The 40kegger is a tabletop wargames club based out of Winnipeg, Canada. Like most gaming clubs, the 40kegger is all about getting together and playing some games. However, the 40kegger has gained recognition from the North American gaming community for breaking the status quo and driving a different philosophy in gaming. Specifically, a philosophy where competition is pushed aside to make room for a relaxed, creative, and entertaining atmosphere. This philosophy is driven by the collective attitudes within the 40kegger's membership group and the culture that surrounds the club.  At its core, the 40kegger is just another extension of the traditional adult male demographic, built upon the concept that a lot of men like to gather and then drink, shoot the shit, and play. As we like to say, "Some guys do this on a golf course... We do it on the tabletop".

The 40kegger throws an annual event based on the club's philosophy in gaming. It started as a small tournament for small games that was built on a simple and effective points system. That small tournament was also accompanied by a keg of beer, which would become a staple in all of our events. Since then, the event has grown to become one of the most anticipated 40k tournament in the area, attracting a large portion of gamers who enjoy the simple and relaxed environment. In 2014, the event is set to become a 2 day event incorporating a doubles tournament.

The 40kegger also throws an 8 month long Winnipeg Warhammer 40,000 Beer League. Originally modelled after beer league hockey and baseball, it has now grown into a full 24 player campaign with faction based progression. The 2013-2014 version incorporates Warlord progression, Slow Grow painting incentives, and a points system that merges narrative and friendly competition.