Wednesday, June 26, 2013

July 20th Apocalypse game: Campaign Teaser 2

What do you mean we killed "almost everyone"? Who was responsible for the primary population analysis?
Blaurrrggg gurrgle blarrrg
Great! Now how are we going to find the weapon?!
Blaaaaah gloooooberrrrr....sorry....

We'll never help you find and/or rebuild the weapon...
Meanwhile far far away a Dark Angel sleeps...ZZZzzzZZZ
Hey, Angel of Death... Heed my words. You must travel to the world of Lanius Excubitor. The forces of Chaos are attempting to find a weapon that could spell the ending of us Elda... The Galaxy!
Whoa, weird dream. Captain, I implore you, we must muster the fleet at once! I'll explain when we get there.
Aww man! Why do we have to go to? We always die the most!
Meanwhile back on Lanius Excubitor
Look, Spikey humies! Get 'em! Waaagh!!!!


  1. Obviously lifted from a Graham McNeill book.....word for word.....;/

  2. Looking for a weapon, eh? Is it another big mechanical dinosaur?

  3. Well that explains everything.