Friday, August 23, 2013

Apocalypse 2: Tauriffic Boogaloo Teaser 3

            After having noticed that several shipments of a vital material have been going missing from the Hector Sector, an investigation had been undertaken.  It was found that the Tau have been manipulating the denizens of the mining planet and have assimilated them into the “Greater Good”.
            This was unacceptable and the magistrate overseeing the incoming resources sent a request for aide to the Astartes.  The planet and it’s resources must be recovered.

            The Farseer awoke with a start.
‘Death is coming, swift and brutal.  The young stupid Tau has prodded the beast and vengeance will be terrible.’
            This fact is not what concerns the Farseer though.
‘The beast will come to this sector of space, which means they will find the young new planet that we have been shaping.  We have had hope for this planet for hundreds of years.  We have nurtured it and shaped it into what we hoped could be a beautiful utopia.  A place we can finally call home.’
            ‘No doubt the brutish Mon-Keigh will want it for themselves.  They seem convinced that the universe is theirs, but if we can manage to aid the Tau and repel the Imperium attack, we could save this planet’

As it stands so far we have 7 players.  3 “good guys”, and 4 “Greater Good” guys.  Charles is bringing Blood Angles, and JP and Greg are both playing Salamanders.  Sean T is bringing Eldar, and Wes, Chad, and Mike are bringing Tau.

If you can think of anyone else in the club who would like to play feel free to invite them, in case they haven’t checked the blog or forums in a while.  I would like to get 2 more Imperial players and 1 more Tau or Eldar.

Sunday, Sept. 1st will be the cutoff day and I will get your personal info to you then.  Anyone who has yet to send me their email address please do so.  You can PM me on the forums, and I also have my email address visible on the forums.

I will mention again this is a bring your own 

Greg will be BBQing the meat during the supper break.  There is a store and vendor not far from Greg’s place, and as far as I know there will not be a fair happening at the same time so getting around town won’t be a hassle.

Happy gaming!

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