Sunday, June 16, 2013

And now for something completly different

Many moons ago, Thursty convinced me to purchase Dystopian Wars. It looked like a fun game, the models were nice and it was dirt cheap to start playing. So I picked up a French starter box (Republique du France)... That was in November! I also picked up a box for my non nerd buddy Nick, as this seemed to be the kind of game he would be interested in (Naval Battles). That was in December.
Well, Nick came over yesterday and we had finally made plans to try out this stupid game we bought seven months ago. I dusted off my starter box and through some paint on the boats. This is how they turned out:

My French fleet sans (that's French for "Without") air craft... and turrets, forgot about the turrets

My Big-ass Mamajamma with.... heat cannon?

The original scheme was supposed to be blue and grey... The dark coulour is a mix of Citadel Regal blue, Minitaire Gun Metal Alloy and Raven black. I don't think I'll ever be able to recreate the exact colour. Whoops

Heat cannon. I get a heat cannon about 20 minutes after eating buffalo wings

Wee bit of OSL

So I guess the bad boys can fly... as to run away faster

The colours look much better in person

Awww, these guys are so teeny weeny and cute

This was an awesome painting project. It took me exactly around 1.25 hours to do, and I think they look really good. I have yet learned to play or have a game, so if anyone wants to teach me.....

A few months ago while we were in Minneapolis to the Dark Star GT, we went to a large nerd store that carried a line of models called "Dark Sword". These models were really cool. I picked up this Pug Princess for my girlfriend as she 1) loves pugs (all her dogs are pug crosses) and 2) likes really cute minis. So I quickly painted this little dudette up for her :)

Pug Princess: One sexy bitch

I'm especially a big fan of the six teet chain mail bikini top

While taking a piss at Montanas with a bunch of the Brandon guys after Prairie-con, I noticed the urinal top cap was brass and oxidized. I thoughts to myself "That's so easy to do with a wash". That's when you know you've hit nerd rock bottom... when you tell yourself you can do easily do the effects of oxidization on a Montanas pisser.

Totally would have been funnier if she was wearing a chain mail thong.
Well there you have it folks. Just thought I'd show you something different that I painted up this weekend.
But seriously, somebody play distopian Wars with me.



  1. I'll get together and play a game with you Greg.

    Hell, fleets are small enough I can even come out that way on the bike instead of having to drive.