Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Look how fast I can build and paint!

40kegger is proud to announce that we have teamed up with Warsenal, a wargame terrain company out of Florida. Warsenal has kindly provided us with a tables worth of terrain to help 40kegger grow!
Warsenal currently produces laser cut MDF and acrylic terrain pieces, templates and markers. The terrain is awesome AND AFFORDABLE! It works really well for games like Drop Zone Commander, Infinity and even 40k. Check out their website and buy a bunch of their stuff! You can find them on the sponsors page as well.
Here is a video of me building and painting one of the large shipping containers.
I have a TON of Warsenal terrain to build and paint by Thursday, so it's quick and easy paint jobs for these bad boys! After 40kegger 5 I predict they will be getting more love, care and details.
Once again, Thank you Warsenal, you are our new favourite!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Greetings Infidels!


So it’s just less than a week until the 40Kegger and it was a nice change of pace to get down to Maxx Collectibles to play the new game X-Wing with Greg. Greg and I started off with a quick intro game, I was able to watch a few videos on the net and they were pretty helpful but the quick game helped iron out some loose ends. I got to play as the x-wing against Greg as the two Thai Fighters.
We then had a 60 point Ultimate showdown!!!! The Millennium Falcon with upgrades (Fabio) vs 4 Fighters (Greg)

So the game started of like any other board game..... Deployment!:

Turn 1 was not that eventful. Team Greg advanced up the board:
Bottom of turn 1's movement:
I proceed to fire at one of Greg's ships and he manages to make one saving throw on four dice. SHOOT I almost killed one!! Greg fires back with all his ships and knocks off one of my shields:
Turn two we both fly by each other..... aka less eventful then turn one:

Turn 3 we finally face each other 
Then to shooting! I fire and Greg makes his saves (jerk) and I only get one saving throw to Greg's two attacks which means I lose another shield:

Turn 4 I am too close to the ship I wanted to target sooo I shoot and Greg's Rookie ship:
I manage to do two damage points to it but again Greg's ship gets away with 1 hull point left:

Turn 5 and onward begin to get tricky for me as I am now being swarmed :

Hopefully my 8 Hull Points and 3 remaining shields can hold up!:
BLAMO a fighter finally goes down!!! (this is turn 6 now I think):
Bottom of turn 6 shooting I take another two damage points (1 shield left):
Turn 7 I manage to do nothing to Greg's mighty ships and his little rookie pilot manages to put 3 wounds on me and his other fighter puts another one wound:
I seem to be missing some photos but basically the very next turn the Rookie Pilot (which I think is BS he is definitely a fighter ace) and the other fighter put the remaining 5 wounds on me and destroys my Millennium Falcon.
The game was fun! it really is a "Beer and Pretzels" type of game. A few things that really make it nice is that its easy to set up, its not overly complex,  and you can tell the designers actually play tested. A few other things Greg and I really liked about the game were model prices seem to be purely based on size, that you can play a simple version of the game with low model counts and no upgrade cards or you can play more  complex which can ether be more models and/or upgrade cards. We also liked how there were different pilots for each plane allowing for more customization and one of the bigger points that we really enjoyed was that it was not Player one moves and Player two reacts. both players made their moves at the same time trying to anticipate the opponents movement.
Thanks for the games Greg! I will be picking this game up from Garth at Maxx Collectibles as soon as they get more in!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

And now for something completely different

2 weeks ago a good friend of mine had a baby. This friend of mine is also a fan of really cute nerd models. A few of you guys might remember some Night Goblins I painted up for her a few years ago. Well, to celebrate the birth of her first baby, I painted her up some really cute Space Mouslings by Reaper.

Awww, how cute

pew pew

It's sad that my best OSL is on these cute little buggers

Starting to get the hang of OSL
That is all. Just wanted to mix it up a bit. 40kegger 5 is just around the corner! Very excited. Here are a few super secret code words.
- Warsenal
- 40K Radio
- Secret Weapon
- Battle Foam
- Maxx

Friday, April 19, 2013





So this being my first ever Eldar game I had no idea wtf to expect.  I hear lots of stories, how they need a new codex, all the units are way to expensive blah blah easy win!  Well that was until Sean deployed.  Or rather kinda deployed.


