Monday, September 30, 2013

Misfits of 40k: Episode 7

So I had an episode 6 nearly complete, it was on the Space Marine command squad.  Then the new codex was announced and I went into a depression for a bit, then did the Apoc game, then was busy with the twitter and facebook business so I've been busy.  But I'm back and i'm here to talk about...

No I’m not some in-bred hick rabid football fan.  I mean these guys…

I think this episode is possibly going to be my easiest one.  These guys are fantastic!

Let’s start with their stats, which are average for IG humans, mainly 3s across the board with 1 wound, 1 attack, 7/8 Ld and a 5+ save.  Their unit type is cavalry though, which is great because they get a 12” move and fleet.  Then they come with a laspistol, frag AND krak grenades, and a hunting lance which is S+2 AP3 I5 on the turn they charge! FOR 55 POINTS!! And you can add up to 5 more for 10 pts each!!!  That is peanuts.

Plus if you upgrade the sergeant to Mogul Kamir they all get Rage, Furious Charge, and Fearless.  If you do the math that’s 18 S6 AP3 attacks at I5 from a 5 man squad when it charges.  That’s 7.5 wounds vs marines.  And it would not be a far stretch to see them move and charge 21” (that’s only a 9 on the charge with fleet).  For LESS than 100 pts.  Or instead of Kamir you can take a full unit of 10, have almost the same damage output and have double the number of models.

Killing marines isn’t the only thing they can do.  With Kamir they are all S6 on the charge, 3 attacks each they will smash most tanks in one charge, scoring 4 pens and 2 glances on AV10, 2 pens and 2 glances on AV11, and still an impressive 2 glances against AV12, assuming the vehicle moved.

Assault isn’t the only thing they can do, they also have the option to take 2 special weapons.  Their BS is only 3, so they are not quite as good as Vets in this regard, but they are potentially cheaper in that they come with their 12” mobility, compared to the 70 odd points you have to spend to get a chimera.  Yes the chimera adds to their durability, but its also a liability in that if it’s destroyed it will kill a handful of vets and then their mobility is lost.

I’m not going to pretend that there are no drawbacks to the Roughriders.  They only have a 5+ armour save, Ld is average, and they are THE “one hit wonders” of the warhammer universe only being useful one the first charge they make, but for 10 points a piece what are you expecting?

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Incoming: 40KEGGER 6

Right now, Greg, Fabio, and Chris are down in Arizona attending the much anticipated Duel Con 2013. Obviously, we couldn't send the boys down there to hang out with our friends in the States without some promo information about 40KEGGER 6.

Well, we don't have all the details set in stone yet, but we put enough together to wet the appetites of some nerds. So, mark your calendars, the 40kegger is back again for 2014!

May 24 and 25, 2014
Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Singles and Doubles Tournaments
Custom Scenarios and Relaxed Format
Fully Licenced Venue

Full details November 2013
For those who received our flyer down at Duel Con 2013, make sure you check back soon to get the full scope of the event. For now, check out our Tournament Info page for some of the key elements that we can confirm.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


No No No, not that kind.  The social network kind. 

I was recently interviewed by a podcast down in Texas called “Hitting on 3s”

They had put out a request for people to contact them about writing articles for their website.  I already had a bunch of Misfits episodes (the next one will be posted shortly) in the can, and I though they could give us some much needed exposure so I jumped at the opportunity.

No, it's not a very good interview, as we both fumbled our words a little, and much editing was done.  But I did manage to mention the club, the league, and the tourney in May.

I’ll issue a warning right now, the podcast uses explicit language, like me, don’t have painted armies, like me, and aren’t very good at the game, like me, and they treat the game as more of a social hobby than a gaming hobby, like me.

So I guess I’m saying that if you like me you will like these guys as well.

Having gained that opportunity via Twitter, I asked Greg if the 40Kegger club had a Twitter account and didn’t realize I had just volunteered to open it and run it.  The Twitter feed was opened yesterday and the handle is @40Kegger.

After opening the Twitter account, Greg also mentioned that the club does not have a Facebook Page.  Well I started a group for the club yesterday as well, as some of you may know by the Facebook invites you have received.  The group is called 40Kegger wargaming club.

