Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Army Update: New Harath Shen

Just a quick little update about my newest nerd model: Master Harath Shen, the Salamanders Master of the Apothecary. Until recently I occasionally enjoyed the use of the Forge World character Harath Shen. He is a free download from the Forge World website HERE.

I had kitbashed a model together for him and used it up to the most recent Mechani-kon where I was immensely ashamed of it.

My shitty kitbash. He's supposed to be armed with a plasma pistol and power sword. I tried to give him a power narthecium.

Recently Xian rallied a bunch of us together for a big Forge World Order. Steve B and myself split the Apothecary set. My half of the Apothecary set has now been converted into my new Harath Shen. So far I am pretty happy. I cut off the original bolt pistol and chain sword blade and added a plasma pistol and power sword blade. I also put him on the base that came with the special Chaplain in the Limited Edition Dark Vengeance box set.
Enjoy :

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