Monday, September 9, 2013


BEER LEAGUE Rob's Batrep's Season 2, now with more stupid Gifs and less pics of the game!

Blood Angles!



 So first off, Charles accepts my challenge!  I did state that i need a guy around 7 ft tall and well I guess he took that quite literally, well Charles is about 7 ft tall.  I didnt check if he had two hearts but beggers cant be choosers.

 So after about an hour of me watching NFL football and Charles reading over the rules for the match we were ready to go!

I deploy!  

I get to go first!

Im excited because I have something called "Big Gunz!"  I shoot!  I hit.....alot!  Then I discover this blood angel super power of feel no pain.  Apparently when Charles rolls a dice when this power is activated the only numbers that are allowed to come up are 5 and 6.  Alas all my big gunz shooting kills like 1 guy.  And I think it was this guy:

  Anyways, its now Charles turn, apparently he wasn't as excited about my big gunz as I was, so......he did this wammy power somewhere in the fine print im sure of the blood angles codex that scared them off the board.

My big gunz shoot!

  After this this thing named a Furious Dread Naught, who is quite Furious I guess, starts his very long walk towards me.

Turn 2

  My dakka jets come on!  Charles is scared! Im excited!



Well after 36 twin linked shots I cause like 12 wounds, the result? 1 dead.  Love that feel no pain!

My Dakka Jet shooting summed up:

So the blood angles and terminators are coming up the middle right at my battle wagon, they charge the battle wagon and I over watch with 5 flamers, the result? 1 dead, go feel no pain!  Im starting to see a trend here.  

  So after they punch the fun out of my battle wagon with their power fists, they then beat the snot out of my burna boyz:

Turn 3-5

  I forgot to mention way back on turn 2 I immoblized that mad dreadnaught, which made him alot madder.  He starts to run for my mob of boyz, which dont have anything to really hurt him.  

But first my shoota boyz shoot the shit out of Charles Termines!  A total of 86 shots!  That kills that dude with the feel no pain banner.  Good lord thank you!

Random pic of game:

By now the furious dread naught is super close, things are looking bleak for my orks.  But wait!  My Weird boy closes his eyes and..............WTF?

Ork boyz disappear!

My ork boyz are warped across the table all the way on the other side of the board away from the Furious robot!  It took that poor bastard 4 turns to get there and just before he could do anything my Ork boyz warped away!

  I was laughing pretty hard until my deepstrike warp  did a deepstrike mishap.  So thanks to some great rolling my boyz warped right off the table into reserve!

  I then deep struck them beside Charles Tact Squad and between that and a dakka jet I blew them off the table.

  Thats what you call a TSN turning point!

  Turn 6, all thats left is charles Furious dread naught, now with more furious!



  1. Soooo good. I was starting to go into Lentowich Batrep withdrawal!