Sunday, October 28, 2012

Show down at the Or-K-Corral..

  It was high noon, yes noon.  Us old buggers game and drink before alot of people are even awake.  Its how we roll, and we shut er down by 8pm.  So Lance and I as some of you might remember met in the last 40 kegger in epic beat down.  Its not my fault my Orks ran into a fortress of redemption that had no doors or ladders and could only be entered from lances side.  So it funneled my Orks into two nice neat shooting galleries.  Thus, green goo was splattered everywhere.

  But this time THIS time would be different, I would pants him! Or so I thought.

Lance was kind enough to pick up some Innis & Gun German beer.  We both really enjoyed it despite being more hard liquor drinkers.  Mine was made in rum barrels and had a bit of a hickory rum flavor alot like tint of Capt. Morgan.  It was very good and I would recommend trying it out.

  Now on to the battle!

We deployed diagnol deployment.  With 3 objectives (mysterious), slay the warlord, line breaker, first blood  all that good stuff.

  Then we rolled for warlord traits or at least Lance did.  I decided that Orks dont care about warlord traits (mental note roll for warlord trait).  I cant remember what Lance even got, because well Orks dont care about warlord traits.

Turn 1

Space Marines get to move first.  By first I mean the entire 10 man terminator squad, yeah thats right 10 man terminator squad decide to shoot at my DeffKopta's.

The result? No more Deff Kopta's.  First blood goes to Lance via a gigantic fireball.  Then some Space Marine from Lance's house (aka just in range) decides to shoot one missle at my Trukk....through tree's.

Ghazskull's ride gets nuked.

I rolled a 6 on the Trukk Ramshackle table which means, something makes a very large noise and fall offs.  Everyone bails out then the Trukk is wrecked.  Which is a whole lot better then it smashing into my Lootas's seen behind it in the tree's.

  So after that I now have a very slow very foot slogging army against a very trigger happy Space Marine army thats very very far away.  I worry.

Turn 2

Lance tells his space marines to deploy from the razorback taking two objectives this turn.  They are mysterious.  They are supposed to do weird and mostly unfavorable things! gave him sky fire and the other gave him a gravity well generator making it hard to charge him........yeah.

That missle launcher guy shoots again and everyone ducks except the Nob in hidden in my boyz squad who simply grabs another boy and abuses him like a 10 dollar hooker on coupon day.  Look out sir successful! 

The DakkaJet arrives and its pilot is obviously hammered.  He shoots at the termi's killing one and pinning them.

Turn 3 

Those Terminators are mad as hell.  So since they love to kill Orky things that fly why stop now? They shoot and shoot alot at the DakkaJet.  ALOT of 6's are rolled so the DakkaJet goes into evasive mode and only loses 2 wounds with 1 left.  I have never seen an Ork do evasive maneuvers but it prob resembles kite in a hurricane.  

So while the DakkaJet is going mach 10...some where Ghazskull and his trusty meganobz and are making a march for some Space Marines.  They get shot at, and because I roll two 1's (mega nobz need 2+'s for saves) two mega nobz die.  At this point im thinking about drinking all the beer Lance brought by myself.

Turn 4

Ghaz has seen enough he calls a WAGGGGHHHHHH!!!!! Then charges a tactical marine squad and wipes the floor with 7 space one attack. In a panic the Rhino infront of Ghaz peels off and runs......into a tree, immob'ing it, in just the right spot for some serious cover from the squad of 7 or so left shooty terminators.  

Then Lance yells at the Razorback  and demands it gets line breaker points!  This surprises the hell out of me and that Razorback takes off like a 1993 White Ford Bronco.  However my Lootas who like shoot alot but not hit anything decide to shoot and hit!  I shake the crew and immoblize the Razorback, exactly 2 inches from my deployment zone.

Turn 5

Ghazskull decides there are simply too many space marines around here, and kills another tactical squad of one turn.  The Terminators who are watching all of this are non too pleased.  So they charge and kill of Ghazskull finally ending his rampage.  All the while a squad of 17 boys and 1 nob with a power klaw are simply running for the rhino and the terminators.

