Friday, November 30, 2012

Nerd News - Winter 2012/2013

With the Winnipeg landscape officially under a blanket of white snow, it is safe to say that Old Man Winter is here (and he plays Space Wolves, just in case you were wondering). With that, let's look at some of the things coming up over the next few months that can keep members of 40kegger warm throughout the season.

January 1, 2013 - The NEW Maxx Collectibles

Well, one of Winnipeg's major suppliers of tabletop wargames is moving to a new space. Garth (the owner) is very excited because this new store will be MUCH bigger (3 times bigger!), supporting excellent space for the gaming community. While the Games Workshop's "bunker" store has long been perceived as the official spot for games of 40k, I think the new Maxx Collectibles will prove to be a far more welcoming space. Not to mention the ability to play other game systems thoughout dedicated league nights. Look out Winnipeg, there is a new Nerd Store in town!

Make sure to check out the new space this January 2013 at 835 Cavalier Drive at the intersection of Hamilton Ave.

February 8th, 9th, and 10th, 2013 - Legiocon XII

Legiocon is a popular journeyman gaming event where people can check out loads of different tabletop wargames. Among the confirmed list of games is Warhammer 40k, Advanced Squad Leader, Flames of War, Uncharted seas, Firestorm Armada, Dystopian Wars, Warmachine/Hordes, Infinity, and Malifaux. Check out their website for updates and a list of scheduled games as we get closer to the event.

One of the things that makes Legiocon so popular is the venue: the No. 4 Legion at 1755 Portage Ave. New for this event, Legiocon has partnered with 40kegger to sponsor a special night of gaming on the Friday night. While we are still in the planning stages, we can confirm that Friday night will be "Beer and 40k", presented by the 40kegger Tabletop Wargames Club.

February 23rd and 24th, 2013 - Astronomi-con Winnipeg

Truly, the best Warhammer 40,000 tournament in Winnipeg. This is two full days of non-stop 40k, featuring unique missions that will blow your mind. Since the event was announced, I have been spending as much time as possible with a paint brush in my hand after the kids go to bed, trying to get my new units ready for battle (and paint scoring). Get your 1500 point armies ready because this is an event you don't want to miss.

Taking place once again at the Winnipeg Convention Centre, the venue speaks for itself in terms of the level of class, detail, and professionalism that goes into this event. Check out their website and make sure you get your registration in early.

Spring Time...

Ok, we don't want to jump too far ahead... But we can confirm a few things for when the snow melts. First of all, we have locked in our date and venue for 40KEGGER 5. It will be taking place on Saturday May 4th, 2013 at Bronx Park Community Centre in the same space as the last one. Limited to 20 people, make sure you book that day off now. We will post an official release flyer and open up registration early in the new year.

In June, look for details on PrairieCon, a great gaming event that takes place in Brandon.

That's all for now. Get your painting done, cause what the fuck else is there to do when there is no hockey....


Thursday, November 29, 2012

I love the smell of napalm in the Morning!

It was a night where apparently screwing with anything green was a very bad idea.

  As Ork War boss, and after watching the debacle on Monday night with my Eagles, I was determined to make something green win for once.

  Sean won the goes first roll.  We had two objectives to capture with a diagonal deployment.  He deployed first carefully assembling his troops in various fantastic spots to ensure alot of Orky deaths.  As usual I was happy and much more concerned with fitting all my shit in my tiny corner of a table.  Seriously there is barely enough room, wtf!

  Turn 1:

Orks are sneaky, sneaky enough to steal the initiative. You could say this is pretty much where everything started to go wrong for Sean and his proud humies.  I rolled a 6, so my Orks got to go first.  Enter the DeffKopta's  who apparently stopped drinking for this fight.  I rolled 3 6's.  It was kinda like this for my Deffkoptas:

And this is the result!

So my Orks fired up the beer Truck and Ol Ghaz and his drinking buddies went off to find some space marines to fight! 

That didnt go well for the Space Marines either.  They shot some boyz here and there.  

Turn 2

Advancing Orks run into a Assualt Marine squad with a nasty looking Chaplin.  "Your not going to like this" Sean tells me. "I got this really cool power..."  Orks dont care about cool powers!  That didnt go well either for Sean.  (Actually it was a pretty cool power).

Orks after mopping up fancy Chaplin and Assault marines now eyeing the scouts!

So after over watch completely screwed over Sean, (I blame the tiny dice)  he decided to feed his seargent to Ghazskull via a challenge.  Then he chose to fail his moral test and run.  (I thought Space Marines never retreat?).......(after doing some research they dont, they merely advance in the other direction).  

Turn 3

Now, im not sure what the hell my Lootas ever did to piss Sean off so bad, but in his words "Man i just have to kill something"  Apparently that means you deep strike a entire squad of terminators and shoot the piss out of a band of picnicing lootas.  I say this because they were back on my deployment zone doing a whole lot of nothing.  Boy did did those terminators ever terminate that picnic.

