the Angel of Death spire right at the base of the skull pile under the lurking Angel's feet. This will maintain a large square platform that I can build upon. On the platform, I want to build a large tank to replace where the Angel would normally stand. So, I did some Google Image searching, and I imagine the tank to look something like...

But only 1 big tank, and much taller
Ideally, it would be cool if I could somehow have the 40kegger "Imperial Pint" logo on the side of the big tank. Either by freehand or some kind of custom transfer... Hmmm... Along other areas of the piece, and want to install some piping, kind of like...

Thanks again, Google Image search....
The rest of the piece will feature a few kegs (as seen in certain 40kegger Scenarios), stacked up along walls, waiting to be shipped out to thirsty Mon Keigh upon the many battlefields in the 40th millenium. And that is my plan. I will try to get some of the basic converting done and then give an update. If you guys have any ideas, I would love to hear them.

No Collin, this isn't going to be a Chaos Brewery...

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

40KEGGER 4 Registration Open

An email has now been sent to all members of the club and to all those who have identified themselves for the mailing list. If you haven't already done so, it is not too late to send us an email and join the club!

The people have spoken, and we are proud to announce that...

40KEGGER 4 will be using 6th edition rules!

This is of course only based on speculation and subject to change as we get more information from Games Workshop.

The 40KEGGER 4 'Roll Call' starts today. There are only 24 spots available in the tournament.

Buildling a new army for 40KEGGER 4? Send us an email and we can get a nice post up on the 40kegger website with some pictures, progress, and background. We hope to have lots of hobby up on the website over the next few months as we make our way to August 18th.