Saturday, November 10, 2012

Icy roads means NERD CHALLENGE!

November 10, 2012
Hey nerds,

Since it's gonna be shitty, snowy and icy out, many of you will be stuck indoors today.
We here at 40kegger care about your safety and don't want you driving about if you're just going to get in a crash and die.
Died driving to the nerd store instead of painting at home.

Since y'all are gonna be stuck inside, I am offering this challenge. Get ONE significant model/unit/squad/terrain piece painted today.
Post up what you're going to try to paint, post it either in the comments below, or on the blog itself (for those of you that have access) and take a few pictures.

I am going to try to get my Aegis Defence Line painted today.
What I have done so far.
What are you going to paint up?


  1. Already have put the final touches on my Fenrisian Wolves. Building some new Cadians and completing some old Blood Claws too.

  2. Challenge (partially) accepted...

    I primed my heldrake this afternoon, so I'll make an attempt to get it at least basecoated tonight.

    No promises, but pictures will be posted if I get significant progress made.

  3. For the record, those of you who are not familiar with the site or any of the contributors... That greasy nerd is none of us!

  4. So I got the first coat of boltgun metal done on the heldrake... mostly. Not enough to warrant pictures though. I'll do some more work on it tomorrow. Provided I'm not too distracted by football or some other ridiculous non-nerd related activity.