Wednesday, January 23, 2013



Seems like a fair fight!

First off I had to go to Morris for that.  In order to do that Ork strategy meeting!

Then the Orks decided that a road trip was in fact necessary!

So after checking out the Nerd HQ of Morris (aka Gregs women repelling warhammer 40k shrine!) We decided on some Polish Beer.

 Greg preferred the white ale I preferred the dark one, both were equally good though and nothing to shy away from.

 We played a game, the rules were if you kill anything fast attack you get victory points, of course I brought lots of fast attack stuff and Greg brought............none.  And Greg wonders why I cheat!

 The two armies set up, Orks get to go first!

I have to say this, Greg is really really good at making some very cool terrain stuff.  Props!  Its much better (though not as resourceful) as my fish tank stuff from the dollar store!

 So I move up my truck full speed! and Deff Kopta's behind it with the intention of bolting across the board and causing some severe havoc on the space marines!  Greg spots the run away beer truck known as the Ork mobile and smacks it with a melta blast or something like that.  It pens then I roll 2 on the ramshackle table.  So my truck not only explodes but it goes 12 inches straight backwards before exploding!

That means Ghaz and his booze buddies have to hoof it from the middle of no where.

Then Greg starts all this fancy space marine stuff, dropping drop pods and out pop this Vulcan dude and his stern guard buddies.  Well ........any hoo says the orks so I charge!

A squad of boys and a Nob with a power Klaw pretty much speed bumps Vulcan, and Ghaz and his buddies wipe out the stern guard.   Some how my lootas destroy this death dealing tank.  I managed to roll pretty good for that to happen.  

 Props to Greg for some awesome smoke effects!  

The Dakka jet comes in and shoots the hell out of a Tactical squad that Ghaz and his buddies dummy shortly after.

By this time its all but over for the Salamanders.  

  A brave run by the Salamander tactical squad to get line breaker netted some pretty good points for Greg and made it an 11-8 game in favor of the orks!

  Time for the fat lady to sing!

 Thanks to Greg for hosting and providing some awesome wings and beer, and a great game!

Friday, January 18, 2013

The last early Christmas until next Christmas

More tactical marines than I can count: Check
Terminators: Check
Airbrush: Check
Air Compressor: Check
Air brush paints: Check
Air brush cleaning tools: Check
20 4 inch trees: Check
Pegasus Techno-bridge x 2: Check

I think that's all the nerd shit I need to spend money on for a long while. I'm not allowing myself any more nerd spending. I'm trying to save up for a trip to Namibia next year, pay for Dark Star in March and I just found out yesterday that the front end of my jeep is shot and will cost about $2500 to fix. NO MORE NERD SPENDING.... CAN'T AFFORD IT ANY MORE :(

Must.. buy... nerd shit!

But wait, what came in the mail today???

Smells like Neckbeard

That's right. I paid extra for the personalized embroidery

Fancy wheelie handle for nerd travels
Robs PACK 720 with extra insert
Kind of a waste of an insert...

But no more transporting the assault ram in a soft cooler!!!!!

So, with the Battle Foam PACK AIR and my Crystal Caste Battle Hive II, I should have plenty of room for all my models, and can transport them both on a plane when I travel for nerd events. Thanks Battle foam for having 25% off sales, and thanks Corner Parcel Pick Up Service for allowing me to ship to the US and just jump across the border to pick it up!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

New FAQs from GW

Most people check out nerd forums of some sort on a fairly regular basis. Therefore, this is probably not breaking news for you. But just in case you are not a forum stalker, here are the latest FAQs/Erratas for 40k:

Now, I'm not going to get into a huge review and critique on the whole release. Mostly because I don't have the time and patience to read them all, but also because I haven't had the time and patience to read every Codex, which means I wouldn't really understand the subtle changes where applicable. But I do want to point out a few things that will really change the game for me. And I did notice there is a FAQ for the Dark Angels already. That is pretty funny considering the book was just fucking released less than a week ago. Does GW even have a proofreading team?

