Thursday, May 30, 2013

40kegger's Classic Moments

I looked at the website today and saw this:

And since I love milestones, I thought a group dedicated to Warhammer 40,000 should do something to acknowledge 40,000 hits on their website. At first, I thought, "Oh, the person that gets the 40,000 hit could win something cool if they take a screenshot of the milestone". Then I remembered that we gave away a shit ton of cool prizes at 40KEGGER 5, and we spent every penny in our operating budget on 40KEGGER 5, so nobody is getting anything for being the 40,000th nerd to check us out. Well, there goes that idea.

But still, 40,000 hits is kind of cool. We don't have any ambitions on being the next big Internet Sensation, but we take pride in the fact that people seem to like what we are doing. I mean, there are hundreds of gaming clubs/groups around the world, but there is only one 40kegger.

I know there are a bunch of other things I should be posting about. I've promised many people an army showcase of my Night Lords. Then there is all the shit about the new Eldar to discuss and my WIP shit for my Eldar. There is Beer League finals tomorrow night and maybe I should be getting some hype for that going on. There is lots to post about, and all these things will get some attention. But today, I just can't help but sit back and be happy about the last few years and the great little community we have established. For anyone that heard our interview on the 11th Company Podcast, you will recall that we used the word "culture" to represent our goals. Sure, we love throwing events, running a Beer League, and doing lots of nerd shit. But at the end of the day, it's the 40kegger culture that brings us together.

So, I dug through the 40kegger archives and pulled out some of my favorite posts. If you want to see what we do while we roll dice, have a look at these.

Thanks to everyone. Cheers, and we look forward to many more years of exciting nerd times.

Monday, May 20, 2013

GREG VS ROB The Pre game show!

  As many of you know ill be playing against Greg and his Salamanders.  Its a little bit of Green on Green violence!

  So I recently tuned into Morris Radio, home planet of the Salamanders and currently this is the number one hit.....I think its greg singing too.

Thanks to the overlords podcast for a great clip!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Go Tau yourself, you Tauing Tauhole

God, I am just not into painting my new/old Tau. I feel like I am cheating on my Salamanders. Because of this, a few of us have started an "unofficial slow grow challenge" in the forums. I've got a bit of work displayed HERE in there forum. But this is what I've been up to since that in the past week or so.

Got the big boy base coated

Reaper triad for my dark red bits

2 Hammerheads and a Devilfish

Trying out some energy effects. Not too sure I like it.

Tried to be fancy with the airbrush, a stencil and some Minitaire Ghost Tints

Still getting used to spraying fine lines with the airbrush

My 1st squad of Fire Warriors

Some of 'em became waramps while I was busting them off of their bases

This bunch has the first base coat on their armour

The Sargent standing on a Drone stuck in the mud.

This is roughly what they'll look like when they're done.

My whole army will have fancy matching bases

That look something like this

Using these fine materials!
 So, the look I'm going for with my Tau is kind of the opposite that you normally see. They're going to be dirty and gritty, and dusty and muddy as apposed to the crisp sharp new look that many Tau armies have.
My army is going to be the IG of the Tau Empire. Dumped on a shitty planet and forced to fight a long, tiring, dirty war without reinforcements. Back story to follow!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Darkstar 2013 pt 3: The wrap up interview

Here's the interview with Darkstar GT tournament organizers on how they felt the tournament was and changes they may or may not make for the next event. Sorry for the shitty sound quality. If you don't like it, feel free to buy me a mic.


Monday, May 13, 2013

ORKS VS GUARD, Hangover edition!

Welcome to the playoffs ladies and gentlemen!  Its that time of year.  Both Christian and I decided that growing playoff beards are simply to manly for us.  So we skipped that part.  It was honestly one of the most technical and challenging and tactical games I have ever played.  Dam u Christian you made me think!

  So our story begins with a very confident Christian arriving at my place.....
Christian sure of his impending Guard victory!


Balls to the face ROB!

  We played a game with night fighting first turn, with our fast attack units counting as scoring units.  Which is awesome if you have 3 DeffKopta's and your opponent has nothing of the sort.  So I roll and get to go first.  Which is good or so I thought.  I move up my Deff Kopta's for immediate doom and destruction.  They take aim and shoot, 1 hull point removed from a Chimera!  Then the Chimera shoots back.........DeffKopta's run away.  F'n tarts in flying junk! They ended up flying right off the table, not even pausing to look back.

Actual pics of the real game!

