Thursday, January 10, 2013

I gleened this from the Apocalypse40k blog today

Larry over at Bell of Lost Souls put together a summary of Dark Angels Rules from various sources.  I have edited it a bit to clean it up.

- The special rule "Inner Circle" gives hatred against Chaos Space Marines and Courage.
- Warlord table gives +1d6 to turboboost distance/reroll running roll to the Warlord unit, furious charge, +1/-1 to reserve rolls, fearless.
- Belial can change their weapons as before. And yes, he does make Terminators troops.  190 points any load out

- Sammael makes RW bikes troops.  Only Eternal Warrior.

- Ezekiel has a power that is S4 AP 2, D3 shots, is mastery 3 has to take mindworm and then rolls twice on any except biomancy. 

- Chaplain one gets instant death in melee but no ap or his crozius.

- Azrael gains +2S and AP3 for his sword. Makes both RW and DW troops, gives 4++ to his squad.  Has a S6 P3 weapon.

- The weapon of the Deathwing Knights champion is +2S AP3 and cannot be switched .

- Inner Circle mentioned as being Fearless, Hate (CSM) like in the other rumour.

- Caliban Halberd +2S AP2 strikes at Init.

- Access to Divination.

Deathwing Knights
- +1 To their Toughness if they are base to base.
- Bane of the traitor (-1ap vs c:csm in cc) is Deathwing Knights weapons only.
 Land Speeder Revenge
- The Plasma Storm Battery is S7 AP2, 3 small blast or 1 large blast.
Land Speeder Shroud (80 pts)
- Has the dark rule, which gives +2 to it's cover save.
- A 6 "units gain Stealth.
Ram Ravenwing
- Rift Cannon: Strength 5, AP-, blast, blindness.
Nephilim 180 Points
- Avenger Mega Bolter: Strength 6, AP4, heavy 5, R 48
- Missiles : Strength 6, AP4, R 36
- Unrelenting Hunter: Allows exchanging a result of the enemy weaponry destroyed by an immobilized result.

- Fighter has missile lock spacial rule in the army list but has no blast missile. Some silly mistake as it makes no sense we hope.

Black Knights Ravenwing (126 unit 3)
- Hammer Corvus: Strength +1, AP-, Rending.
- Plasma Talons 18" plasma guns.
Command Squad Ravenwing.
- Same points as the Black Knights.

Ravenwing 80 points for a unit of 3! 27 points for each additional member.   Have scouts and a special combat squad splitting (3/3 bikes and the AB and speeder separately (so 3 scoring and a vehicle). 126 points base for command bikes, their plasma is only 18" though. 

Terminator squads are 210 points, have split fire rules, can take 10 members with 1 heavy weapon per 5. 44 Points for each additional member. 

Everything has a version of stubborn. 

Vengence strike gives all models twin linked shots the turn they deepstrike. 

Blade of caliban is str+1 ap3 unwieldy but a lot cheaper then a normal power weapon.

Command squads are fixed number and can be taken 1 per hq of the same type.

Special items include conversion and displacer and power fields. random stat monster slayer power sword and a weapon that's str +3 ap3 bane blind concussive.

Armoury in the codex called the armory of the rock. All missile launchers can be upgraded to flak apart from the whirlwind which got screwed. Dev squad are super cheap. 5man squad with 4 multi meltas 110pts lol.

Land raiders with deathwing vehicle now have the venerable rule so may reroll pen results.  Pay 30 points to get the deathwing vehicle rule and must take it. 

No Land Speeder Storms. No homers on scouts.  Chaps & Libs can take bikes. Only Grand Master unlocks troops. Can have a techmarine per HQ taken. 

Smite is str+6 ap2 one use.

So there you go!


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