Friday, June 29, 2012

6 ways to fuck yourself.

So 6th edition comes out tommorow, eh? Yeah, so? Well... I'm sure there's a few of you nerds that give a shit, right?  Well, let me say a few things about it.  I got back into Warhammer in 5th edition after having missed 4th and 3rd.  I played Rogue Trader edition (yeah, its real, fuck you) and 2nd edition.  So I'll say this:  I HATED 5th EDITION.  As an avid wargamer, I had lots of problems with the ruleset.  It wasnt ALL broken, but it was fuckin close.  I'm not going to rant about 5th, I just wanted to give you a frame of reference.  So here we are on the eve of 6th edition and it feels kinda like you're about to fuck a new girlfriend for the first time.  Will she look hot naked or will her rotten cooter make me go limp?  Sure, I've read the *facts* from BOLS about the new ruleset, namely from some douche in the states that got his copy early due to a shipping error.  It seems like there are some really good changes in the rules.  Some of them are just no-brainers and some are quite clever.  People have been asking if the new edition is a tweaked 5th or a throwback to a previous edition or something all new.  You could make the case that it *seems* like a tweaked 5th edition since it shares the most in common with that.  It's still Movement-Shooting-Assault.  You still roll to hit, then roll wounds after... It's really not a drastic change.  What is different is that shooting seems a bit better and vehicles rules are changed enough that there will be new ways to play with tanks, skimmers and flyers.  Now I'm not going to get into what the actual changes are, since I dont actually have a copy in my hands yet so I'll play coy.  My only real problem now is that im finding it hard to get pumped about 40k despite this new ruleset in the face of the constant GW price increases.  $89 CAD for a Land Raider?  That's like $100 after tax... for a fucking plastic tank.  Financially I'm loathe to support GW anymore with those prices.  Personally I want to play with shiny and fun new rules and maybe finally a Land Raider or Storm Talon to my shitty army that never fuckin wins anyways.  But seriously, at least the ass-farts at GW have finally unfucked some of the problems of 5th and we may actually have a decent game that makes it fun for everyone?  Fingers crossed motherfuckers.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Feral Ork Table WIP update

So, I've done a bit more work to the feral ork table. Ive gotten the two stone pillar things and the stone face effigy done. The watch tower has been given another level and a ladder. It's been given a light spray paint and the wood has been given its first coat of brown. Everything else has been given a base coat of acrylic black. I also made a little random archy type thing. Whatever.
All done. 5 layers of dry brushing and some lichen et voila!

slowly coming along

Didn't you know orks build structures using white glue? Nails, screws and ropes are for pussies!

Awww, all nice and based
fuck you, that could be orky!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New 40kegger Feral Ork Table - WIP

I am currently making a feral Ork table for our next 40Kegger event. Since we have increased the number of players from 16 to 24, I've been on mad terrain building spree. Fuck, caught myself lying again. Let me rephrase that: I SHOULD have been on a mad terrain building spree. I've had this idea for the feral ork table for some time now and built the stone face effigy. Then exactly zero more work got done for about 4-5 weeks. Today I started building some more. Here is what I have so far WIP:
1 - Ork watch tower
5 - Ork barricades/tank traps
2 - Stone effigies
1 - Big orky thingee
2 - Rock towers

So far most things have been only given a light spray paint to texturize the polystyrene.

The watch tower was made from pink polystyrene, a shaving cream lid, tooth picks, wooden dowels and the left over resin casting blocks from a forge world contemptor dreadnaught.

First I cut up a shaving cream cap
Then traced and cut out a polystyrene base and added legs

glued the top to the bottom


cut out a base and attached the tower

Thanks for the free resin barricades forgeworld!

Tooth picks for spiky bits
Barricades/tank traps - These better be used as fucking dangerous terrain!

This was originally going to be for my ogre army (which is still for sale!)

Stone Ork Face Effigy

Random orky goodness

Stay tuned - Will post more when I get some more work done on it. Hopefully this will motivate me to get my ass in gear!

Love Greg

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Some new armies for 40KEGGER 4

So, in just over a week, we will see the new face of Warhammer 40,000. I am counting down the days to June 23rd in anticipation of the new core rules for our beloved game. This week, we also sent out an email to our mailing list with an official date for army list submission. The date is July 14th. Anyone who is registered and submits their army list by this date will receive the 5 bonus points to their score at 40KEGGER 4. That's 5 points out of a possible 80, so definitely something to strive for if you want to take home that huge winner's mug.