Now im pissed at losing my DeffKoptas, So I send the beer truck screaming up, except after an entire guard army shoots at the beer truck it blows it up!  WTF no one blows up the beer truck turn one!  I knew I was in for a heck of fight then and there.

Beer Truck blows up and Nobs and Ghazzy pile out.

 So then I get shot in the face by a bunch of dudes (please finish the rest of this sentence) by something called Laz Cannons.  I have no idea wtf Laz cannons are so I googled it, "Laz may refer to the Laz people, who live by the Black Sea, or to their language."  I can tell you now, dont get shot by these people.  

  So this results in one mega nob dead.

  Now, im not sure what turn exactly it is by now.  Nor do I care, if you read  enough of the shit I post on this blog you already know my BR's are not exactly historically accurate.  

So like a bad porno......or a good one, this story is a mess.  But right about now Ghazzskull reaches the Guard's white picket fence and starts trashing Chimera's, and guardsmen.  I felt like the wolf in the Little pig story at the straw house.  I ask Christian, so I assault through this defense line of yours?  Yes he says.  All I have to do is get to it and im in?  Yes he says.  So I start huffing and puffing!

Ghazzy gets to the safe house of the guard.

My dakka Jet comes on this turn, OH WOW, I figured it out, its turn 2!  Now I remember this big squad of dudes in army trench coats, (they looked like those dejected crazy kids in high school you never ever bugged because you knew they show up one day and shoot you. So if you were nice to them, maybe they would just shoot in the ass).

My Orks are going no where near this shit!

 So this trench coat mafia was barking out orders, and yelling and ass slapping all the guardsmen around them to get them to do lots of stuff.  So naturally I send in the Dakka Jet to tune up this "Command Squad".  The Dakka Jet nukes the Command squad, and I collapse the left side of the mighty Guard flank.

Remember all those guardsmen from turn 1?  Where did they go?

Now the game is some where around turn 4 to 5.  And despite the one sided shit kicking im making this game out to be (it wasnt) if the game ended right now, Christian would win.  So I role the dice, 6!  Game goes on.  Giving a huge sigh of relief we play on!  Orks love turn 5 apparently because here alot tends to go right for me.  

  In my miscalculations on how well I can shoot, and manage to blow like a squad or two of guard off the table creating this massive gap between me and the rest of the trench coat mafia as seen above. Well this really sucks because my orks get shot to hell.   So i keep shooting those guardsmen and I really need two squads to break moral and run, well lone and behold Christian blows his two moral checks and they both run off the table leaving a bare objective!


So now this one dude (I think he was a seargent) comes screaming up to an objective in his Chimera.  So naturally my Orks swarm this thing and start rocking it like a bad episode of COPS.  I blow up the Chimera and despite blocking all the known exits this guy does something called an "Emergency disembarkation" which apparently in 40k terms means you surrounded fucking Harry Houdini because some how this guy squirts out of the cannon of the Chimera and runs away!  Huh?

Let me tell you those guardsmen pop out of no where!

Orks open the trunk of the Chimera.

Now way on the other side of the table I have these things called Lootas.  They are kinda like that weird guy at every work place that is utterly useless, and despite this fact they manage to consistently  to keep themselves employed at your workplace.  Lootas are that guy.

So by now the game is pretty much over.  There are few guardsmen hiding in ruins and such.  Remember that dude who ran away from the Chimera?  Well I found him........

Great game!  Seriously was super close, the game started at 8pm ended at 1am!  Yeah Guard vs Orks not for the faint of heart!  Thanks for an awesome game buddy!

Misfits of 40K: Episode 3

Hey, do you remember that cow farting fire…?

It burns!!

The Pyrovore is arguably THE worst unit in the game.  It has an average to piss poor stat line and special rules that are too unreliable for FAR, FAR, FAR, too many points.

Ok, so not the best start to making you fall in love with this special needs brute, but let’s face it, this bad boy sucks.
I will love it and call it George!

Unfortunately there is no way I can make this piece of garbage worth taking...or is there?  Let’s see if I can do a little magic, pull a rabbit out of my ass, and convince some of the weaker minds to fall for it.

Let’s start by listing some perks.  He has a heavy flamer, and yes he only has one attack, but it ignores armour saves.  He also (possibly) does (potentially) damage to the (hopefully) enemy unit when he gets hurt or dies.  Acid Blood potentially inflicts wounds to the enemy for each wound the Pyrovore takes, too bad he only has 2 wounds, however casting endurance on this SOB could cause some concerns for the enemy.  If he passes a FNP save, he has still suffered an unsaved wound which triggers Acid Blood.  Endurance also gives him It Will Not Die, which means those wounds could regenerate.  Finally, if he happens to be hit with a weapon that causes ID, he explodes like a vehicle on a 4+.