Eldar deployment

I was starting to get a complex, after this deployment I was wondering if he wanted to even play.

 So OK!  Turn 1, Eldar go first.............except Orks wanna go first so I steal it!  Take that!

  My Lootas shoot at the 'safe house', oh wait I say look I can see your shoulder pad on one of your War Walkers........Ok crap he says, fine go ahead and shoot.  So my Lootas who are infamous for their accuracy shoot, and shoot and mis......wait holy shit they hit something!  And it explodes!  5 Inches!  And kills 7 Eldar!  Wow, the 'safe house' aint so safe!  

  Im not sure how you fail 9 4+ cover saves, but ask Sean cause he did it all in a row.  What a nice guy!

Sean rolling saves....

So Judging by Sean's Deployment, I figured out with my master stratergy mind that I would in fact have to go get him.

Not only did I have to go Sean's house in real life to fight him, but I in fact had to go his his house on the table to actually fight him.  Hey at least he is consistent!

Turn 2

I drive up, ring the door bell, someone yells no one home.  I want to attack I say, some girly looking thing in a disco out fit says im a harlaquin and you can only attack me from the rear!

Now, Orks are pretty straight shooters,  Ghazz gives me  a puzzled look, and I tell him your going to have to assualt that tranny Elf the way he wants it, in through the back door!


What my Orks encounter went I pull up to the house of Elf love.

I send Ghazz and his mega-armoured nobs (I reinforced the rear before I sent them) around to the back door.

 There I encountered something called harlequins.  I had to pass a leadership test just to get Ghazz and his buddies to assualt them!  Elf's wearing makeup in disco suits!

Harlequins in action!

Well these tranny elf's can sure fight!  WTF!  

So all thats left is Ghaz now.  Yeah dont F with those girls......er guys........er elves......

 Ghazz's only chance of survival is to roll a 5 or a 6 invul and he pulls it off!  TSN turning point!

  Ghazz then climbs the Elf safe house beating the tar of every cookie making critter in robes he can find.  He then orders in his boyz to fight the crazy bitches!

  Dakka jet comes on, I say "Sean im shootin at your jet bikes.....with 18 shots.......str 6...........twin linked........ballistic skill 3..........."  While I roll Sean starts crying while looking at the rules of Dakka Jet for some reason.  Then he removes his Eldar Jet bikes from the table.

  Mean while its like Turn 5 now.  All thats left is the Disco Eldar and 15 Ork Boyz.  The rest of my stuff is scattered all over the table and all his stuff is still at the back of the house.


The final battle to end all battles ensues.  Disco was blaring!  Spandex was snapping!  Ass cheeks were puckering!  He rolled killed 8 Orks!  I rolled and finally killed all the Disco people!  


Thanks for the great game Sean!  Good time all around I would say.  Ill leave this Battle report of a picture of Sean's stellar 4+ cover save rolling.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Misfits of 40k, Episode 1

This is the first of, hopefully, several posts I would like to make that are going to talk about the “worst” units in the game, and put a positive spin on them.  Heck, maybe I’ll even change someone’s mind about them.  Then again...some of these units are pretty terrible.

Ok, let’s take your standard marine, and give him a jump pack, then let’s give him an invulnerable save.  Not too bad huh, but he costs 30 pts.  Outrageous you say, I agree.  What if he also came with a PAIR of lightning claws, and caused fear, and could blind you when he deep strikes near you?  That 30 points might not be looking so bad right now.

