Friday, January 4, 2013

Another Army Update:

Well, I took the advice of Byron and got myself a new airbrush, which came in the mail yesterday.
I ordered the Paasche Talon from TCP Global on ebay.
Lately I've been hearing a shit ton more about Badger airbrushes... wouldn't you fucking know it, has got everything at 50% off if you use the promo code: HOLIDAYPROMO (Until January 10th) and 40% off after that if you use the promo code: CONSORTIUM

$82.99 on ebay and $13.00 shipping

comes with airbrush, colour pot lid, 6 foot hose, extra needle, tools, crappy airbrush holder
 Badger has also released a new line of airbrush paints (which you can get 50% off from the above mentioned link) that I am curious to try out. I have sent out an email to find out how these paints will fare shipping them to Manitoba in the winter... ie, if they freeze during shipping, will they be fucking garbage? I haven't gotten a response yet. Sorry there's no picture of the new paint line... If you can find one, send it to me and I'll post it up! The new paint line is called Minitaire, and it is endorsed by Chung (Wargame consortium), Les (Awesomepaintjob) and Hugo (Ichiban Studios).

Until I get some shelving in my nerd painting room, this window ledge with old lady lacey things will have to do.
Let's see what I've got on the doily shelf at the moment:
Hellbrute with Lascannon. Thanks for the great idea Donny Neely!

My green stuffing needs some work. Maybe I should start a nurgle army and get practice that way.

Reaction of crazy glue and not quite dry green stuff... Might look cool once it's painted as corrosion or something

Jump pack assault marines have never really worked well in my army. I am planing to bring a squad w/o jump packs to Dark Star. More on my Dark Star list in a future post.

Awaiting regular back packs

Fuckers always fall over. NOT ANY MORE!

Harath Shen 65% done

Another Tactical Squad!?!? If you haven't guessed it yet... I'm working on an entire company of Salamanders


  1. Just tried out the new airbrush. I'm not an airbrush guru, but... It's fucking awesome! (Well, more awesome than that piece of shit I bought earlier...)

  2. crap, i really want one now. Especially to use on all this stuff I keep buying. Nicely done so far, and you should paint some stuff on that old lady curtain on your window. Just saying.

  3. I have the identical airbrush. The action is not quite as smooth as the Iwata, but it's perfectly serviceable, and it comes with an incredible array of options for the price.

  4. I really like it so far. I've just started using airbrushes, so I'm not at all a pro. I dont need anything fancy yet.

  5. Hi Greg, i just desicovered your harath shen version based on the forgeworld apothecary. Its really inspiring, i just ordered one myself. Have you some pictures of the finished. I also would enjoy some more pictures of your salamanders company