What? Can you FAQ that please...

Rulebook FAQ

Everyone will agree that 6th edition is heavily focused on shooting. And for the most part, that is fine with me. It sets the game apart from Fantasy and sets the sci-fi atmosphere where one would expect to see volleys of bolts, plasma, and other weird shit flying through the air. But I do think that shooting has become so strong in this edition that the idea of assaulting with a full strength unit is basically a myth. At least in my experiences with this edition, I have never been able to find a way to pull off a strong assault, even when using transports for protection while approaching. There are just too many ways to be stuck on the ground, in range of enemy weapons, and unable to retaliate or defend in any reasonable manner. Well, until now:

Q: When making a Shooting Attack against a unit, can Wounds from the Wound Pool be allocated to models that were not within range of any of the shooting models when To Hit rolls were made (i.e. half the targeted models are in the shooting models' range, and half are not? (p15)

A: No.

This is a massive clarification. It makes the flow of the game just a little bit more manageable if you play the game inch by inch. I think I will be able to get units into better positions now, losing only a few models that might fall just in range of enemy fire. Before, a whole unit would risk being slaughtered, even if only one guy was stuck within the range of an enemy unit. I might actually be able to pull off some assaults now...

Chaos Space Marines FAQ

I had to touch base on this one because talking about Chaos is what I do. Chaos is the army I play, and they are cool, they got a fucking Boon Table...

I like rolling on the Boon Table after sex.

This FAQ has made a lot of Chaos players happy around the nerd world. First of all, look out for Noise Marines. You will see a lot of small 5 man units with Blastmasters now. Before the FAQ, you had to have 10 man units in order to get a Blastmaster. Oh, and if you have a 10 man unit, now you can have 2 Blastmasters!

For those of you that don't know what a Blastmaster is, it makes a mess of Marines at a very long range, and ignores cover. Pretty nasty.

And then there is the new ruling on Heldrakes. Heldrakes were already very nasty, and they just got nastier.

Q: How do I determine the Arc of Sight for a Heldrake’s ranged weapon? (p52)

A: Treat the Heldrake’s ranged weapon as a Turret Mounted Weapon, measuring all ranges from the edge of the Heldrake’s base nearest to the target unit.

All I can say is "wow". Every Chaos player always assumed Heldrakes measured their shooting from the mouth of the model, and figured out the arc as a Hull Mounted Weapon. This meant that you had to line up your Zoom in a manner that brought the Heldrake into position for good roasting. Well, now you can just fly the fucker on however you want, and measure out your damage from anywhere on its base. But it doesn't stop there. Remember, Heldrakes can also make a Vector Strike in the movement phase before they fire their weapon in the shooting phase. Before, this meant you could fly over something, Vector Strike it, then roast something that was in front of you and in the arc of the mouth. But now, you can fly over something, Vector Strike it, the roast whatever is in range of the base.

Picture this... A Heldrake Vector Strikes a Rhino and blows it up, spilling the Marines onto the ground. Then in the shooting phase, the Heldrake can now roast the Marines that were inside by placing a template behind it. That's fucking nasty.

Burninating the peasants...

So here is my new ruling on Heldrakes: they are the official "fuck you" unit in the Chaos Codex. A lot of armies have some kind of "fuck you" unit available, and I think people are entitled to use them in moderation. There is the Kheres Pattern Contemptor Skyfiring thing, for example. People take one because they are cool and they cause some serious damage. And I take a Heldrake for the same reasons. But I think it is now safe to say that Chaos players should ever only take ONE Heldrake. If you take 2 Heldrakes, you are an asshole. If you take 3 Heldrakes, you seriously need to worry about the size of your penis and consider herbal enhancement.

I'm just saying... Heldrakes are just that good now. If you take more than one against me at a friendly tournament (basically all the tournaments in Winnipeg), I will give you a shitty Sportsmanship score. We can still be friends, but I will think you are an asshole.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Demotivational Poster "Contest"

Vote for your favourite poster in the comment section below.