The squad of boyz are suicidal and crazy and charge the terminators.  The combat goes pretty much as expected with the boyz and the Nob killing the remaining 7 one turn.....wait what?  Lance 's super dice ran out of gas and he rolled a massive seven 1's on like 15 wounds.  Giving me 2/3 objectives and line breaker.

Turn 6 

Lootas shoot at space marines from across the table.


Orks get their revenge!  I want to thank Lance for one hell of a game.  Seriously the best game of 40k I ever played.  It was all over the place with many ups and downs and great and terrible dice roll's on either side.  Seriously fun!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Army Updaye: New HQ, terrain and more

Nobody is adding any content to the site right now, so I guess I'll show y'all what I've been working on the past little while. A lot of this work is for my tentative Dark Star GT list. Enjoy

My converted Dark Vengeance Chaplain

See, combi-flamer, not plasma pistol... Converted!

Thanks liquid green stuff! Almost no dark angels logo on the cape.
Not too exciting. Just a defence line.

Objective markers made from defence line leftovers.

New Tactical squad Sgt. Storm Bolter and Power Fist

Meet my 5th Tactical Squad. Lascannon and meltagun
My Stern guard veterans. Originally Rapier laser battery crew. Sarge is the Captain Sicarius model. Base coated only so far 

Whaaaaat, another Tactical Sergeant?!?!?
Some of my cheap Russian ruins. 2 sprues worth.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Maybe GW should be sued

Since GW is so fond of suing aftermarket companies for "stealing" their 'intellectual property", perhaps it is about time somebody sued GW for a copyright infringement.

Let me introduce you to the real Forgefiend.
Would the real Slim Shady please stand up
This miniature was created by Paizo, the nerd company that brings you Pathfinder. For those of you who don't know (presumably because you do not live in your parents basement and enjoy interacting with the outside world) Pathfinder is a pen and paper RPG.

These guys know what Pathfinder is. Notice how how the tiger guy's sword is a direct reflection of what happens to his dick when he tries to have a nerd conversation with a real girl.

The Paizo Forgefiend was released in a Pathfinder adventure path in 2007. It is now 2012. Let me do some math here... That means the Paizo Forgefiend was released 5 years before the GW Forgefiend.
Go fuck yourself GW. You stole the name from Paizo.
Games Workshop, you are nothing more than a big bully. Suing everyone for making awesome aftermarket products to go along with YOUR game, yet you steal from others.

As easy as stealing an idea from a fatter nerd

Once again, nerds of the world unite! Boycott GW by not purchasing the new Forgefiend kit. It looks gay anyways!
Boo! I'm the Hellpuncher *GRAWRRRR*
Hold on... This just in... The GW Forgefiend Heavy Support choice is really good... GW is making it awesome to force Chaos players to have it in their army list!
OK, so the unit is really good, so go ahead and use it.

But buy it HERE for waaaaay cheaper. 30% of the American price with free shipping to Canada!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Christmas comes a bit early!

I got 2 packages in the mail last week. I love getting nerd shit!

From Russia with love

Bitz from the US
I ordered a shit ton of cheap ruins terrain from an Ebay store in Moscow. For 5 buildings worth of sprues and shipping, it cost me about $15. I will be assembling them sometime this week. Hopefully they turn out.

Pile o' ruins!

Sprue 1

Sprue 2

They didn't come with instructions, but I'm pretty sure I can figure it out. Here is what it is supposed to look like when assembled.
from the ebay page

You can find the ebay store here

My other box was just a bunch of bitz that I ordered while drinking a (few) glass(es) of wine...

I ordered a melta gun forgetting that I had ordered 5 finecast meltas from GW the day before...
Soon my Tau will be redone... and soon they wont have any stupid pulse carbines

2 Heavy Bolters

I ordered the Heavy bolters to flush out my Devastator squad, but ended up making the 2 heavy bolter marines with the left over HB sponsons from my Predator Infernus before these arrived. So, if anyone wants to trade for these, I'm all ears!

