Monday, February 25, 2013


Pedro! and assorted friends VS Dynamite Deff Koptas!


Turn 1:

  Charles says, I need to roll a 6 to steal the first turn.  Ok, so I roll a 6.  Orks go first.  Thanks bud!

  On turn one I dont do a whole lot, but move my masses forward.  Not very exciting the REAL fun started on Charles turn.   We got mysterious objectives, I like mysterious objectives because they always tend to blow the other team up.  Charles deploys right by an objective.  Charles rolls for objective, sabotage! I have to tell you Crimson Fists sure like 1's because guess what he rolled to see if it blew up?


Now remember this picture as it will come in handy for reference later.  The rest of Turn 1 the Crimson Fists entire army shoot at my Trukk including a sternguard squad you just landed in a drop pod.  So after all that I promptly put the small dice in the back of the trukk noting that 1 ENTIRE hull point has been removed.

  Summary of Turn 1:

  So after all that nothing.  Charles rolls again for sabtoage, for everyones info this NOT the same picture.

At this point im strongly considering staying put and letting this exploding objective simply kill all the Space Marines on the table. 

Turn 2:

  I run my trukk up the left side which finally gets killed by of all things bolter fire.  I think the first 6 Charles managed to roll turns into my favor as he rolls a 6 on the ramshackle table and the trukk doesnt explode it just simply breaks down and Ghaz and his buddies hop out as if nothing is wrong, thanks bud!

  They then beat the tar out of the sternguard squad, and then lose 1 mega nob to and orbital bombardment.  That kinda seemed like over kill and cheatin.  Seriously how can I shoot back at this space ship in space! IN SPACE!  

Apparently due to Crimson Fists budget cuts they kinda had to recruit less then on par crew.

Also my Deffkoptas are making pudding out of that fancy ass dread naught.  Now it cant move and can only wave at the orks on the table.  

I flubb my reserve roll so the Dakka Jet doesnt come in, but the storm talon comes on, shoots everything he has at the deffkopta's and after all that, ALL THAT, I put a 1 for 1 wound on one Deff Kopta.  I thought Orks were supposed to bad shots!

Turn 3

 My Lootas shoot, and shoot and shoot and well I guess thats my fault I should have told them to shoot at the Storm Talon, because once again the Ork with the kustom megablasta rolls a 1 and gets hot and blows himself up.  

  My Dakka jet comes in and blows up the Talon with its 18 STR 7 shots AHAHAH!


Turn 4

The dread naught gets wiped out by Ghaz and meganobz.  Enter my Pedro problem......

Pedro declines the first challenge, I kill lots of space marines.  Bottom of turn 4 Pedro excepts and kills Ghaz, wait what?????

Apparently when you accept a challenge your buddies can help out.......with a reroll.  That ended up killing ghaz.

Actual pic of the game:  because by now i stopped taking pics and concentrated on drinking and Pedro.

  So Pedro kills my HQ, and then meets up with a wack of boyz who just killed a scout squad.  Well Pedro wins that melee some how too and kills a boy squad.  WHO IS THIS MEXICAN???  

Ok so, these mexican space marines fight dirty!  So to hell with that I say and so I shoot him to death with my Deff Koptas, apparently rockets are the only thing that kill Mexican Space Marines.

Now all Charles has left is a drop pod.  Game over!  

JP this is for you:

  Great game!  Lots of fun and lot closer then it looked.  Charles next time you can use my dice!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Winnipeg is Nerdy

Damn rights it is...

Winnipeg journalist and media developer Jamie Isfeld has created a website dedicated to all things nerdy in our crazy city. Be it video games, comics, wargames, whatever. If it's nerdy, it is under her radar.

