Thursday, June 14, 2012

Some new armies for 40KEGGER 4

So, in just over a week, we will see the new face of Warhammer 40,000. I am counting down the days to June 23rd in anticipation of the new core rules for our beloved game. This week, we also sent out an email to our mailing list with an official date for army list submission. The date is July 14th. Anyone who is registered and submits their army list by this date will receive the 5 bonus points to their score at 40KEGGER 4. That's 5 points out of a possible 80, so definitely something to strive for if you want to take home that huge winner's mug.

We got a few photos recently from members who are working on some brand spankin' new armies for 40KEGGER 4. First up, we want to introduce a new face in the community. Rob Lentowich just got into the hobby this year, and he was directly drawn to our club. He calls his new force "Killa Klovers, Irish Division" (hahah, I love it!). Here is what Rob sent in:

"I bought the AOBR box set and then simply went to town.  They are based around the Evil Sunz paint scheme because I love the fact that Orks believe that whatever they paint red will go faster (makes sense to me!).  When I bought the set I thought I wouldnt build out the Ork army but after reading the Codex and starting to paint them wow these guys are a blast to play and own"


Amazing stuff, I can't believe Rob just started the hobby...

I also received an exclusive sneak peek shot of Dave Violago's brand new "Crimson Fists, 1st Company", which will be making its tournament debut at 40KEGGER 4. I am very excited to see the finished product on the battlefield. Dave is no stranger to the 40k scene in Winnipeg, and his paint jobs have been scooping up tons of awards across Canada for many years. Here is a teaser WIP of the two Terminator units:

A big thanks to Rob and Dave for their submissions. Now it is everyone else's turn to send something in...

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