Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New 40kegger Feral Ork Table - WIP

I am currently making a feral Ork table for our next 40Kegger event. Since we have increased the number of players from 16 to 24, I've been on mad terrain building spree. Fuck, caught myself lying again. Let me rephrase that: I SHOULD have been on a mad terrain building spree. I've had this idea for the feral ork table for some time now and built the stone face effigy. Then exactly zero more work got done for about 4-5 weeks. Today I started building some more. Here is what I have so far WIP:
1 - Ork watch tower
5 - Ork barricades/tank traps
2 - Stone effigies
1 - Big orky thingee
2 - Rock towers

So far most things have been only given a light spray paint to texturize the polystyrene.

The watch tower was made from pink polystyrene, a shaving cream lid, tooth picks, wooden dowels and the left over resin casting blocks from a forge world contemptor dreadnaught.

First I cut up a shaving cream cap
Then traced and cut out a polystyrene base and added legs

glued the top to the bottom


cut out a base and attached the tower

Thanks for the free resin barricades forgeworld!

Tooth picks for spiky bits
Barricades/tank traps - These better be used as fucking dangerous terrain!

This was originally going to be for my ogre army (which is still for sale!)

Stone Ork Face Effigy

Random orky goodness

Stay tuned - Will post more when I get some more work done on it. Hopefully this will motivate me to get my ass in gear!

Love Greg

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