Sunday, June 2, 2013

Holy Shit !Holy Shit! Holy Shit!

My favourite thing in the unerdverse!

Boom, calling it. What better way to celebrate a new edition of Apocalpse?

July 20th, 2013 
Morris Nerdatorum. 
All day (and possibly evening/night) muthafucking APOCALYPSE GAME YO!
Apocalypse makes me happy
 The first 7 people to email me shall be allowed to participate in this monumental event. Please let me know what army you want to play. Also include what other armies you own, as I like to keep a theme to my Apocalypse games. I will not tolerate a team with Nids, Grey Knights and Necrons vs Orks, Demons and Ultramarines. 

Ive got a really cool idea for Imperium and Eldar vs Chaos and Orks.

If this new Apocalypse release is in fact true, then by having it on the 20th, should give folks time to buy and paint any new units for the game.


  1. 1 down! Wes S (Dark Angels or Eldar)

  2. What the...?!?

    I'm... Oh my...

    This... Is...

    Fuck, can't breath...

    I'll be there, Greg. In Midnight Clad.

  3. I might be able to make this under the guise of you guys throwing me a bday party!

  4. Done! Now get your fucking Stompa painted!

    3 spots filled

  5. Count me in! Ill play on the Chaos side! I provide cover fire for Rob's Orks!

  6. Ps... That Khorne model is stupid... I get they are bringing something back but I still think it looks goofy.

  7. Ack, no time to find your email address! Me me me! Eldar eldar eldar!

  8. 5 spots filled! only 2 left!!!!

  9. Shawn W got spot 7! No spots left!!!!
    If we can get another Choas or Ork player I would give up my spot and just GM the event!

  10. So what's the GM have in mind? Give us some fluff so we can get pumped.

    Is it just Heldrakes vs Wraithknights? 20,000 points, haha.

  11. Lets find another chaos or ork player first. Ill cede my position.

  12. Last spot filled! Jordan N will be bringing his Death Guard!