So now that we are saturated with social media, please feel free to use them.  I am the only one who has access to the twitter account, but the Facebook group is open to all who have joined the group.  If any of you have a Twitter account, feel free to send the 40Kegger messages that you might want re-tweeted and I’ll be happy to oblige.

Until next time, happy gaming!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Jordan VS Dave FIGHT!!

As the ships materialized from the warp rift in which they traveled, Veritas was met with an unexpected surprise. 

“Proelium, is there record of an Eldar maiden world in this area of space?”  echoed Veritas’ brilliant orator’s voice.
“Of course not Your Honour, I would have notified you immediately.  Our spies informed us only of the Tyranid and Ork war, and of course of the movements of the “One’s who live The Lie”.  Replied Proelium, whose voice could not possibly be more different.  Hoarse and raspy, each word sounds like a vile curse spat from the lips of a dying man.
“Are our networks fully in place yet?” asked the voice of a born leader.
“Not yet Your Honour, our sources say they will need a few days yet.  Will this cause problems with “The Plan”?  I can have one flayed to move things along faster”
“No no, that will not be necessary.  Fetch Coarguo and, together, prepare an attack force.  We are going to test our mettle against these frail dying creatures, and perhaps sow some seeds of doubt in their spines.  Hurry, we must find a drop site quickly before they notice we have arrived”
“Yes Your Honour.”

So there is a little flavour text, and the last real serious thing to happen in this posting.  The rest of the battle report will be a fun adventure that, hopefully, will rival one of Robs jobs.
First things first, the beer.

Now I’m not much of a beer connoisseur so I went to the LC and picked 4 cold beers, one of them being in a huge bottle.  We cracked open the large bottle first and it was a beer from Quebec called La Fin du Monde which means The End of the World.  I really liked it.  It was not bitter at all, and in fact was quite sweet for a beer, with a fruity flavour.  Possibly orange.
The game starts off well enough with me getting to choose my table edge and choose the first turn.  I got to infiltrate 2 units with Mater of Deception and threw my chosen and a 10 man meltagun squad right in his face.

End of Turn 1
Then my oblit smacked the night spinner out of the sky

Dave responds by running away.  I mean falling back to a more tactical position along the table edge to my left.

I’m pretty sure he shoots some stuff but I don’t think anything happens.  So I rush him again and manage to immobilize another tank.  So far so good.

We go back and forth for the next couple turns killing each other’s shit.  He kills a bunch of marines, I kill a wave serpent, he kills some more marines, I kill some warp spiders, dire avengers, and wraithguard, etc., etc.  A couple notable events are; my 5 man squad survives a hail of bullets from warp spiders, wraithguard, dire avengers and 2 wave serpents and lose one model, then kill 3 wraithguard in one round of shooting, and Dave denying the witch against Puppet Master which would have had a warp spider shoot at the rear of the wave serpent that ended up costing me the game.
This goes on until turn 7.  

He has a 3 man dire avenger squad left in my far left corner, and has moved his seer and wraithguard deep into the left side of my deployment zone, going for faction points.  He also has one last wave serpent that I manage to get my oblit within 12”, and it fired off it’s shield last turn.

In order to win this game, I need several things to happen.  I need to make a 10” charge through difficult terrain so my chosen can wipe out the seer and wraithguard.  Then my cultists needed to kill the warp spider who, if he survived, would tear those cultists a new one.


Then I need to kill the 3 dire avengers with 2 combi-bolters and a tank shock, and kill the vulnerable wave serpent with my oblit who has missed his last 2 attempts.  Heck, even if I accomplish one of these things I’ll draw the game.

No dice, as they say.  Or shit dice as I say.  After 3.5 hours, 2 very large beers, and an up and down game that left me feeling exhausted, there was 1 scoring unit left, and it wasn’t mine and that means I lost.  In spite of that heartbreaking defeat, I had a fantastic time playing at Dave’s place and I would just like to say, once again for the 402,856th time, thank you to Dave for hosting, and at least making it look like I know what I’m doing.

So this was fun, I hope you all enjoyed it and I suppose I’ll do it again after the next game.  Top that Rob.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Darkstar GT registration is open

 Registration for the 2014 Darkstar GT has opened today! Let's all get registered and have our club all at the top of the participants list!!!

