Friday, June 1, 2012

Wanted: Your army project!

Today is June 1st. Exactly one month ago, we opened registration for 40KEGGER 4. In this last month, 10 members of the club have already signed the dotted line and are committed to join us on August 18th for one of our flagship celebrations. Man, am I ever excited, and now I think we can all be certain that this upcoming event is starting to smell a lot like 6th edition. This week, we have already seen 5th edition disappear from the face of Games Workshop's inventory, suggesting that late June or earl July will be one of the most exciting times of the year. Really, 40KEGGER 4 couldn't have been planned for a better time!

As I stated a little while ago, we were hoping to get some buzz going as we head into a new edition of 40k, and towards our big summer event. So, want you to get a project blog going.

To be honest, I haven't touched a paint brush in quite some time. But, I know there are tons of people out there that have been working on things, or have recently completed things. Some of you may even have new forces that will be making a premiere on the battlefield this summer... So, take a few pictures and do a little write up and send that shit in.When we first went online, we started a "Mini of the Week" thing. The idea was to have people from our community showcase some of the great paint jobs they have done. But, we took that down because we figured that a full post dedicated to entire armies would be far more interesting, especially if you give people the floor to discuss their army background and what not.

We are meeting more and more people every day. There are always new emails coming in from people that want to know what our club is all about. Lots of new faces and people from around Manitoba. Lets fill our site with some great army blogs and showcase all that paintbrush talent out there as we gear up for 6th edition, and 40KEGGER 4.

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