Friday, September 13, 2013

40kegger... Looking towards the future

Holy shit.
When JP and I started the 40kegger I knew what I wanted it to become.
I never actually thought it would head in that direction.
From what started as a little 8 person podunk nerdament in 2011...

Our first flyer... Made in MS Word

40kegger 1... Tables scattered throughout the house
 ... Has in 2013 grown to a 16 person beer league and 24 person event...
Snapshot of 40kegger 5
... And continues to grow. This year we've increased the size of the beer league from 16 players to 24 players and our event from a ONE DAY 24 person event to a TWO DAY 40 person NERDAMENT!!!

JP and I have come to realize that at the rate we are growning, we just couldn't do it all ourselves anymore. We needed help. We needed to bring in another person to become part of the 40kegger executive. Complete with access to the executive bathroom and terry cloth CEO bathrobes.
 It was a long and hard decision, as we have many a member and good friends who help out a lot with the organization. But after much thought (and a few random dice rolls) we decided to ask Sean Thiessen to officially join the team. To our surprise (and joy) he said "Yes I will 40kegger marry you guys."
Sean has all of the qualities that we were looking for. High level of attention to games. Plays a lot, understands what's cool and whats ga... uncool. But more importantly enjoys the lore of the 40K background more than winning. Plus he makes dick jokes.

So without further ado. Let me introduce (for those of you that don't already know him) SEAN THIESSEN. Email him at
"Man, I need to practice for my 40kegger interview"
Welcome aboard Sean.

Greg & JP


  1. Man, I gotta get my ass in gear, build the rest of my Tau and start gaming with you whackjobs.

  2. Clearly you got rid of the green shirts and jeans rule.

  3. As you can clearly see, the only reason we asked Sean to join is because we needed a skinny guy in our fat ass dominated demographic.

  4. Awesome news, guys! I'm happy to see your event continue to grow and thrive. It's a very exciting thing for the community. Good show!

  5. Congratz Sean! Now don't f*** up lol! And for god sales man if your going to make sandwiches make enough for everyone!

  6. That's fucking 40kegger awesome! Congrats Sean! And it's pleasantly plump Greg.

  7. Shit does this mean that me and my Orks are now banned until I buy the rest of Sean's Guard and then 2 weeks after that im banned again?

    1. You will never be banned.

      Your Batreps are the only reason the internet exists.

  8. Lol, I knew God put me here for a reason...

  9. Sean can get a titan assembled and painted in 48 hours, but he's had that damn unfinished tattoo for as long as I've known him.