Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hello Fellow Nerds!

I am posting on behalf of Damien Cote in regards to a 40k Doubles Tournament that he and Christian August are holding at the Winnipeg Games Workshop Store. (All the information is towards bottom)

Here is the info behind the event written up by Damien:
For those of you unfamiliar with who I am or why I am doing this:
 Melanie McCloskey was my fiancee who lost her battle with breast cancer last July. We had known each other for 8 years, having met way back in high school. When her cancer went to stage 4 I made a promise to her that I would continue the fight for her.
 So last year and this year I have put together a team for the Run for the Cure to run in her honour. I have also become very involved in the breast cancer research area, focusing my studies in systems and synthetic biology and some bioinformatics.
 Your donation makes a difference, it gives those of us who work tirelessly day and night the resources for us to develop better treatments and greatly enhance the chances of survival for breast cancer patients. Feel free to ask me about my research in the area, and I can show you some of the advancements we (mankind) have made.
 But I don't feel that just asking you for your money is good enough, instead I would like to get people together to have some fun and good times playing games against each other. After all, one of the best methods to prevent cancer is to have less stress. Meeting new people, playing in a laid back non-competitive environment is a great way to relieve stress.
 Thank you.
 If you have any further questions, feel free to ask me. If you would like to help or join my team, visit;




Register with me or at the GW store with Mark. I WILL BE GONE on a field research course from July 25th to August 2nd. During that period you can contact Christian Augst or Mark to register.
 The Event will be held on [u]August 30th[/u]
 This will be a [u]doubles tournament[/u] hosted at [u]Games Workshop Winnipeg[/u].
 Doubles 40k Tournament Fundraiser for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.
 [u]3 Games, 860 Points per player.[/u] (1720/team)
 [u]Location: Games Workshop Winnipeg - 200 Meadowood Drive, Unit 14.[/u]
 [u]Entry fee: $20.00 per person [/u](tax deductible donation to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation on behalf of my team "Melanie's Fire")
 This is to be paid up front. Online donations can be made here:
 Players are encouraged to sign up as a team.
 Individuals are also welcome and will be randomly assigned a teammate.

 Rules and Restrictions:

 + All models must be painted to a 3-colour minimum.
 + One Combined Arms Detachment per player.
 + Players may select their Warlord Trait unless a Warlord Trait is set for a character. This must be noted on your roster before coming to the store on game day
 + No 'Lords of War'.
 + Teams treat each force as Allies of Convenience.
 + Fortifications are limited to Aegis Defence Lines and Bastions.

 + Phantom Fury - Top Team Battle Points
 + Preferred Enemy - Favorite Opposing Team (player voted)
 + Master-Crafted - Favorite Army (player voted)

 Donation Opportunities $5.00 each.
 + Re-roll For The Cure - You get a 'keeper dice' and once per game you may use it for a re-roll.
 + Challenge For The Cure - Challenge an opposing team to battle in the next game instead of randomly being assigned.

Guys I know we like saving money for more plastic crack but I think this is another one of those times where we need to take a step back and evaluate what is more important.

Remember every Dollar counts!
For more info you can visit:

I will be there, will you???