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Mohammer in Movember!

On Saturday, November 30th I will be hosting a charitable event at Maxx Collectibles to raise money for Movember.  Movember is a foundation that funds the fight against prostate cancer, and to get guys like us to take better care of ourselves.

The event will be a small gladiator style battle with armies of 333 points and there is no minimum FOC requirement.  That means you do not have to have the required 1HQ and 2 Troops you normally have to take.
Games will be played on a 2’x 4’ table and will go for 7 full rounds, or until a side is wiped out.

There will be a donation of at least $5.00 required to enter the even, which can be made to me at the event, or you can make your donation to Team Mohammer on the Movember website.  This donation will also earn you a number of raffle tickets equal to your donation up to 10 tickets.
You will be able to buy more tickets in between games at $1.00 each, and you can use your tickets to buy in game power ups or re-rolls.  There will be a full list of power ups and bonuses supplied to you at the event.  (hint:  bring additional models with various upgrades)

You will also win raffle tickets by winning your games.  Winning a game will earn you 2 tickets and a drawn game will earn you 1.

The raffle tickets will also be used, at the end of the event, to draw for prizes.  All of the tickets will be placed in a bucket at then drawn one at a time, the winners coming up and choosing prizes, until all the prizes are gone.

If you are unable to attend the event, you can still win by making donations.  If you donate to Team Mohammer as mentioned above, I will set aside a number of tickets with your name on them.  I will choose the prize should you win and I will contact you letting you know what you won and how to claim your prize.

The first game will start at 12:30 and there will be 4 games played.  Each game will have 1 hour to be played.  Prizes will be drawn after the last game finishes and the players collect their tickets.

As an additional bonus, if you are participating in Movember and show up to the event with a moustache, you will earn a Master Crafted Die.  This die will be able to be re-rolled for any roll it is used to make.  It can be thrown into a handful of bolter rounds, or can be used to re-roll a leadership check, but it can only be used once per phase.

Happy Gaming and looking forward to seeing you there!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Nerd shirts and fat update

I just ordered a few funny nerd shirts from a pretty cool website. Redbubble has tons of shit you can order, much of it being nerd shit. Some of it is even funny nerd shit. I happened to order these two gems. Just got 'em last week. Very reasonable price too. Check em out here

for my love of beer

for my love of Angry Marines

So, I'm 10 days into NOvember, and let me tell you, its been super sucky. Not only have I given up booze and junk food, but Cody has sent me a healthy eating guide that he does for all his crazy ass cross fit stuff. So I've also cut out grains, dairy, flours and sugars. Bread, pasta and cheese are my favourite things in the world. I'm not having any troubs with no booze... but I'd kill someone for a hunk of cheese right now.
Also, the planking sucks.. I've been doing it, but it sucks.
I've dropped a few pounds tho, so yay?

Plank Challenge, I'm gonna make you my bitch. I'm gonna take you out for a nice dinner, then fuck you and never call you back!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Disco Elves Strike Back!

Dave and JP!  (disco elves)


Wes and Rob! (BFF's!)

Start of the game, we shake, wish good luck and praise the wonderfullness that is the beer league!

Now seeing that Eldar have a new codex, and being the dick I am, i deploy my super duper surprise! A sky shield landing pad!  4+ invul on like 18 Lootas! WHOOAHAHHAHA!

Everyone reacts to my new skyshield landing pad

Pics of our deployment, I love the ork clown car!

Now enter Jp and his wonderful mission design.  There are these things called meteor storms at the end of every sub turn.  Apparently neither of the Ork players read the fine print on JP's rules.  ALL meteors must land on top of Orks every single sub turn.  At least that is what happened the for the first 6 meteor's.

  I look at JP and after the first meteor lands on top of all our artillery causing it run off the board and taking a hull point off the a battle wagon....."JP" I say, "WTF kind of mission is this?"  

JP responds to my question

The Elves start shooting, and OMG the horror!  Orks and dying left right and center.  Still its better then all these freaking Meteors hitting us.  Next sub turn another lands on us killing 8 more Orks.  

I can tell now that Dave is having a good time:

Now both battle wagons are dead, and now we have 60 Orks stuck in terrain and trying to move across the board to the Elves while getting shit pumped by Meteors every sub turn.  However all is not bad.  Dave's Disco Chickens land right beside my Lootas.  For some reason they get deep strike throw a large str 8 template that auto hits, and ignores cover and THEN get to shoot, cause u know, why not?  

  Dave is excited!  But wait, sky shield landing pad to the rescue!  I gotz a 4+ invul save!  So i only loose two lootas!  HAHAH, mini-moral victory!  Take that Dave!

  Orks actually having a decent save react!  

Lootas getting a invul save, they happy!

Dakka jets come on!  and some kind of Eldar plane that really flyes around and then gets shot down. 

So by now, things aren't looking very good, there is no way we can get across the table against all that Eldar shooting, and well my Orks have devolved into simple Beer Keg (we used these to show the resource points dropped by the meteor's) collecting mobs.  To show how many meteor's hit our side of the table my Orks managed to collect almost 30 resource points despite never leaving our deployment zone!  

  Our dakka jets are the only thing that really did anything for us, the Lootas, all they really did was survive.  

  You know your in a bad spot when both JP and Dave start looking at their codex rules and then give you these types of looks! Physic powes! Deep strike! Invul saves! Invisable! Ignore Cover! Auto hit!Auto win!

So us Orks got pantz'd bad.  We brought a knife to a gun fight.  

My hate for the Eldar continues to grow! Stupid disco elves win this time!  But Orks will be back!  

Rob writing battle report:

Great game guys!  

Friday, November 1, 2013

NOvember is the new Movember

Like Jordan said in his previous post, nerds are not always in the greatest of health.
I've noticed lately that I'm on the road to becoming a fat(er) fuck. I'm starting to get boobs, I have no energy and I'm lazy as hell. I don't want to do anything, not even nerd stuff. You may have noticed my lack of posts on the website lately.
Well, starting today, November is now going to be my NOvember

NO booze
NO junk food
NO lazying and loafing
NO nerd spending

The aim is to get me a bit healthier and in a bit more shape. Both in body and in bank book.

Here is my promise:

Promise 1: Me and this super hot chick will do the plank challenge every day

Promise 2: 3 times a week I will go jogging. Minimum 1 mile

Promise 3: Gym 2 times per week
 My weight as of today, November 1 at 6:35pm is 217 lbs (ish. My scale is a $10 piece of crap)
I'm not setting a weight goal. The goal is to be less than 217 by Dec 1st. My goal is to feel better. My goal is to have more energy and motivation.

My goal is to be like a Space Marine! Mreeeeeh!
 Also, I'll be participating in Movember. But just like I wont ever start a new 40k army from scratch, I'm not gonna start my Mo from scratch either. Tomorrow I'll be shaving my goat into what will probably look like a pedo moustache. I'd shave the goat tonight, but I need it for my Walter White Halloween costume.

Jesse! We need to cook! Right after this selfy!

Donate to Jordans Movember team Mohammer here

Anyone want to join me in this? Answer in the comment section bellow.