Leading by example!

Click HERE to register!

Last year we brought 9 guys. Let's see if we can get even more this year!!!!
(Seth, you are welcome to join the 40kegger crew at the event. You can be our honourary American!)

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Apocalypse 2: Tauriffic Boogaloo, Final entry.

Last weekend 9 of us nerds gathered at the Morris Nerdatorium (Greg’s basement) and brought 2500 pts each for a knock down, drag out, smash-em-up, Apocalypse battle.
I, Jordan, was the game master and if you want to know the story line then check out the previous Apocalypse 2: Tauriffic Boogaloo posts.

The Tau/Eldar had to deploy first and started with 2 Fortress of Redemption buildings, as these were the main objectives, worth 1 VP per section held at the end of the game.  The crates that littered the centre of the table were worth 1VP, which was tallied just before each break.  These points could be spent on Strategic Resources and Strategic Reserves.

Since the Tau and Eldar were the defending side they deployed first.  Their deployment zone will be the North part of the board, for ease of describing where everything is.  In their deployment zone they have both Fortress of Redemptions and at least 6 crates.  Wes took the Initiative and deployed a good size of his force right up front with the intent of taking control of some of  the crates early on to earn some VPs, the rest of his army went in the eastern Fortress.  Chad deployed some of his forces on the battlements of the western Fortress and joined Wes with a smaller force taking the crates.  Mike deploys a minimal force near the western Fortress.  Sean deploys his Titan behind the western Fortress using the tower to gain a cover save from most of the table, some grav tanks on the edge in the middle, and his Farseer formation in the east Fortress tower.  There were several Crisis suits, a couple Riptides, and 2 Tigersharks in reserve.

The Imperials, being the attackers, deployed second but would be receiving the first turn.  In their deployment zone they had some rocks

That didn’t stop them though, the forces they deployed were right on the line ready to move forward.  Greg and JP deployed Land Raiders on the bridges, providing some cover to the Baneblades right behind them.  Charles had a couple mini-super heavies and a regular super heavy on the table and Steve had next to nothing.

So it turns out that the Imperial players took this whole invading strike force thing seriously as they had almost half of their points poised to deep strike but not before playing their assets that allow them to deep strike without scatter and naming Longstrike as the warlord worth 3VPs...uh oh.

So that’s a look at what the table looks like after the reserves come in and the Tau take a pounding.  Particularly poor, poor Wes who loses half of his army when the Imperials drop, but like a champ, holds onto the Fortress of Redemption he has occupied.

There were a bunch of Kroot there
The cavalry arrives with the Tigersharks coming in from the north west table edge and a handful of crisis suits, along with several Eldar deep strikers.  The retaliation is fierce, but somewhat ineffective despite removing an entire unit of assault marines with a Tau bombardment.

At this point we have been playing for 2 hours and it’s break time.  The score is:  Imperials 6, Taudar 1

Thanks to the spanking they received in turn 1, the Tau are able to activate their Devine Intervention which gives them all Stubborn and Feel No Pain (4+).  However the pain does continue.  Much to Wes’ chagrin, the eastern Fortress of Redemption comes under siege from both Charles and Steve.  Combined flaming and assaulting the hatches puts a hurt on the units inside but they manage to hold on.  The Blood Angels Librarian on the west side scare the Broadsides and they run off the table and one of the Tigersharks is shot down.  The imperials, considering they are up by 5 points decide that they are safe for now and spend a point to get their Praetor tank back in reserve, they will need it to take out the Tigersharks.

The Tau take this opportunity to spend a VP to get their Tigershark back and put it in reserves, a risky move considering they are so far down in points.  However, the Taudar fight back valiantly and manage to put a smack down on the Imperials killing many marines, the Macharius mini-super-heavy and the Baneblade super heavy.

After 4 hours of gaming we have completed 2 turns, not quite the pace that was set in the previous Apocalypse game run by Greg, but lots of shit is dying so it’s fun all around, and the score is 11-6 (or somewhere around there) for the Imperials.  We break for meat and Greg, once again, does a wonderful job of BBQing up our steaks, or half a cow in JP’s case.  After a quick walk for some snacks for later, and I snap this pic of an awesome swing

It’s time to get back to the game.  Now it’s 6:30, so it’s pretty clear that unless things get moving we are only getting one more turn in, but It’s a doozy.