It doesn’t sound like much but let’s talk about some uses for this overpriced and temperamental BBQ.  The first thing, and probably the most effective, is to take 3 and put them in a mycetic spore.  Drop them down around the outside of the enemy’s battle line and flame the crap out of a flanking unit.  Or drop them near the ADL and roast the, usually, wimpy unit hiding behind it and then take over the quad-gun.  Muahahahahaha! 

Flames of EVIL??

Of course, if you happen to drop them in the firing lanes of the enemy they will, more than likely, die.  So this ends up being a rather expensive sacrificial unit with little punch against 3+ armour.

Other potential uses involve walking them, but you’re gonna need some help with that because just walking those guys across the table with their junk hanging out is a sure way of it getting shot off, and then exploding and killing your models around it.
I'd shoot them off too if they were just dangling there.

Ways of keeping these dudes alive include Endurance (Biomancy) which you should have in abundance. Telekine Dome (Telekinesis) and Invisibility (Telepathy) are a couple of great spells to go with Endurance.  All that coupled with his 4+ armour save should give this cuddly guy enough time to get in someone’s grill and blow his load.

Another great...good...decent...ok it’s still shitty but give me a fuckin break this guy blows!  Sorry about that, back to what I was saying, he has Rage (see what I did there?) when his instinctive behavior check is failed, but he can still shoot unlike other units that "Feed".  So a heavy flamer, then 3 attacks at S4 that ignore armour saves.  Of course with his initiative of 1 he will be going last.  So throw him against P-fist termis and the pyrovores will get their attacks, then possibly explode and potentially take out more terminators.  Yes it’s a long shot, but these surviving to assault terminators is a long shot so if they made it this far anything is possible.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Beer League Quarter Finals, and X-Wing Miniatures

Camera Roll-601

Yesterday I played a fun, close game against Lance`s Space Marines. I posted a full batrep, with photos, on the Fawcett Avenue Conscripts' blog:

People have been posting about the Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game here. I really like the game. It`s simple, fun, and is a good representation of the cinematic dogfighting in the Star Wars films. The Conscripts have played a couple of games recently:



Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Beer league quarter finals - Greg vs Chris

The day after 40kegger 5, Chris and I played our quarter final beer league game at Chris's place.

This recap is brought to you by yesterdays Fort Gary Dark.

The beer was flat. Awesome. Chris has been doing very well with his Necrons this year.

Surprise! He brought his Grey Knights

Well, fuck. If there's one thing that ass rapes me more than his Necrons, it's his Grey Knights!
Chris couldn't wait to get my pants off and start giving me an arse humpin!
My army

Chris's force was led by a GK Librarian, supported by a squad of Terminators, a Strike squad and a Psyfleman Dreadnaught.

My army was led by the Salamander Apothecary Harath Shen who attached himself to the heavy bolter Devastator Squad. I brought 2 Tactical squads, a Rapier Destroyer Battery and of course Contempty.

Mission: The Relic. Deployment: Standard

I won the roll of to go first, but chose to go second.
Chris's deployment. Terminators were combat squaded and half held in reserve

My deployment.

I attempted to seize the initiative and failed.

Dreadnaught on Dreadnaught love. "I see you"
Contempty took a chunk out of the Strike Squad

Terminators deep struck in and took out 4/10 of my Tactical Marines

1.5 Tac Squads take out 3/5 termies

Contempty finishes off the Terminators. First blood!

Termies and Strike Squad kill a few more Tac Marines

I captured the Relic with one Tac Squad and shielded them with the other Tac Squad. I told Chris at the time this picture was taken that I would forget why I had 4 fingers displayed. And I did, can't remember.

Psyfleman Dread takes out Contempty and my Tac Squad books it with the Relic

Strike Squad kills more Tac Squad. I lose the Relic

Rapier finally does something and kills a Terminator!

Multi Melta kills the Librarian who had Divination buffs up the ass! Slay the Warlord

Try as he might, Chris couldn't get my shorts off to Bum Rape me (aka I won)
The game ended after turn 5. Even though the Strike Squad was in base contact with the Relic, he unfortunately got there via consolidation after winning in assault. That being said, I had first blood and warlord and Chris had nothing.

Hey Chris. Remember when I beat you in round 2 at Astronomi-con 2012?