Friday, June 29, 2012

6 ways to fuck yourself.

So 6th edition comes out tommorow, eh? Yeah, so? Well... I'm sure there's a few of you nerds that give a shit, right?  Well, let me say a few things about it.  I got back into Warhammer in 5th edition after having missed 4th and 3rd.  I played Rogue Trader edition (yeah, its real, fuck you) and 2nd edition.  So I'll say this:  I HATED 5th EDITION.  As an avid wargamer, I had lots of problems with the ruleset.  It wasnt ALL broken, but it was fuckin close.  I'm not going to rant about 5th, I just wanted to give you a frame of reference.  So here we are on the eve of 6th edition and it feels kinda like you're about to fuck a new girlfriend for the first time.  Will she look hot naked or will her rotten cooter make me go limp?  Sure, I've read the *facts* from BOLS about the new ruleset, namely from some douche in the states that got his copy early due to a shipping error.  It seems like there are some really good changes in the rules.  Some of them are just no-brainers and some are quite clever.  People have been asking if the new edition is a tweaked 5th or a throwback to a previous edition or something all new.  You could make the case that it *seems* like a tweaked 5th edition since it shares the most in common with that.  It's still Movement-Shooting-Assault.  You still roll to hit, then roll wounds after... It's really not a drastic change.  What is different is that shooting seems a bit better and vehicles rules are changed enough that there will be new ways to play with tanks, skimmers and flyers.  Now I'm not going to get into what the actual changes are, since I dont actually have a copy in my hands yet so I'll play coy.  My only real problem now is that im finding it hard to get pumped about 40k despite this new ruleset in the face of the constant GW price increases.  $89 CAD for a Land Raider?  That's like $100 after tax... for a fucking plastic tank.  Financially I'm loathe to support GW anymore with those prices.  Personally I want to play with shiny and fun new rules and maybe finally a Land Raider or Storm Talon to my shitty army that never fuckin wins anyways.  But seriously, at least the ass-farts at GW have finally unfucked some of the problems of 5th and we may actually have a decent game that makes it fun for everyone?  Fingers crossed motherfuckers.

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