Monday, April 29, 2013

Greetings Infidels!


So it’s just less than a week until the 40Kegger and it was a nice change of pace to get down to Maxx Collectibles to play the new game X-Wing with Greg. Greg and I started off with a quick intro game, I was able to watch a few videos on the net and they were pretty helpful but the quick game helped iron out some loose ends. I got to play as the x-wing against Greg as the two Thai Fighters.
We then had a 60 point Ultimate showdown!!!! The Millennium Falcon with upgrades (Fabio) vs 4 Fighters (Greg)

So the game started of like any other board game..... Deployment!:

Turn 1 was not that eventful. Team Greg advanced up the board:
Bottom of turn 1's movement:
I proceed to fire at one of Greg's ships and he manages to make one saving throw on four dice. SHOOT I almost killed one!! Greg fires back with all his ships and knocks off one of my shields:
Turn two we both fly by each other..... aka less eventful then turn one:

Turn 3 we finally face each other 
Then to shooting! I fire and Greg makes his saves (jerk) and I only get one saving throw to Greg's two attacks which means I lose another shield:

Turn 4 I am too close to the ship I wanted to target sooo I shoot and Greg's Rookie ship:
I manage to do two damage points to it but again Greg's ship gets away with 1 hull point left:

Turn 5 and onward begin to get tricky for me as I am now being swarmed :

Hopefully my 8 Hull Points and 3 remaining shields can hold up!:
BLAMO a fighter finally goes down!!! (this is turn 6 now I think):
Bottom of turn 6 shooting I take another two damage points (1 shield left):
Turn 7 I manage to do nothing to Greg's mighty ships and his little rookie pilot manages to put 3 wounds on me and his other fighter puts another one wound:
I seem to be missing some photos but basically the very next turn the Rookie Pilot (which I think is BS he is definitely a fighter ace) and the other fighter put the remaining 5 wounds on me and destroys my Millennium Falcon.
The game was fun! it really is a "Beer and Pretzels" type of game. A few things that really make it nice is that its easy to set up, its not overly complex,  and you can tell the designers actually play tested. A few other things Greg and I really liked about the game were model prices seem to be purely based on size, that you can play a simple version of the game with low model counts and no upgrade cards or you can play more  complex which can ether be more models and/or upgrade cards. We also liked how there were different pilots for each plane allowing for more customization and one of the bigger points that we really enjoyed was that it was not Player one moves and Player two reacts. both players made their moves at the same time trying to anticipate the opponents movement.
Thanks for the games Greg! I will be picking this game up from Garth at Maxx Collectibles as soon as they get more in!


  1. looks really cool, one question why are you the coolest smuggler ever to grace the known galaxy and greg is a 70's looking advertisment for some malware riddin site?

    hehe looks cool guys.

  2. Ya, why do I have an advertisement picture? boooohoooo!

  3. Thanks for the fun after action report.

    I really enjoy this game. Cool models and simple mechanics.