Friday, November 1, 2013

NOvember is the new Movember

Like Jordan said in his previous post, nerds are not always in the greatest of health.
I've noticed lately that I'm on the road to becoming a fat(er) fuck. I'm starting to get boobs, I have no energy and I'm lazy as hell. I don't want to do anything, not even nerd stuff. You may have noticed my lack of posts on the website lately.
Well, starting today, November is now going to be my NOvember

NO booze
NO junk food
NO lazying and loafing
NO nerd spending

The aim is to get me a bit healthier and in a bit more shape. Both in body and in bank book.

Here is my promise:

Promise 1: Me and this super hot chick will do the plank challenge every day

Promise 2: 3 times a week I will go jogging. Minimum 1 mile

Promise 3: Gym 2 times per week
 My weight as of today, November 1 at 6:35pm is 217 lbs (ish. My scale is a $10 piece of crap)
I'm not setting a weight goal. The goal is to be less than 217 by Dec 1st. My goal is to feel better. My goal is to have more energy and motivation.

My goal is to be like a Space Marine! Mreeeeeh!
 Also, I'll be participating in Movember. But just like I wont ever start a new 40k army from scratch, I'm not gonna start my Mo from scratch either. Tomorrow I'll be shaving my goat into what will probably look like a pedo moustache. I'd shave the goat tonight, but I need it for my Walter White Halloween costume.

Jesse! We need to cook! Right after this selfy!

Donate to Jordans Movember team Mohammer here

Anyone want to join me in this? Answer in the comment section bellow. 


  1. I will most definitely be joining you in the "get healthy" movement. Not only will I be growing a mustache, but I will also be working on getting my body into some kind of shape thats worthy of wearing it.

    Good luck to you.

    I suggest we open a topic on the 40kegger forums to discuss our getting into shape.

  2. I will be joining in as well. I will eat more healthy, have booze in moderation, and exercise (well at all would be a great start). I am going to try and start doing P90X again this week. Cheers and good luck to all - Christopher

  3. Joining this seems like a good idea.

  4. You should rename the site to 40Gregger

  5. You look like the guy from Breaking Bad in your last pic. I think I figured out how you afford all that Forge World stuff now..........

  6. um, Walter White's hazmat suit was yellow with blue gloves.