With the Lootas gone, the terminators turn around and see they are very very lonely.

  By turn 4 it was getting pretty nasty.  Turn 5 saw Sean running his last remaining Space marine over to the objective in my deployment zone to gain some points.  Well those Deffkoptas striked again!

Via one rocket up the ass.  Over kill but what the hell.  

Final score was Orks 6 Space Marines 1.  Super fun game, first time meeting Sean, super cool guy we had a great time!  

  The END!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Fun with green stuff

 I tried my hand at making flame with green stuff. If anyone who has posting capabilities on this site has mastered the technique, it would be awesome post some pictures of it. Maybe even a little tutorial on how it was done.

That's all I've got folks! I'm running out of army to post about!
Again, It is encouraged that any of you with posting access do so, also, if you are a regular 40kegger and would like to post something, email myself (Greg) or JP.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Happy fucking thanksgiving - Battlefoam order

Hey y'all!

As Battlefoam is having a black friday (weekend edition) 25% off sale, I'm going to place an order. To save on shipping I am going to have it shipped to Pembina, North Dakota and then just pick it up after work when it arrives. If anyone is interested in placing an order, let me know via email, text or phone call. I will be placing the order tomorrow (Sunday November 25th) around 5pm, so let me know before that. If you are ordering custom cut foam, send me the required pictures as well.
I am ordering the P.A.C.K AIR with 3 trays.
Will also be adding custom text

20.5 x 15.5 x 9 inches of foamy goodness

No more hauling the assault ram around in a soft cooler!

I <3 Land Raiders


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Jimcon II - Big Ass Apocalypse game Imperium VS Orks

This weekend held the 2nd annual Jimcon board game convention. The Astro guys organized a 20, 000 point Imperium vs Ork Apocalypse game.

Team Imperials:

Keith - Adeptus Arbites /w Space Marine Allies (Commisar Yarick leading the army)
Me - Salamanders
Kevin - Imperial guard
Lance - White Stars Space Marines
Mike - Imperial Guard

Team Orks:

Brock (Ghazghkull leading the army)

The Nerds

The table. Imperials are defending the fortress from the tide of green nerds.
Here are just some highlights and armies from the game.

Might of Ancients Dreadnaught formation

Mikes tanks

I am sick of these MUTHA FUCKIN Orks on my MUTHA FUCKIN PLANET

White Stars

My cock-light is bigger than yours!

Cops and marines

A few of Kevins flyers
Kevins Shadow sword

Imperial deployment.

It's a fucking STOMPEDE! (not actually the stompede formation)

Stompa 1

Stompa 2

Stompa 3 (Scratch built from a Tim Hortons coffee can)

Stompa 4
Flying orks

They's a comming!

The Aegis defense line was protected by a Dreadnaught defense line! The green tide will break upon the green wall!

Round 1: Fight!

(Don't expect a battle report)

holy shit, holy shit, holy shit!

Ork Stratagem: Drop rok.

Scatter rok onto own units. WIN

Just relax and bite this piece of leather. It wont make it hurt less, just distract you from the crying

8 attacks on the charge. Hitting on 4's automatic pens.

Salamander dreadnaughts held the line...

...But only for 2 turns

You guys are fucked. Come to Ray Ray
BOOM! 5 inch melta blast.

Boom! All I did was shake it?!?!... fuck

run away run away run away! Commisar: Ahem...

Looted wagon

Christian: I just got a text from the Stomas

Christian: Look, they say they're winning!
Down the barrel of a Basilisk


Right there, yup. That's where we're winning

I love kicking ass. Go ORKS!

You guys are so dead.. wait, what?!?!? POWER KLAW fml. Boom!

Mortis Pattern Contemptor: I will preemptively avenge your death RayRay (since you are still alive in this picture). Be at rest in dreadnaught heaven. May the malt liquor and fried chicken flow freely and the Tupac never stop playing.

dun dun dun

Oh fuck
Yarrick sniffs out Ghazghkull

HULK SMASH! Puny god

I can't believe we didn't do anything! Oh well, we tried

Death and destruction

Vulkan vs Gaz

At the end of the day, the Orks won 5-3 (I think. They totally kicked ass!)
Great game. Many thanks out to the Astro guys (Christian, Mike and Keith) for putting it on, and many thanks to the guys who came to play! Special thanks to Brock for allowing the other Ork players to use a small portion of his Ork army to maintain a tight theme!
Also, a great big thanks to Jim for holding Jimcon II and all the volunteers who helped out. One even offered to help out at the next 40kegger (Coming in May. Stay tuned)

Here's a few pics from the rest of the nerd-con (non 40k related)

Holy shit! There's girls here! They must have been lost

40Kegger's special friend Garth from Maxx Collectables! I bought a Dystopian Wars starter box and rule book from him. Will post about it later this week

Jimcon raffle prizes