Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Ready... Set... BEER LEAGUE

There's only 4 days left until the 2013/2014 Winnipeg 40K beer league officially starts! For those players participating, make sure you've locked in your core list by posting your "Core" list HERE.

For those of you just tuning in, here's a brief rundown of our beer league campaign.

Beer league campaign in under 30 seconds

I don't know about you guys, but I'm stoked as fuck!

- Greg

Friday, August 23, 2013

Apocalypse 2: Tauriffic Boogaloo Teaser 3

            After having noticed that several shipments of a vital material have been going missing from the Hector Sector, an investigation had been undertaken.  It was found that the Tau have been manipulating the denizens of the mining planet and have assimilated them into the “Greater Good”.
            This was unacceptable and the magistrate overseeing the incoming resources sent a request for aide to the Astartes.  The planet and it’s resources must be recovered.

            The Farseer awoke with a start.
‘Death is coming, swift and brutal.  The young stupid Tau has prodded the beast and vengeance will be terrible.’
            This fact is not what concerns the Farseer though.
‘The beast will come to this sector of space, which means they will find the young new planet that we have been shaping.  We have had hope for this planet for hundreds of years.  We have nurtured it and shaped it into what we hoped could be a beautiful utopia.  A place we can finally call home.’
            ‘No doubt the brutish Mon-Keigh will want it for themselves.  They seem convinced that the universe is theirs, but if we can manage to aid the Tau and repel the Imperium attack, we could save this planet’

As it stands so far we have 7 players.  3 “good guys”, and 4 “Greater Good” guys.  Charles is bringing Blood Angles, and JP and Greg are both playing Salamanders.  Sean T is bringing Eldar, and Wes, Chad, and Mike are bringing Tau.

If you can think of anyone else in the club who would like to play feel free to invite them, in case they haven’t checked the blog or forums in a while.  I would like to get 2 more Imperial players and 1 more Tau or Eldar.

Sunday, Sept. 1st will be the cutoff day and I will get your personal info to you then.  Anyone who has yet to send me their email address please do so.  You can PM me on the forums, and I also have my email address visible on the forums.

I will mention again this is a bring your own 

Greg will be BBQing the meat during the supper break.  There is a store and vendor not far from Greg’s place, and as far as I know there will not be a fair happening at the same time so getting around town won’t be a hassle.

Happy gaming!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Rest In Peace Nerd Dog

It's with a sad heart that I announce that my dog Tucker (or Nerd dog) passed away yesterday afternoon.
His perfectly table height tail will be missed. I'll miss having to step (or trip) over him as he slept under the game table.

At Maxx Collectibles

Checking out my new Battle Foam

Enjoying outdoor 5th edition

Still enjoying outdoor 5th edition

Getting tripped over during our Apocalypse game

I'd say something nerdy like "You're with the Emperor now..." but he'd just think that's gay.

Rest in peace little buddy.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Caption Contest!

Christian of Astronomi-con took this photo of me last night. He thought it so funny and just yelled out "Caption Contest!" I kind of had to agree... So here you go. First prize is 10 high fives!

Add a caption and email it to me
Add a caption, email it to me Greg@40kegger.com. I'll post the best of em up in a week or so.


Saturday, August 10, 2013

Apocalypse 2: Tauriffic Boogaloo teaser 2


+The planet here has been corrupted by an alien race called the Tau.++No shipments were...++Interference from Tau...have taken great care to...message will reach you.+
+Aid from Astartes recommended.++The Tau...entrenched...fortress...half military force remaining ...outnumbered.++...believe...Eldar...possible alliance.+
+Military...intel shows...force fields++...destroy their generators!+
+Tau...scrambling signal...likely...about attack...+


Here we go, the second teaser for the upcoming apocalypse game and so far it`s not looking good for the `good guys`.  Mainly because everyone wants to play goddamn Eldar!!
So for that reason I have slightly changed the teams.


So far that consists of: ukstickmonkey, darksheer, and gathrawn1 playing tau, and rabble as Eldar.  Unfortunately I can only place 1 name to the above Internet handles which would be SeanT as rabble.


So far that consists of: JP and Greg.

Which means we have 1 space open for the `Greater Good` which I`m guessing will be taken up by Eldar, and 3 spaces left for the `Good Guys`.
I'll check the forums again and have a re-posting of the teams in the open gaming section.  I will edit the first post of the Apocalypse 2: Tauriffic Boogaloo post to include the teams.
Next weekend I will post the final teaser before the game along with a quick rundown of some of the rules.

Also, if you are wanting to play and your name is listed above, please send me a message on the forums with your email so I can send you some private information you will need for the game.

The game will take place at the Morris Nerdatorium in the basement of the great Gregius Maximus on September the 7th.  The game will start at 11:00 and we will be playing 30min TURNS.  Much like we did the previous Apoc game.

Bring you own beers, munchies, and food for supper.  Greg BBQ`d last time and it was fantastic.  Make sure you check you shoes before you go back into the house though so you don`t track doggy doodoo through his kitchen.  Sorry Greg.

