Wednesday, January 23, 2013



Seems like a fair fight!

First off I had to go to Morris for that.  In order to do that Ork strategy meeting!

Then the Orks decided that a road trip was in fact necessary!

So after checking out the Nerd HQ of Morris (aka Gregs women repelling warhammer 40k shrine!) We decided on some Polish Beer.

 Greg preferred the white ale I preferred the dark one, both were equally good though and nothing to shy away from.

 We played a game, the rules were if you kill anything fast attack you get victory points, of course I brought lots of fast attack stuff and Greg brought............none.  And Greg wonders why I cheat!

 The two armies set up, Orks get to go first!

I have to say this, Greg is really really good at making some very cool terrain stuff.  Props!  Its much better (though not as resourceful) as my fish tank stuff from the dollar store!

 So I move up my truck full speed! and Deff Kopta's behind it with the intention of bolting across the board and causing some severe havoc on the space marines!  Greg spots the run away beer truck known as the Ork mobile and smacks it with a melta blast or something like that.  It pens then I roll 2 on the ramshackle table.  So my truck not only explodes but it goes 12 inches straight backwards before exploding!

That means Ghaz and his booze buddies have to hoof it from the middle of no where.

Then Greg starts all this fancy space marine stuff, dropping drop pods and out pop this Vulcan dude and his stern guard buddies.  Well ........any hoo says the orks so I charge!

A squad of boys and a Nob with a power Klaw pretty much speed bumps Vulcan, and Ghaz and his buddies wipe out the stern guard.   Some how my lootas destroy this death dealing tank.  I managed to roll pretty good for that to happen.  

 Props to Greg for some awesome smoke effects!  

The Dakka jet comes in and shoots the hell out of a Tactical squad that Ghaz and his buddies dummy shortly after.

By this time its all but over for the Salamanders.  

  A brave run by the Salamander tactical squad to get line breaker netted some pretty good points for Greg and made it an 11-8 game in favor of the orks!

  Time for the fat lady to sing!

 Thanks to Greg for hosting and providing some awesome wings and beer, and a great game!


  1. Man, the Orks do it again...

    And 40k shrines don't repel women, they just make women wanna be "just friends".


  2. Ya, lots of girls come over to my place! Just check all my cubby holes! Also, cudos have to go to Christian for those smoke markers. He mad em and gave em to me.

  3. To be perfectly honest this little blonde did come over while I was there. Then again JP she said she was a friend. Perhaps you are right! Im already married so if 40k keeps women away all the better! You live in a house with 3 girls you look for ways get away from all that estrogen.