You might be thinking, Greg had all kinds of cool rules in his game.  Big balls of falling poo, prisoners in pens, etc. etc.  Well, I did too, I guess I just didn’t make it quite so obvious as to how they would get these rules into play, but it all comes together this turn, by accident.

This turn starts off with JP calling his Finest Hour.  His warlord, Vulcan now has strength 10 attacks that have the Concussive and Strikedown abilities.  Vulcan calmly exits his pimped out ride, a Cestus assault vehicle and strides up to the Eldar Titan.

Elsewhere, shooting is happening and lots of shit dies.  The crowning achievement though is when a Hellhammer shot deviates a little and hits one of the large objective crates.  I had mentioned that the crates can be destroyed and count as AV14 immobile vehicles.  No one had been shooting them though because they are objectives.  Still, I thought one or 2 would get shot at to prevent the opponent from scoring those points.  Nevertheless, one of the larger crates blows up and sets off the Magma storm unnatural disaster.  The larger crates set off the Flaming Boulders result, and the smaller crate would set off the Rain of Lava result, which we will get to.  The way I resolved who was going to be hit was to start with the closest unit then move outwards until all the flaming boulders were resolved.  Well I just so happened to roll 6 flaming boulders, which are S10 AP2 large blast.  The result was several things dead AND 2 more crates were busted open, a small one and another large one which sends 5 more flaming boulders into the air.  The small one killed several heavy weapons marines on the South East corner of the central board, and the large one manages to blow up A FOURTH CRATE which in turn kills s couple of things around it.
So, one deviated Hellhammer shell detonates 4 crates, kills over a dozen models, smashes the Cestus to the ground, and inflicts a hull point on the Eldar titan.  It’s too bad this happens in the late stages of the game because if 1 more crate would have exploded then the Airborne Inferno result would have been activated for the rest of the game.

Ok, that was the shooting phase, NOW back to VULCAN! 

Remember that he called his finest hour which makes him strength 10 in combat right, and he got out right in front of the Eldar Titan right?  Well, that crazy son of a bitch assaults the titan.  With his 5 attacks, he manages to inflict an amazing 8 hull points worth of damage and kills the titan.  As Vulcan turns to walk away from the wreckage, cause cool guys don’t look at explosions, the titan erupts in an explosion the intensity of a small supernova and Vulcan is incinerated.  Oh well, you can’t win them all.

The Taudar turn is a bit of a scramble.  With the titan gone, along with most of their army they are struggling to score points.  In a desperate attempt for those points, Mike attempts his secret mission, which is to kill the Eldar Warlord, Eldrad.  In writing this objective, I was kind of hoping that Mike might take it a little more personal and try to snipe out Eldrad, who was in an unkillable unit of Farseers, who were forced to jump off the top of the Fortress of Redemption tower.  However, Mike tried to pull off the old “oops didn’t see you there” bombardment.  Unfortunately the bombardment was off target and it smashed into the Fortress’s bunker that happened to be occupied by Wes’ troops.  The bunker was destroyed along with the models inside and the Eldar were unscathed.

It was at this point that the players recognized the potential devastation of the crates, combined with their desperation, and several shots were wasted trying to shoot a large one near several Imperial units.  In retrospect, perhaps I made them a little too strong to kill which made the idea less inviting.  Who wants to waste a lascannon shot to kill an objective when it could kill the model on the objective?

In the end the score was:

Charles scored 2 bonus points with his secret objective by killing the most expensive unit in Mike’s army with one of his units that had the Red Thirst, despite the beating he took, Wes still had a unit of 6 Firewarriors inside a section of the Fortress,  the Hellhammer was the only superheavy to survive the whole game, and Sean scored 2 bonus points for killing the Imperial Warmaster (Vulcan) and stopping his Finest Hour.

All in all it was a great day, and everyone had fun.  At least that’s what they told me.  Looking forward to the next one which, as I understand, will be run by Wes.  Check the forums for details.

