Sunday, November 18, 2012

Jimcon II - Big Ass Apocalypse game Imperium VS Orks

This weekend held the 2nd annual Jimcon board game convention. The Astro guys organized a 20, 000 point Imperium vs Ork Apocalypse game.

Team Imperials:

Keith - Adeptus Arbites /w Space Marine Allies (Commisar Yarick leading the army)
Me - Salamanders
Kevin - Imperial guard
Lance - White Stars Space Marines
Mike - Imperial Guard

Team Orks:

Brock (Ghazghkull leading the army)

The Nerds

The table. Imperials are defending the fortress from the tide of green nerds.
Here are just some highlights and armies from the game.

Might of Ancients Dreadnaught formation

Mikes tanks

I am sick of these MUTHA FUCKIN Orks on my MUTHA FUCKIN PLANET

White Stars

My cock-light is bigger than yours!

Cops and marines

A few of Kevins flyers
Kevins Shadow sword

Imperial deployment.

It's a fucking STOMPEDE! (not actually the stompede formation)

Stompa 1

Stompa 2

Stompa 3 (Scratch built from a Tim Hortons coffee can)

Stompa 4
Flying orks

They's a comming!

The Aegis defense line was protected by a Dreadnaught defense line! The green tide will break upon the green wall!

Round 1: Fight!

(Don't expect a battle report)

holy shit, holy shit, holy shit!

Ork Stratagem: Drop rok.

Scatter rok onto own units. WIN

Just relax and bite this piece of leather. It wont make it hurt less, just distract you from the crying

8 attacks on the charge. Hitting on 4's automatic pens.

Salamander dreadnaughts held the line...

...But only for 2 turns

You guys are fucked. Come to Ray Ray
BOOM! 5 inch melta blast.

Boom! All I did was shake it?!?!... fuck

run away run away run away! Commisar: Ahem...

Looted wagon

Christian: I just got a text from the Stomas

Christian: Look, they say they're winning!
Down the barrel of a Basilisk


Right there, yup. That's where we're winning

I love kicking ass. Go ORKS!

You guys are so dead.. wait, what?!?!? POWER KLAW fml. Boom!

Mortis Pattern Contemptor: I will preemptively avenge your death RayRay (since you are still alive in this picture). Be at rest in dreadnaught heaven. May the malt liquor and fried chicken flow freely and the Tupac never stop playing.

dun dun dun

Oh fuck
Yarrick sniffs out Ghazghkull

HULK SMASH! Puny god

I can't believe we didn't do anything! Oh well, we tried

Death and destruction

Vulkan vs Gaz

At the end of the day, the Orks won 5-3 (I think. They totally kicked ass!)
Great game. Many thanks out to the Astro guys (Christian, Mike and Keith) for putting it on, and many thanks to the guys who came to play! Special thanks to Brock for allowing the other Ork players to use a small portion of his Ork army to maintain a tight theme!
Also, a great big thanks to Jim for holding Jimcon II and all the volunteers who helped out. One even offered to help out at the next 40kegger (Coming in May. Stay tuned)

Here's a few pics from the rest of the nerd-con (non 40k related)

Holy shit! There's girls here! They must have been lost

40Kegger's special friend Garth from Maxx Collectables! I bought a Dystopian Wars starter box and rule book from him. Will post about it later this week

Jimcon raffle prizes

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  1. That was a great post!

    The picture of the Contemptor looking at the tide of Orks looks awesome.

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