Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Disco Elves Strike Back!

Dave and JP!  (disco elves)


Wes and Rob! (BFF's!)

Start of the game, we shake, wish good luck and praise the wonderfullness that is the beer league!

Now seeing that Eldar have a new codex, and being the dick I am, i deploy my super duper surprise! A sky shield landing pad!  4+ invul on like 18 Lootas! WHOOAHAHHAHA!

Everyone reacts to my new skyshield landing pad

Pics of our deployment, I love the ork clown car!

Now enter Jp and his wonderful mission design.  There are these things called meteor storms at the end of every sub turn.  Apparently neither of the Ork players read the fine print on JP's rules.  ALL meteors must land on top of Orks every single sub turn.  At least that is what happened the for the first 6 meteor's.

  I look at JP and after the first meteor lands on top of all our artillery causing it run off the board and taking a hull point off the a battle wagon....."JP" I say, "WTF kind of mission is this?"  

JP responds to my question

The Elves start shooting, and OMG the horror!  Orks and dying left right and center.  Still its better then all these freaking Meteors hitting us.  Next sub turn another lands on us killing 8 more Orks.  

I can tell now that Dave is having a good time:

Now both battle wagons are dead, and now we have 60 Orks stuck in terrain and trying to move across the board to the Elves while getting shit pumped by Meteors every sub turn.  However all is not bad.  Dave's Disco Chickens land right beside my Lootas.  For some reason they get deep strike throw a large str 8 template that auto hits, and ignores cover and THEN get to shoot, cause u know, why not?  

  Dave is excited!  But wait, sky shield landing pad to the rescue!  I gotz a 4+ invul save!  So i only loose two lootas!  HAHAH, mini-moral victory!  Take that Dave!

  Orks actually having a decent save react!  

Lootas getting a invul save, they happy!

Dakka jets come on!  and some kind of Eldar plane that really flyes around and then gets shot down. 

So by now, things aren't looking very good, there is no way we can get across the table against all that Eldar shooting, and well my Orks have devolved into simple Beer Keg (we used these to show the resource points dropped by the meteor's) collecting mobs.  To show how many meteor's hit our side of the table my Orks managed to collect almost 30 resource points despite never leaving our deployment zone!  

  Our dakka jets are the only thing that really did anything for us, the Lootas, all they really did was survive.  

  You know your in a bad spot when both JP and Dave start looking at their codex rules and then give you these types of looks! Physic powes! Deep strike! Invul saves! Invisable! Ignore Cover! Auto hit!Auto win!

So us Orks got pantz'd bad.  We brought a knife to a gun fight.  

My hate for the Eldar continues to grow! Stupid disco elves win this time!  But Orks will be back!  

Rob writing battle report:

Great game guys!  


  1. Eldar got the win, but Orks got more FP. So really, Xenos got the "big picture" win. And you got 30 RP in your back pocket. Sure, it cost you all your Boyz getting plastered by space debris... LOL!

    That was pure awesome. A game against the Orks needs some comedy.

  2. Now I know how Tau feel, getting chumped for the greater good and all.