Sunday, November 10, 2013

Nerd shirts and fat update

I just ordered a few funny nerd shirts from a pretty cool website. Redbubble has tons of shit you can order, much of it being nerd shit. Some of it is even funny nerd shit. I happened to order these two gems. Just got 'em last week. Very reasonable price too. Check em out here

for my love of beer

for my love of Angry Marines

So, I'm 10 days into NOvember, and let me tell you, its been super sucky. Not only have I given up booze and junk food, but Cody has sent me a healthy eating guide that he does for all his crazy ass cross fit stuff. So I've also cut out grains, dairy, flours and sugars. Bread, pasta and cheese are my favourite things in the world. I'm not having any troubs with no booze... but I'd kill someone for a hunk of cheese right now.
Also, the planking sucks.. I've been doing it, but it sucks.
I've dropped a few pounds tho, so yay?

Plank Challenge, I'm gonna make you my bitch. I'm gonna take you out for a nice dinner, then fuck you and never call you back!

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