Friday, January 18, 2013

The last early Christmas until next Christmas

More tactical marines than I can count: Check
Terminators: Check
Airbrush: Check
Air Compressor: Check
Air brush paints: Check
Air brush cleaning tools: Check
20 4 inch trees: Check
Pegasus Techno-bridge x 2: Check

I think that's all the nerd shit I need to spend money on for a long while. I'm not allowing myself any more nerd spending. I'm trying to save up for a trip to Namibia next year, pay for Dark Star in March and I just found out yesterday that the front end of my jeep is shot and will cost about $2500 to fix. NO MORE NERD SPENDING.... CAN'T AFFORD IT ANY MORE :(

Must.. buy... nerd shit!

But wait, what came in the mail today???

Smells like Neckbeard

That's right. I paid extra for the personalized embroidery

Fancy wheelie handle for nerd travels
Robs PACK 720 with extra insert
Kind of a waste of an insert...

But no more transporting the assault ram in a soft cooler!!!!!

So, with the Battle Foam PACK AIR and my Crystal Caste Battle Hive II, I should have plenty of room for all my models, and can transport them both on a plane when I travel for nerd events. Thanks Battle foam for having 25% off sales, and thanks Corner Parcel Pick Up Service for allowing me to ship to the US and just jump across the border to pick it up!


  1. I now have to buy 3 battle wagons to fill it up?

  2. I kind of wish I had gotten one of those with you guys.

  3. I do love it so. I tried to stick my dink in it..

  4. That's a lie. I stuck my dink in Robs case ;)