Thank you all and happy gaming

2013/2014 Beer League registration now open


40kegger is proud to present another season of the Winnipeg Warhammer 40,000 Beer League.
The new season is completely redone with a new format while retaining some of the classic features that made last year's season a blast. This new format is the result of feedback from the community, so we hope everyone will enjoy the upcoming season. Please read the attached Rules to find out what the new season is all about. Please remember that this is a draft and there may be a few subtle adjustments before the start of the season. Most notably, the Factions will not be finalized until we know exactly who all is participating and what army they are bringing. There may be more than 4 Factions, and the Faction organization will be determined based on people's army choices.
We have increased the cost to $20. This is the result of many new awards to be presented, and to have some money in the account for Beer League related occasions. To register, complete the following:
 1. Click on the following Paypal link and secure your spot
2. Send an email to JP@40kegger.com and state your army choice so we can start to build the Factions. State your first choice and your second choice. When choosing, please remember there is a Slow Grow option for the season, so you do not need to start the season with a fully painted army. This might be a good chance for you to play an army that needs some work, and use the season as an opportunity to get that army finished.
Your registration will not be finalized until these 2 steps have been completed.
Finally, please review the Rules (HERE) fully and make sure to communicate any concerns and/or note anything that is unclear. Send your comments to JP@40kegger.com.
Space is limited, so don't wait. This will be a first come, first serve event. If you did not make it into the league, please send us an email though. Depending on logistics we may open it up to more people, or create a waiting list in the event that players have to drop out.

Greg Ritchie and J.P. Perreault
40kegger Executive

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Which faction will you join? Choose wisely

Pre-registration  for the 2013/2014 Winnipeg Warhammer 40, 000 Beer League opened today.

The Beer League wants you!
If you did not get a pre-registration email today, be prepared, for at 12:00pm on AUGUST 10th the remaining spots will open to the rest of our 40kegger mailing list. Spots are limited and will be coveted. It will be first come first serve.


Friday, August 2, 2013

Time's a runnin' out!

Garth over at Maxx Collectibles has just donated $50.00 to my Easter Seals Drop Zone campaign!

He has a challenge for you all. If you match 50% ($25) of his donation, he will give you %10 off your next purchase! If you match his donation 100% he will give you 20% off your next purchase!

Click this link to donate. Make sure you let me know that you're donating for the Maxx discount!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Apocalypse 2: Tauriffic Boogaloo

            The data entry clerk checked and double checked his numbers, and still things did not seem to add up.  With a sweaty palm he pressed the dusty emergency button that he was informed to push if ever he came across something out of the ordinary.  Nothing happened.  Determined to meet his quota of entries he set back to work.  It wasn’t long before he heard a clattering noise and a servitor pulled up to his cubicle.

            “YOU REQUESTED ASSISTANCE.”  The vox speaker in the thing’s throat squawked.
            “Umm…yes.  There…there seems to be a shipment missing.  From the Hector Sector.  Umm…sir.”  The damn thing didn’t really have a face, so the clerk was unsure exactly what to speak at.
            A mechanical proboscis extended from somewhere in the folds of the carpet like robe covering the short hunched figure and implanted itself into the clerks data-screen.  A few whirrs and clicks happened, and the servitor removed it’s self.
            “AWAIT FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS.” The servitor spun and quickly sped off down the endless hallway whirring and clanking.

            Several hours later, deep into the clerks shift the heavy sound of booted footfalls came echoing down the hallway.  They stopped at the clerk’s cubicle and with dread in his soul the clerk turned to look at the helmeted heads of 2 Adeptus Arbites.

            “Umm…can I help you?” Again, this was said to no visible face.
            “Are you clerk #71342087?  Who reported the discrepancy at 0256h?”
            “Th-th-that is corrrrrrrrect.”
            “You have performed a great service for the Imperium.   Please come with us.”
            The clerk didn’t move fast enough for the Arbites and they grabbed him and hauled him down the corridor, his feet barely touching the ground.
            “Wh-what’s going on, let me go!” The clerk squirmed ineffectively against the strength of the Arbites.
            “You have performed a great service for the Imperium.”  The voice increased in volume to be heard by bystanders over the whining of the clerk.  “This man has performed a great service for the Imperium.  He will be rewarded.”
            The clerk began to scream

            This scene played out on a video monitor that sat on a large ornate desk, made of a heavy dark wood, covered in tall stacks of papers.
            “How many of these shipments are missing Alexander?”
            “Four, which means the first shipment that went missing should have arrived a little more than a year ago, Magistrate”
            “But there is a 3 year transport period from the Hector Sector, which means they are over 4 years behind.I want you to find out why the shipments stopped, and fix it, by any means necessary.”
            “Yes Magistrate.”

So the second Apocalypse battle is on its way and our gracious host will once again be Greg.  This apoc battle will consist of:



If you are interested I have set up a post on the forums under the “Open Gaming” section.  You may sign up there.  I will need your email address and the army you plan on playing.  Please be specific, don’t just say Space Marines if you’re playing Salamanders.  Also, if you want, give me a short description about your army.  Not the list, but the Fluff behind your army.  Whether it's GW's fluff or perhaps you have your own, either will do.  This will help me give you a fun and more plausible reason for being there.

As mentioned before, the game will be held at the Morris Nerdatorium in Greg’s basement.