Tuesday, April 2, 2013

MAD MAXX! vs Wreck it Rob

Mad Maxx!  



Some one told me never bring A knife to a gun fight, soooooooo I brought 60!

what? Its fair!

  Garth's weaponary showed up with 15 awesomely painted terminators.  Featuring every kind of weapon I never heard of.  They looked very impressive and lethal.

So no big deal Ork boys ATTACK!

On turn one I race up the board with the legendary Beer truck.  Garth shoots everything thing he has at it............but it just keeps on comin!

Now Garth and his army of 15, yeah 15 have this little trick because they found this magical Walmart Flyer on a stick (its something like a roll-back).  Apparently if you feel no pain, it dont matter if I chop off your leg or arm, you can still fight! So on turn 2 my Dakka jet comes on shoots 18 shots, which translate into 12 wounds 4 failed saves on the terminators.........but a 4+ feel no pain save, means WTF ITS STILL ALIVE!!!

Turn 3 the Truck finally explodes, everyone runs up and its a massive Terminator vs Mega Nob melee!  YEAH NO BODY WINS THIS SHIT!

(I added this pic because the Jets were losing 4-0 at the time of the game)

  The mega nobz and the terminators kill off each other.  Leaving Ghazskull vs Belial.  That went badly for big B.


       Blah blah, "The Golden Throne is gunna get ya, we are superior cause we got armour and shit....."..bam!

So now, things are going the Ork way, you know I only had him out numbered 40-1.  

  But Garth is putting up one hell of a fight and decides that after killing Ghazskull with yet another group of feel no pain Terminators (The Emperor must have left the machine on) he decides to charge a squad of 20 Ork boyz..........and fails.  To add insult to injury he loses two terminators to over watch.....really???  Remember that knife to a gun fight?  Well ............

  Look out sir really failed there.....

note, never EVER charge a Ork conga line!!

  Like a big dummy and really not fearing Garth's 3 remaining Terminators, especially that plasma cannon dude who fired 5x all game and hit nothing, and got hot once......ooops.

  Plasma dude figures it out finally....

Yeah that oopsy poopsy cost me 11 orks and 1 wound on a knob.  Yeah!

  The Game ends and I win 10-7.  I learnt a lesson if you ever need a guy to go Vegas and roll 4,5 or 6 15x in a row, call Garth.

  A side note, thanks to Garth for hosting the game, had a awesome time, lots of fun and check out his new store! Lots of cool 40k and non-40k stuff.  Also his tables in the back are really cool to play on!

random pics!


  1. So, is Belial the chick getting knocked the fuck out? hahahahaha

  2. To make things even more ridiculous, FNP is a 5+, but Garth cares not, I swear he makes as many of those as he does terminator armor saves sometimes...

  3. Another great report! I am so glad Rob is moving on. losing out on these battle reports would be devastating.