Sunday, November 11, 2012

Greg's icy road, shitty weather nerd challenge

The deer were safe on Saturday as icy winter roads kept me from hunting. Lucky fuckers.
Dry brush then wash, or wash then dry brush?!?
I put out a challenge to get 1 significant model/squad/terrain piece painted up and for people to post about it. Thanks for participating assholes. Except Sean and Xian, you guys rock!

I got my Aegis defense line painted up (just the barricades, not the quad gun).

FUCK was it tedious! I hope you enjoy!


  1. Looking spiffy. Can't wait to shatter them with my Warpsmith. Though at my rate, it might be painted by the next time a chaos codex rolls around...

  2. Warpsmiths can destroy terrain?!!?!?
    I thought only Grey Knights could do that

  3. Warpsmiths have an ability similar to a SM Techmarine. The techmarine can choose any piece of terrain and add 1 to the cover save it provides, where the warpsmith does the opposite... -1 to the cover save of any single terrain piece on the table.