40kegger is featured in her most recent production that she created about Legiocon XII. Check out the video, it's amazing:

We have added her site to our Links because we absolutely love the concept. Hope to see more coverage about all the great nerdy things happening around Winnipeg.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Legiocon XII and the Next Big Thing

This past Friday, the 40kegger was given the opportunity to run some games at Legiocon XII. It was my first time in the venue, and I gotta say, it was pretty neat in there. Lots of room, and the cheapest beers I've ever seen in the city. And while a bunch of us nerds were rolling dice upstairs, the 60+ community of St. James enjoyed some live tunes, dancing, and meat draws downstairs. Definitely how I plan to spend my retirement...

I was really happy to see a great turnout of 40kegger people. A few Beer League matchups, a few casual games, and a few new faces. There must have been about a dozen of us all busting out some 1000 point games on Friday night.

We brought 3 of our 40kegger Scenarios as a little treat, because once a year just isn't enough to play them. We brought Beer Run, Keys to the VIP, and my personal favorite, Barrels of the Warp. Since all of our scenarios are always evolving, we hope to get some feedback from those who had a chance to play them. So send us your comments/email if you have some ideas on how to make them better.

We also want to take a quick opportunity to welcome Wes Szmaglik who recently moved here from the UK. Wes came out to meet everyone and get in a few games on Friday night. And it was a kind of picture perfect welcoming, because he won the free entry to 40KEGGER 5.

Congrats, Wes.

Here are a few more pictures from our evening at Legiocon XII. Every time we get a group out for an event, I'm always reminded how many great hobbyists we got in this city.



Wes's stunning Dark Angels. I can see a lot of "Best Army" arwards going to the new face in Winnipeg over the next few years..

Now, onto the Next Big Thing... Astronomi-con.

At the end of the evening on Friday, a bunch of us stood around and chatted with Wes about Astronomi-con. Everyone reminisced about past experiences with Astronomi-con scenarios, and about the level of craftsmanship that goes into running the event. I mean, this is an event that has received the official "pretty fucking awesome" from names like Jervis Johnson and Phil Kelly. So needless to say, I got in my car after the little chat and drove home with a very high level of excitement and anticipation. And holy shit, we are now less than two weeks away...

Astronomi-con 2012

Astronomi-con is truly a world class Warhammer 40,000 experience. We are pretty damn spoiled to have one right here in Winnipeg. So ask yourself, do you spend a lot of your time painting and playing 40k? Do you read a lot of Black Library books and consider yourself rather knowledgeable in the 40k universe? If you in any way can say that you have a passion for 40k, you really don't want to miss this event.

Sign up for Astronomi-con. It's two full days of some of the best 40k you will ever get the chance to play.

Monday, February 4, 2013

40kegger tshirts for Dark Star


There's about 10 of us heading down to Minneapolis in March to participate in the Dark Star nerd tournament. We need to represent 40kegger! JP has designed a new shirt to wear during the event.

The shirts will be about $20 send me an email by February 17th. I will place the order on Monday the 18th, and we will have the shirts for Dark Star. Of course these shirts are available for anyone to order!
Email me what size you want and I will send you the paypal link.
Payment must be received before the order is placed. No extras will be ordered to be sold later.


Friday, February 1, 2013

Winnipeg Warhammer 40,000 Beer League

Or, the 'Fuck it's cold in Winnipeg, just wanna play some nerds games inside a warm building League'...

Or, the 'Dammit woman, I'm going out to play nerd games at least once a month League'...

Maybe, the 'I wish I could still play hockey, but I can barely see my junk past my beer belly, so maybe I'll just play some nerd games League'...

Whatever, it's Beer League 40k. Take some 40k and model it after Beer League Hockey. Boom, you got yourself a fun time.

Here we are on February 1, 2013. The season is more than half over now, with only 3 games left until the playoff season starts in May. There are 18 players and only 8 playoff spots, so it should make for an interesting push to the finish line. Anyways, here are the Standings as of today:

There are still a few outstanding games left to be played. Hopefully those will be concluded next Friday at Legiocon XII where the 40kegger gets the night to run some 1000 point games. Perfect for Beer League players, so we expect a good turnout.