Thursday, April 4, 2013

Winnipeg Warhammer 40,000 Beer League - Playoff Race

Here are the Standings as we head into our last month of Regular Season. It is now clear that some players have clinched a spot in the post season while others will be hitting the golf course early (too much TSN Trade Centre yesterday, sorry people).

The players highlighted in green are guaranteed to make the playoffs regardless of the outcome of their April games. But, seeding could still change so we don't know the quarter-final match ups until the whole season comes to an end.

The players darkened out have unfortunately missed the mark this year. Even a win in April won't bring enough points to sneak into a playoff position.

Now, the players in white are in an interesting situation for April. This is "DO OR DIE" for those players.

A win for for Sam Leblanc and a loss for the 3 players in front of him would put Sam into the 8th place due to Lance Jones's VP+/-. Christian Augst would not make it into the playoffs with a draw, but would need a clean victory to accumulate 'wins' for the tie breaker. And if Christian gets a win, those 9 points would not only get him into the playoffs, but also shuffle everything around because of his high VP+/-. Even Fabio Fiorentino in 6th place isn't safe. If he loses, and Lance, Greg, and Christian win, Fabio would get knoced down to 9th place because of Christian's higher VP+/-. So, it is definitely a race to the finish line for those 5 players...

Good luck to all.


  1. Stupid TSN trade center dead line, I WATCHED ALL DAY TO SEE THE JETS PICK UP A DUDE OFF THE WAIVER WIRE! Building our team one waiver wire pick up at a time!

    Good luck to all you slackers in grey! I cant imagine JP's brain after crunching all those numbers.

  2. Woo! I get to play spoiler! Sam, I hope you're ready, cuz I won't be a pushover...

  3. careful Sam... he brings a Heldrake... such a douche ;)