Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Happy sunshiney day!

Contrary to popular basement dwelling, cheetos eating, star trek watching, would rather chat with a dark elf "female" online in World Of Warcraft than actually go out in public nerds, the sun doesn't hurt your eyes and you wont melt!
Am I ever glad there are no girls here.

Today in Winnipeg the temperature was 25 degrees Celsius and in my back yard there was next to no wind. What to do on this wonderful day off I thought to myself. I came up with a recipe for awesomeness!
Nice temps

Plus gin and juice

plus Christian

plus me
Plus some 40K

I think this is what it is like in heaven.

So, for the battle, it was 1500 points of Salamanders -vs- Imperial Guard. Seize ground, pitched battle. I deployed first.
I also had Ray-Ray in reserve in a drop pod

Christian, who is not a fan of the Land Raider Achilles, or Ray-Ray the mighty Salamanders Dreadnought in a Lucious pattern drop pod, decides to be a dick and null deploy.

Turn 1 I deploy Ray-Ray by Christian's objective  and move my troops up.

Turn 2 I move some more shit closer to his side. He brings in 3 chimeras full of storm troopers and other nastiness and a leman russ.
Turn 3 I get my rhino with melta, multi melta and power fist up to his glob of tanks, disembark the troops and kapow! They do nothing! I also had a grand ol' brainshit and forgot that you can't assault if a transport moved! There goes my great plan!

Miss again!

Christian brings on about 100 platoons in his turn 3. Not good for my melta squad!
The disappearing tactical squad trick!

Turn 4-5-6 there was much shooting and moving and killing and dying. 
Rollin' down the street, smokin' endo
Sippin' on gin and juice

Stop... Hammer time!

The game ended after turn 6. And the winner is..... Im not going to tell you.
Listen kids, 40k isn't only about winning. I hate nerds who think like that. If all you care about is how awesome your grey knights Draigo Wing or Dark Eldar Venom  lists are, go to your local game store/babysitters club and play one of your greasy friends. I had a great day sitting outside in the sun, soaking my feet in a kiddie pool and having drinks with a good friend. Afterwards we bbq'd. What else could you ask for? The game of 40k was just the gravy on an already excellent day.
bbq chicken and Greek potatoes.

We both win!


  1. How many points of wings is that? And how did you find a picture of me in grade 10?

  2. They only use 5th edition in heaven!?

  3. Needs more orks! Looks like a cool time.

  4. Wish I was there, except for the Gin, I'll stick with my Rum!

  5. That is an AMAZING idea, thanks guys! Also, still love that salamanders army

  6. I can certainly get behind some folks who understand that the game is about fun for all involved.

    I am your newest follower.


  7. I approve of this message. Beer it up motherfuckas!