Monday, September 14, 2015


Holy fuck! It's been 5 months since my last post and it wasn't even 40k related!
I've been suffering from not giving a fuck about my beloved game of late. I've probably only played 15 games since 7th ed has come out. I don't like a lot of the new rules and all the "codecies" that are being released on what seems like a daily schedule.
How do I rekindle a love lost?
... But I have 20, 000 points of Salamanders just collecting dust.


  1. Wait for GW to reboot 40k "Age of Sigmar" style.

  2. Glad to hear you didn't sell you Salamanders!

    I think we need to get together for a game. The last time I played 40k was at Comic-con 2014, like exactly a year ago. Which is right around the last time I think we even fucking hung out...

    I remember just not really having fun with the game of 40k and being really thrown off by the direction of GW and the ever increasing cost to play.

    I hate flyers, they ruined the game for me. They should have stayed in Apocalypse... Was impossible to build a balanced list and still have the models I want on the field because I just like the way they fucking look.

    But oddly enough, I have been painting Night Lords for the last couple of weeks. I think it's slowly coming back.

    I love that army. No matter how many times the rules change, and no matter how long I go without a game.... I love just setting that army up and looking at it.

    Yeah... We need a game. And a beer... and maybe some hugs and kisses too.

  3. Im thinking about getting back into the hobby too. I live in the Winnipeg area. I have not played in about four years.

  4. Well I havent played in about 5 months. Not by choice, coaching and airbrushing and having a brand new ACL has kind of destroyed that. Oddly enough, im still buying shit at an epic pace for some reason. If either of you guys are looking for a game let me know, the game is actually really good in 7th ed. If your not playing Eldar ive found it to be pretty even-ish. Good to see you guys still are still alive!

  5. as for the anonymous dude up above, head to the reset lounge the first and last tuesday on the month, 1500 and 1850 point games, you can just arrive and sign up on the game sheet and someone will play you. Great setting as well. I think the details are actually posted on this blog as well somewhere. But it starts at 5:30 I think? Goes till it closes lots of tables there as well, friendly atmosphere too.