If you zoom in, the guy at the back has his head turned

Friday, January 11, 2013


Saturday, May 4, 2013

Bronx Park Community Center
Multipurpose Room
Limited to 20 People
Registration opens Monday, February 11, 2013
Only open to members of the 40kegger Tabletop Wargames Club.
Click on the Tournament Rules tab for event details.
For membership inquiries, contact the 40kegger.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Legiocon XII - Friday Night "Beer and 40k"

On Friday, February 8th, 2013, the 40kegger will be hosting an evening of "Beer and 40k" at Legiocon XII. All the details for the rest of the weekend can be found on the Legiocon website. We are truly honored to be able to kick off the weekend with an entertaining evening of Warhammer 40,000 using some classic 40kegger scenarios. And let's not forget... Beer!

Legiocon XII - February 8, 9, and 10, 2013

Legiocon XII will be taking place at the No 4 Legion, 1755 Portage Ave. Sign up for our event will start at 6:00 pm sharp on the Friday. Games will start shortly after that...

There is a small participation fee of $10 for "Beer and 40k" on the Friday night . Participation includes two games of Warhammer 40,000 at 1000 points. Beer is not included at this event but is available for purchase from the Legion Hall. There will not be a set schedule for match ups; each player will simply pick an opponent, pick a table, and then grab a 40kegger scenario to play. Each game will be slotted for about 2 hours, giving ample time between the two games for players to top up their beers.

Each participant will also receive a ticket for the door prize draw. The prize is a free entry into 40KEGGER 5 on May 4, 2013 (a value of $45). The draw will occur at the end of the evening.

But wait! There's more...

We're gonna throw in a Slap Chop!

No... No Slap Chop... However, Monday, February 11th, 2013 is the official date that 40KEGGER 5 registration opens. But, we are offering a special pre-registration during Legiocon. So, if you come down to Legiocon at any point during the weekend, you can sign up for 40KEGGER 5 and guarantee your spot before we open up registration on the website. In addition, if you pre-register during Legiocon, you will receive a $5 discount on the fee for 40KEGGER 5.

Beer League Players

Are you one of those nerds in the Winnipeg Warhammer 40,000 Beer League? Get your ass down to our "Beer and 40k" night at Legiocon and have your February game! Take a break from the standard 40k missions and see how your Beer League lists battle through a 40kegger scenario. It's gonna be a party, ya'll...

I gleened this from the Apocalypse40k blog today

Larry over at Bell of Lost Souls put together a summary of Dark Angels Rules from various sources.  I have edited it a bit to clean it up.

- The special rule "Inner Circle" gives hatred against Chaos Space Marines and Courage.
- Warlord table gives +1d6 to turboboost distance/reroll running roll to the Warlord unit, furious charge, +1/-1 to reserve rolls, fearless.
- Belial can change their weapons as before. And yes, he does make Terminators troops.  190 points any load out

- Sammael makes RW bikes troops.  Only Eternal Warrior.

- Ezekiel has a power that is S4 AP 2, D3 shots, is mastery 3 has to take mindworm and then rolls twice on any except biomancy. 

- Chaplain one gets instant death in melee but no ap or his crozius.

- Azrael gains +2S and AP3 for his sword. Makes both RW and DW troops, gives 4++ to his squad.  Has a S6 P3 weapon.

- The weapon of the Deathwing Knights champion is +2S AP3 and cannot be switched .

- Inner Circle mentioned as being Fearless, Hate (CSM) like in the other rumour.

- Caliban Halberd +2S AP2 strikes at Init.

- Access to Divination.

