Friday, October 12, 2012

Christmas comes a bit early!

I got 2 packages in the mail last week. I love getting nerd shit!

From Russia with love

Bitz from the US
I ordered a shit ton of cheap ruins terrain from an Ebay store in Moscow. For 5 buildings worth of sprues and shipping, it cost me about $15. I will be assembling them sometime this week. Hopefully they turn out.

Pile o' ruins!

Sprue 1

Sprue 2

They didn't come with instructions, but I'm pretty sure I can figure it out. Here is what it is supposed to look like when assembled.
from the ebay page

You can find the ebay store here

My other box was just a bunch of bitz that I ordered while drinking a (few) glass(es) of wine...

I ordered a melta gun forgetting that I had ordered 5 finecast meltas from GW the day before...
Soon my Tau will be redone... and soon they wont have any stupid pulse carbines

2 Heavy Bolters

I ordered the Heavy bolters to flush out my Devastator squad, but ended up making the 2 heavy bolter marines with the left over HB sponsons from my Predator Infernus before these arrived. So, if anyone wants to trade for these, I'm all ears!

I just love this guy so I wanted to show him off being 99% done!

As far as I can tell, that scroll is the only thing I have left to do

Say hello to my little friend!


  1. I love getting nerd shit in the nerd mail too! I think I need a bigger nerd mailbox.

  2. Great link thanks and novel idea for the marine.

  3. awesome exactly 2 days before this post I bought a single building for 20 bucks.

    Looks great though!