Saturday, August 10, 2013

Apocalypse 2: Tauriffic Boogaloo teaser 2


+The planet here has been corrupted by an alien race called the Tau.++No shipments were...++Interference from Tau...have taken great care to...message will reach you.+
+Aid from Astartes recommended.++The Tau...entrenched...fortress...half military force remaining ...outnumbered.++...believe...Eldar...possible alliance.+ shows...force fields++...destroy their generators!+
+Tau...scrambling signal...likely...about attack...+


Here we go, the second teaser for the upcoming apocalypse game and so far it`s not looking good for the `good guys`.  Mainly because everyone wants to play goddamn Eldar!!
So for that reason I have slightly changed the teams.


So far that consists of: ukstickmonkey, darksheer, and gathrawn1 playing tau, and rabble as Eldar.  Unfortunately I can only place 1 name to the above Internet handles which would be SeanT as rabble.


So far that consists of: JP and Greg.

Which means we have 1 space open for the `Greater Good` which I`m guessing will be taken up by Eldar, and 3 spaces left for the `Good Guys`.
I'll check the forums again and have a re-posting of the teams in the open gaming section.  I will edit the first post of the Apocalypse 2: Tauriffic Boogaloo post to include the teams.
Next weekend I will post the final teaser before the game along with a quick rundown of some of the rules.

Also, if you are wanting to play and your name is listed above, please send me a message on the forums with your email so I can send you some private information you will need for the game.

The game will take place at the Morris Nerdatorium in the basement of the great Gregius Maximus on September the 7th.  The game will start at 11:00 and we will be playing 30min TURNS.  Much like we did the previous Apoc game.

Bring you own beers, munchies, and food for supper.  Greg BBQ`d last time and it was fantastic.  Make sure you check you shoes before you go back into the house though so you don`t track doggy doodoo through his kitchen.  Sorry Greg.

Thank you all and happy gaming

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