I just love this guy so I wanted to show him off being 99% done!

As far as I can tell, that scroll is the only thing I have left to do

Say hello to my little friend!

Sunday, October 7, 2012


I bet you didn't know I was part Genestealer

This battle report is brought to you by Granville Island Brewing

some maple cream ale shit....
my verdict - "pretty good piss water"

Keith and I met up at Jason's place to battle it out. The battle area was a 4x4 table,  1000pts each, a typical 40 kegger game. We were debating to do a PANTS-OFF batrep, but Keith said he hasn't trimmed the man garden in about 8 years. So the pants stayed on and then we rolled off for mission and turn order.

Mission :  Purge the Alien

Tyranid Warlord trait : Master of the Vanguard

Imperial Guard Warlord trait : Master of Defense

Tyranids go first.

    Sam  -  List 2 ( Tyranids )
I promise to have them finished before the end of the year
   - Tervigon

   - 2 Hive Guard
   - 1 VenomThrope
   - 8 YMGARL Genestealers

  - 16 Hormaguants
  - 5 Genestealers

Heavy Support
 - Carnifex W/ Mycetic spore


               Keith - List 1 ( Imperial Guard )
    - Commissar Lord
The I am the LAW army!
    - Ministorum Priest

   - 10 Veteran Squad   W/Chimera transport
   - 10 Veteran Squad

Fast Attack
    - Valkyrie
    -  Hellhound

Heavy Support
   -  Leman Russ Demolisher



  - Nids move up    
  - Hive guard get a lucky shot and destroy the Hellhound.

Imperial Guard 
   - Guard moves back
   - Termagaunt gets vaporized and Tervigon gets blasted by the leman russ losing 1 wound


  - Carnifex comes in from reserve via Mycetic spore
  - Nids move up
  - Carnifex explodes a Chimera with some devourers

Imperial Guard 
   - Valkyrie comes in from reserve 
   - Valkyrie drops off some ass kicking Judge dredd type mother fuckers off by the hive guard
   - Leman Russ blew up the Venomthrope
   - Veteran squad with the Lord Commissar open up on the Carnifex bringing it down to 1 wound
   - Paratrooping Veteran squad shoots the hive guard, inflicting 1 wound on one of the guards
   - Lord Commissar and his Vets fail to launch an assault on the Carnifex.

  TURN 3

   - YMGARL show up in the building ruins
   - all Nids press forward
  - Carnifex obliterates the Lord Commissar and his men, Mycetic spore helps out with his        deathspitter. 
  -  5 man of Genestealers launch their assault against the paratroopers. lose 2 during overwatch. Broodlord gets challenged by the Priest with an eviscerator. Genestealers win combat, but the guard make their moral check. 

Imperial Guard
    - Valkyrie and Leman Russ move towards the enemy
    -  Valkyrie shoots its missles into the pile of guants and ymgarl.
   -  Leman Russ turns up the heat and fires 3 heavy flamers into the pile of Hormagaunt, just cooking the fuck out of them. 
                                                                 Cook em if you got em!
-  The combat between the Vets and the Genestealers continue, long story short; The Broodlord is the only one standing and consolidates into near by cover.


   -  Tervigon moves into position to charge the tank, Carnifex lines up a shot against the Valkyrie.
   - Carnifex misses horribly 
    -  Tervigon Smashes the shit out of the Demolisher Tank

Imperial Guard
   - Valkyrie repostions to take out the Carnifex.
   - Valkyrie hits the fucker, but he just doesn't want to die!!  Fuck you!


    - Bugs just scurry around..
     - Carnifex brings down the poor Valkyrie 




Tyranids = 11 VP
Imperial Guard = 1 VP

MVN : The DaKka-Fex

"So I bashed his head against the wall, and threw him off the property. Hey, and get this I told him ; Have a rice day eh!" - Some idiot security guard I worked with at the A