We got a few photos recently from members who are working on some brand spankin' new armies for 40KEGGER 4. First up, we want to introduce a new face in the community. Rob Lentowich just got into the hobby this year, and he was directly drawn to our club. He calls his new force "Killa Klovers, Irish Division" (hahah, I love it!). Here is what Rob sent in:

"I bought the AOBR box set and then simply went to town.  They are based around the Evil Sunz paint scheme because I love the fact that Orks believe that whatever they paint red will go faster (makes sense to me!).  When I bought the set I thought I wouldnt build out the Ork army but after reading the Codex and starting to paint them wow these guys are a blast to play and own"


Amazing stuff, I can't believe Rob just started the hobby...

I also received an exclusive sneak peek shot of Dave Violago's brand new "Crimson Fists, 1st Company", which will be making its tournament debut at 40KEGGER 4. I am very excited to see the finished product on the battlefield. Dave is no stranger to the 40k scene in Winnipeg, and his paint jobs have been scooping up tons of awards across Canada for many years. Here is a teaser WIP of the two Terminator units:

A big thanks to Rob and Dave for their submissions. Now it is everyone else's turn to send something in...

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Happy sunshiney day!

Contrary to popular basement dwelling, cheetos eating, star trek watching, would rather chat with a dark elf "female" online in World Of Warcraft than actually go out in public nerds, the sun doesn't hurt your eyes and you wont melt!
Am I ever glad there are no girls here.

Today in Winnipeg the temperature was 25 degrees Celsius and in my back yard there was next to no wind. What to do on this wonderful day off I thought to myself. I came up with a recipe for awesomeness!
Nice temps

Plus gin and juice

plus Christian

plus me
Plus some 40K

I think this is what it is like in heaven.

So, for the battle, it was 1500 points of Salamanders -vs- Imperial Guard. Seize ground, pitched battle. I deployed first.
I also had Ray-Ray in reserve in a drop pod

Christian, who is not a fan of the Land Raider Achilles, or Ray-Ray the mighty Salamanders Dreadnought in a Lucious pattern drop pod, decides to be a dick and null deploy.

Turn 1 I deploy Ray-Ray by Christian's objective  and move my troops up.

Turn 2 I move some more shit closer to his side. He brings in 3 chimeras full of storm troopers and other nastiness and a leman russ.
Turn 3 I get my rhino with melta, multi melta and power fist up to his glob of tanks, disembark the troops and kapow! They do nothing! I also had a grand ol' brainshit and forgot that you can't assault if a transport moved! There goes my great plan!

Miss again!

Christian brings on about 100 platoons in his turn 3. Not good for my melta squad!
The disappearing tactical squad trick!

Turn 4-5-6 there was much shooting and moving and killing and dying. 
Rollin' down the street, smokin' endo
Sippin' on gin and juice

Stop... Hammer time!

The game ended after turn 6. And the winner is..... Im not going to tell you.
Listen kids, 40k isn't only about winning. I hate nerds who think like that. If all you care about is how awesome your grey knights Draigo Wing or Dark Eldar Venom  lists are, go to your local game store/babysitters club and play one of your greasy friends. I had a great day sitting outside in the sun, soaking my feet in a kiddie pool and having drinks with a good friend. Afterwards we bbq'd. What else could you ask for? The game of 40k was just the gravy on an already excellent day.
bbq chicken and Greek potatoes.

We both win!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Wanted: Your army project!

Today is June 1st. Exactly one month ago, we opened registration for 40KEGGER 4. In this last month, 10 members of the club have already signed the dotted line and are committed to join us on August 18th for one of our flagship celebrations. Man, am I ever excited, and now I think we can all be certain that this upcoming event is starting to smell a lot like 6th edition. This week, we have already seen 5th edition disappear from the face of Games Workshop's inventory, suggesting that late June or earl July will be one of the most exciting times of the year. Really, 40KEGGER 4 couldn't have been planned for a better time!

As I stated a little while ago, we were hoping to get some buzz going as we head into a new edition of 40k, and towards our big summer event. So, want you to get a project blog going.

To be honest, I haven't touched a paint brush in quite some time. But, I know there are tons of people out there that have been working on things, or have recently completed things. Some of you may even have new forces that will be making a premiere on the battlefield this summer... So, take a few pictures and do a little write up and send that shit in.When we first went online, we started a "Mini of the Week" thing. The idea was to have people from our community showcase some of the great paint jobs they have done. But, we took that down because we figured that a full post dedicated to entire armies would be far more interesting, especially if you give people the floor to discuss their army background and what not.

We are meeting more and more people every day. There are always new emails coming in from people that want to know what our club is all about. Lots of new faces and people from around Manitoba. Lets fill our site with some great army blogs and showcase all that paintbrush talent out there as we gear up for 6th edition, and 40KEGGER 4.