Monday, September 30, 2013

Misfits of 40k: Episode 7

So I had an episode 6 nearly complete, it was on the Space Marine command squad.  Then the new codex was announced and I went into a depression for a bit, then did the Apoc game, then was busy with the twitter and facebook business so I've been busy.  But I'm back and i'm here to talk about...

No I’m not some in-bred hick rabid football fan.  I mean these guys…

I think this episode is possibly going to be my easiest one.  These guys are fantastic!

Let’s start with their stats, which are average for IG humans, mainly 3s across the board with 1 wound, 1 attack, 7/8 Ld and a 5+ save.  Their unit type is cavalry though, which is great because they get a 12” move and fleet.  Then they come with a laspistol, frag AND krak grenades, and a hunting lance which is S+2 AP3 I5 on the turn they charge! FOR 55 POINTS!! And you can add up to 5 more for 10 pts each!!!  That is peanuts.

Plus if you upgrade the sergeant to Mogul Kamir they all get Rage, Furious Charge, and Fearless.  If you do the math that’s 18 S6 AP3 attacks at I5 from a 5 man squad when it charges.  That’s 7.5 wounds vs marines.  And it would not be a far stretch to see them move and charge 21” (that’s only a 9 on the charge with fleet).  For LESS than 100 pts.  Or instead of Kamir you can take a full unit of 10, have almost the same damage output and have double the number of models.

Killing marines isn’t the only thing they can do.  With Kamir they are all S6 on the charge, 3 attacks each they will smash most tanks in one charge, scoring 4 pens and 2 glances on AV10, 2 pens and 2 glances on AV11, and still an impressive 2 glances against AV12, assuming the vehicle moved.

Assault isn’t the only thing they can do, they also have the option to take 2 special weapons.  Their BS is only 3, so they are not quite as good as Vets in this regard, but they are potentially cheaper in that they come with their 12” mobility, compared to the 70 odd points you have to spend to get a chimera.  Yes the chimera adds to their durability, but its also a liability in that if it’s destroyed it will kill a handful of vets and then their mobility is lost.

I’m not going to pretend that there are no drawbacks to the Roughriders.  They only have a 5+ armour save, Ld is average, and they are THE “one hit wonders” of the warhammer universe only being useful one the first charge they make, but for 10 points a piece what are you expecting?

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