Enough messing around, let’s get down to brass tacks.  A unit of Warp Talons costs 160 pts, which is a lot, but they come with a pair of lightning claws.  Just getting a pair of lightning claws for ANY other model costs 30 points.  But let’s crunch some numbers and I can show you their usefulness.
A unit of un-upgraded Warp Talons on the charge will have 16 attacks.  Assuming they are charging against 10 marines they will inflict, on average, 5 wounds and lose 1. With a couple of upgrades they can become far more killy, or far more durable.  The Mark of Khorne lets them put out 6.5 wounds, while the Mark of Nurgle reduces their wounds taken in half, and believe it or not, the Mark of Slaanesh reduces their wounds taken by more than Nurgle.  Of course the numbers change after you factor in special weapons, challenges, and cover, but you’d be surprised how little.  Charging into cover nets 4.5 wounds inflicted, and a pair of plasma guns adds less than half a wound received.  This means that when you charge a 10 man marine squad with 2 plasma guns, 7 bolters, and a vet with a power weapon, you will inflict 4 wounds and receive 1.5.  And that is possibly the worst case scenario.
Now, you just assaulted a unit of marines with your 5 man unit of Warp Talons, there are only 5 marines left and 4 Talons.  Your opponent is thinking he’d like to voluntarily fall back so he can shoot you during his turn.  The Mark of Slaanesh helps here making it harder for him to get away, and then you can kill 3 more during his turn and let him run.
I mentioned challenges earlier, and I’ll mention it here again, but first I’ll mention that the champion can buy 2 gifts of mutation before the game starts.  Neither one of these can turn him into a spawn so your only getting nothing, or something good.  If you find it hard to justify paying 10 points that could do nothing I haven’t played a single game yet where I have used every single piece of wargear that I have paid for be it melta bombs vs horde orks, or power swords vs Deathwing.  Onto the challenges, the Warp Talon champ has 3 attacks, 4 on the charge, re-rolling failed to wound.  That averages at least 1 wound.

At least one of you reading this (Donny) is screaming “Terminators get a pair of Lightning claws for only 7 points, and they have an extra attack, AND they have a 2+ save!  Terminators are way better!”  Ok, I’ll give you those couple advantages, but terminators only move 6”, don’t get Hammer of Wrath attacks, and can’t perform a Sweeping Advance.  What’s worse than jumping into a blob squad of 30 guardsmen with a best buddy Space Marine captain giving them ATSKNF, killing 10 of them, winning combat then having them walk calmly away from you?  Having them auto regroup and shoot you with the 3 plasma guns and 25 or so lasguns.  Not to mention the rest of the army that happens to be at hand.  Warp talons are faster, which makes them a far better response unit, and have a better chance and sweeping the unit they just beat in combat.  Also, their Blinding effect on anything within 6” of them will help keep them alive against lower I armies like Tau and Necrons.

Let’s talk about match-ups.  Obviously these guys can’t go up against anything with 2+ armour.  They also don’t have enough attacks, even with the Mark of Khorne, to take out a horde of anything over 20 models that has a leadership buff, although getting them stuck into a big soft unit saves them from getting shot at.  A unit of 25 shoota boys will kill 5 Talons in 3 rounds of combat, and that’s without a power klaw toting Nob.  The trick is to use them as backfield harassment.  Pick off those heavy weapons teams and the “deck chair” units staying home to guard the objectives.  Don’t get reckless with them though cause they will die to small arms fire just like a marine.

Well, that’s it.  I could probably go on and on arguing their worth, but it will get repetitive.  I did forget to mention their biggest weakness though. . .

they take up the same slot as a Heldrake.


Saturday, April 13, 2013

Secret Weapon Tablescape Kickstarter

I'm not a huge kickstarter follower, as most of the kickstarters I see are for new products or games...
... But this new kickstarter is an awesome idea created by an already existing company.

These tables look like (or better) than GW realm of battle tables, except they don't have permanent hills, are smaller and way cheaper!

Check it out HERE

I'm pretty sure I'm gonna do this. You might even see one of these tables at future 40kegger events!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Fantasy Flight Games: X-Wing

I just watched this video on Mormonwargaming.

Wow this game looks great! Looks super easy and has really cool mechanics! I like how the movement is done in secret. I love beer and pretzel type games! I just may have to pick up this game!

Fantasy Flight Games, you have done it again. Their website can be found here

That is all.


Monday, April 8, 2013

I gotz templatez Greg VS Homeless Rob




  Now before I begin our tale of blood and death and all that nice stuff, Greg and I decided to have a game at my place during the day.  Well the wife took that day off and wanted to stay home and do nothing, apparently that ment no nerd games.  So I got booted.

