Sunday, August 18, 2013

Rest In Peace Nerd Dog

It's with a sad heart that I announce that my dog Tucker (or Nerd dog) passed away yesterday afternoon.
His perfectly table height tail will be missed. I'll miss having to step (or trip) over him as he slept under the game table.

At Maxx Collectibles

Checking out my new Battle Foam

Enjoying outdoor 5th edition

Still enjoying outdoor 5th edition

Getting tripped over during our Apocalypse game

I'd say something nerdy like "You're with the Emperor now..." but he'd just think that's gay.

Rest in peace little buddy.


  1. Deepest condolences from a fellow dog lover, I know just how 'family' a dog can be.

  2. Greg, my heart goes out to you. May he Rest In Peace. - Christopher B.

  3. sorry for the loss, i to know the loss of a family member, but with the loss can always come a new friendship, house isnt a home without a dog

  4. Sorry to hear about that, Will miss trying to avoid falling over him when I play, (which I think was what you taught him to do!).

    Condolences bud, hang in there.

  5. Came across this post on Facebook I guess.

    Having a canine friend I can feel your pain mate. Rejoice in the fact you had a true companion while your friendship lasted.

    My condolences mate.

  6. im sorry to hear of your loss.i have two dogs one of which is agile enough to jump on the table whilst playing.been a vet twice now removing dark eldar bits from paws.

    R.I.P little dude