Deathwing Knights
- +1 To their Toughness if they are base to base.
- Bane of the traitor (-1ap vs c:csm in cc) is Deathwing Knights weapons only.
 Land Speeder Revenge
- The Plasma Storm Battery is S7 AP2, 3 small blast or 1 large blast.
Land Speeder Shroud (80 pts)
- Has the dark rule, which gives +2 to it's cover save.
- A 6 "units gain Stealth.
Ram Ravenwing
- Rift Cannon: Strength 5, AP-, blast, blindness.
Nephilim 180 Points
- Avenger Mega Bolter: Strength 6, AP4, heavy 5, R 48
- Missiles : Strength 6, AP4, R 36
- Unrelenting Hunter: Allows exchanging a result of the enemy weaponry destroyed by an immobilized result.

- Fighter has missile lock spacial rule in the army list but has no blast missile. Some silly mistake as it makes no sense we hope.

Black Knights Ravenwing (126 unit 3)
- Hammer Corvus: Strength +1, AP-, Rending.
- Plasma Talons 18" plasma guns.
Command Squad Ravenwing.
- Same points as the Black Knights.

Ravenwing 80 points for a unit of 3! 27 points for each additional member.   Have scouts and a special combat squad splitting (3/3 bikes and the AB and speeder separately (so 3 scoring and a vehicle). 126 points base for command bikes, their plasma is only 18" though. 

Terminator squads are 210 points, have split fire rules, can take 10 members with 1 heavy weapon per 5. 44 Points for each additional member. 

Everything has a version of stubborn. 

Vengence strike gives all models twin linked shots the turn they deepstrike. 

Blade of caliban is str+1 ap3 unwieldy but a lot cheaper then a normal power weapon.

Command squads are fixed number and can be taken 1 per hq of the same type.

Special items include conversion and displacer and power fields. random stat monster slayer power sword and a weapon that's str +3 ap3 bane blind concussive.

Armoury in the codex called the armory of the rock. All missile launchers can be upgraded to flak apart from the whirlwind which got screwed. Dev squad are super cheap. 5man squad with 4 multi meltas 110pts lol.

Land raiders with deathwing vehicle now have the venerable rule so may reroll pen results.  Pay 30 points to get the deathwing vehicle rule and must take it. 

No Land Speeder Storms. No homers on scouts.  Chaps & Libs can take bikes. Only Grand Master unlocks troops. Can have a techmarine per HQ taken. 

Smite is str+6 ap2 one use.

So there you go!


Friday, January 4, 2013

Another Army Update:

Well, I took the advice of Byron and got myself a new airbrush, which came in the mail yesterday.
I ordered the Paasche Talon from TCP Global on ebay.
Lately I've been hearing a shit ton more about Badger airbrushes... wouldn't you fucking know it, has got everything at 50% off if you use the promo code: HOLIDAYPROMO (Until January 10th) and 40% off after that if you use the promo code: CONSORTIUM

$82.99 on ebay and $13.00 shipping

comes with airbrush, colour pot lid, 6 foot hose, extra needle, tools, crappy airbrush holder
 Badger has also released a new line of airbrush paints (which you can get 50% off from the above mentioned link) that I am curious to try out. I have sent out an email to find out how these paints will fare shipping them to Manitoba in the winter... ie, if they freeze during shipping, will they be fucking garbage? I haven't gotten a response yet. Sorry there's no picture of the new paint line... If you can find one, send it to me and I'll post it up! The new paint line is called Minitaire, and it is endorsed by Chung (Wargame consortium), Les (Awesomepaintjob) and Hugo (Ichiban Studios).

Until I get some shelving in my nerd painting room, this window ledge with old lady lacey things will have to do.
Let's see what I've got on the doily shelf at the moment:
Hellbrute with Lascannon. Thanks for the great idea Donny Neely!

My green stuffing needs some work. Maybe I should start a nurgle army and get practice that way.

Reaction of crazy glue and not quite dry green stuff... Might look cool once it's painted as corrosion or something

Jump pack assault marines have never really worked well in my army. I am planing to bring a squad w/o jump packs to Dark Star. More on my Dark Star list in a future post.

Awaiting regular back packs

Fuckers always fall over. NOT ANY MORE!

Harath Shen 65% done

Another Tactical Squad!?!? If you haven't guessed it yet... I'm working on an entire company of Salamanders