Friday, September 13, 2013

40kegger... Looking towards the future

Holy shit.
When JP and I started the 40kegger I knew what I wanted it to become.
I never actually thought it would head in that direction.
From what started as a little 8 person podunk nerdament in 2011...

Our first flyer... Made in MS Word

40kegger 1... Tables scattered throughout the house
 ... Has in 2013 grown to a 16 person beer league and 24 person event...
Snapshot of 40kegger 5
... And continues to grow. This year we've increased the size of the beer league from 16 players to 24 players and our event from a ONE DAY 24 person event to a TWO DAY 40 person NERDAMENT!!!

JP and I have come to realize that at the rate we are growning, we just couldn't do it all ourselves anymore. We needed help. We needed to bring in another person to become part of the 40kegger executive. Complete with access to the executive bathroom and terry cloth CEO bathrobes.
 It was a long and hard decision, as we have many a member and good friends who help out a lot with the organization. But after much thought (and a few random dice rolls) we decided to ask Sean Thiessen to officially join the team. To our surprise (and joy) he said "Yes I will 40kegger marry you guys."
Sean has all of the qualities that we were looking for. High level of attention to games. Plays a lot, understands what's cool and whats ga... uncool. But more importantly enjoys the lore of the 40K background more than winning. Plus he makes dick jokes.

So without further ado. Let me introduce (for those of you that don't already know him) SEAN THIESSEN. Email him at
"Man, I need to practice for my 40kegger interview"
Welcome aboard Sean.

Greg & JP

Monday, September 9, 2013


BEER LEAGUE Rob's Batrep's Season 2, now with more stupid Gifs and less pics of the game!

Blood Angles!



 So first off, Charles accepts my challenge!  I did state that i need a guy around 7 ft tall and well I guess he took that quite literally, well Charles is about 7 ft tall.  I didnt check if he had two hearts but beggers cant be choosers.

 So after about an hour of me watching NFL football and Charles reading over the rules for the match we were ready to go!

I deploy!  

I get to go first!

Im excited because I have something called "Big Gunz!"  I shoot!  I hit.....alot!  Then I discover this blood angel super power of feel no pain.  Apparently when Charles rolls a dice when this power is activated the only numbers that are allowed to come up are 5 and 6.  Alas all my big gunz shooting kills like 1 guy.  And I think it was this guy:

  Anyways, its now Charles turn, apparently he wasn't as excited about my big gunz as I was, so......he did this wammy power somewhere in the fine print im sure of the blood angles codex that scared them off the board.

My big gunz shoot!

  After this this thing named a Furious Dread Naught, who is quite Furious I guess, starts his very long walk towards me.

Turn 2

  My dakka jets come on!  Charles is scared! Im excited!



Well after 36 twin linked shots I cause like 12 wounds, the result? 1 dead.  Love that feel no pain!

My Dakka Jet shooting summed up:

So the blood angles and terminators are coming up the middle right at my battle wagon, they charge the battle wagon and I over watch with 5 flamers, the result? 1 dead, go feel no pain!  Im starting to see a trend here.  

  So after they punch the fun out of my battle wagon with their power fists, they then beat the snot out of my burna boyz:

Turn 3-5

  I forgot to mention way back on turn 2 I immoblized that mad dreadnaught, which made him alot madder.  He starts to run for my mob of boyz, which dont have anything to really hurt him.  

But first my shoota boyz shoot the shit out of Charles Termines!  A total of 86 shots!  That kills that dude with the feel no pain banner.  Good lord thank you!

Random pic of game:

By now the furious dread naught is super close, things are looking bleak for my orks.  But wait!  My Weird boy closes his eyes and..............WTF?

Ork boyz disappear!

My ork boyz are warped across the table all the way on the other side of the board away from the Furious robot!  It took that poor bastard 4 turns to get there and just before he could do anything my Ork boyz warped away!

  I was laughing pretty hard until my deepstrike warp  did a deepstrike mishap.  So thanks to some great rolling my boyz warped right off the table into reserve!

  I then deep struck them beside Charles Tact Squad and between that and a dakka jet I blew them off the table.

  Thats what you call a TSN turning point!

  Turn 6, all thats left is charles Furious dread naught, now with more furious!