So after the king got booted from his throne, I asked Greg if he had any wives at his place during the day.  The answer was he had an estrogen free zone!

Its where all my best work is done.

Now this is the biggest game of warhammer I have ever played, a whopping 1850!  So I rounded up everything I had, stuffed animals, transformers, green army men and a potato with googly eyes and some pipe cleaners sticking out of it......just to hit the 1850 cap.

  I bring all this, Greg brings forgeworld to the table.  

Rob transporting Ork army

So after 2 hours I was set up.   Since Ork lack advance tactics I decided on something ala brave heart.....

Just because it didnt work in the civil war is no reason to abandon the charge line!

My set up VS Gregs:

And Gregs:

  So i get to go first.  Which I like doing.  So I charge and run and turbo boost.  My Lootas shoot like crazy hit nothing.....everything is normal.  Greg's Landraider of I gotz every weapon in the SM book, and I can shoot at everything at once decides to destroy a little bit of everything in my army.  WTF! I say its got a thunderfire cannon??? Yup he says, I you didnt tell me that, Nope he says you didnt ask!  Ok fair enough, I got the same answer about the multi-melta and lascannons and the shark with the laser beam on its head it launched after that.

   Huh, and I found out the green box has like armour 14 all around, must be a real bitch on gas.

  Turn 2.

   Cue the Lootas, they shoot hit shave a hull point off the Contemptor, and everything I got shoots at the reinforced Pope-mobile.  I get like a hull point off of it, wonderful.  Cue the Lootas because Greg and his pie plate madness destroys my Lootas 5x over with the ignore cover thunder fire cannon (of course it would have that too).

  Turn 3

View from Pope-mobile before it destroys the pagan loving Ork lootas

My flyer comes on and teaches the Contemptor a lesson in Waaaghh shooting! Contemptor is smoking hulk.  Wazzdakka and crew finally assualt the Landraider of everything and blow it up good.  Out pop the juicy ummies!  

  Now Greg pulls out this massive Green flying machine that looks like it might be real its so big.  Sticks it on the table in front of like 20 ork boys, 3 Deff Koptas, 3 Kans and 10 shoota boyz.  Then he starts pulling out pie plates.  WTF is that! I ask.  Why I got like 4 shots with this pie plate and 4 shots with that pie plate and 2 shots with this pie plate.  Huh????  Let me guess I forgot to ask!


So naturally I grab my case and prepare to put half my army away.  My Nob gets on the tele and asks for orders.....BRACE YOURSELF! I yell, prepare  for the worst!

The result of massive barrage? 3 Ork boyz dead.  That thing hits like a muffin!

Turn 4

  So I rokkit the hell out of the muffin cannon! And I get locked velocity!  Whoop T do!  Oh wait...says Greg, that could be bad or really good.  Ok I say, that couldnt be more vague.  Apparently the Muffin cannon is also a rammer.  That last sentence will be taken wrongly by google search engines and result in lots of very disappointed hits on this site by horny teen age boys.

  So apparently this flying thing rams other things......in the air.  Well my Dakka jet is in front of it.  So the ram rams my dakka jet.  What happens?  The Ram hits my Dakka Jet and explodes because it doesnt destroy it, thanks to some fancy rolling by me and crashes to the ground!  Wait, what??? 

Who was flying that thing????


Now while i was laughing my ass off I kinda forgot about objectives and shit.  Well Greg didn't.  He rolled a dice to see if the game would end.  If he rolled a 1 or a 2 the game ends, and despite Greg having barely anything on the table he would win.  SON OF A BITCH!

What retard is running the Ork army?

Thankfully Greg rolled like a 6 for the first time all day.  Thanks Greg!  All his terminators fall out of the sky and crash into the ground infront of 6 DeffKoptas, 10 shoota boys, 2 big guns, 3 Killa Kans and 16 Ork boyz.    The result?  FUN!

Not a good place to land!

 Despite a heroic effort on Greg's part and blowning up one of my Kans (that took out like 8 ork boyz) he finally fell.  

Orks WIN!  

Thanks for hosting Greg!  Fun times as always!