Thursday, November 29, 2012

I love the smell of napalm in the Morning!

It was a night where apparently screwing with anything green was a very bad idea.

  As Ork War boss, and after watching the debacle on Monday night with my Eagles, I was determined to make something green win for once.

  Sean won the goes first roll.  We had two objectives to capture with a diagonal deployment.  He deployed first carefully assembling his troops in various fantastic spots to ensure alot of Orky deaths.  As usual I was happy and much more concerned with fitting all my shit in my tiny corner of a table.  Seriously there is barely enough room, wtf!

  Turn 1:

Orks are sneaky, sneaky enough to steal the initiative. You could say this is pretty much where everything started to go wrong for Sean and his proud humies.  I rolled a 6, so my Orks got to go first.  Enter the DeffKopta's  who apparently stopped drinking for this fight.  I rolled 3 6's.  It was kinda like this for my Deffkoptas:

And this is the result!

So my Orks fired up the beer Truck and Ol Ghaz and his drinking buddies went off to find some space marines to fight! 

That didnt go well for the Space Marines either.  They shot some boyz here and there.  

Turn 2

Advancing Orks run into a Assualt Marine squad with a nasty looking Chaplin.  "Your not going to like this" Sean tells me. "I got this really cool power..."  Orks dont care about cool powers!  That didnt go well either for Sean.  (Actually it was a pretty cool power).

Orks after mopping up fancy Chaplin and Assault marines now eyeing the scouts!

So after over watch completely screwed over Sean, (I blame the tiny dice)  he decided to feed his seargent to Ghazskull via a challenge.  Then he chose to fail his moral test and run.  (I thought Space Marines never retreat?).......(after doing some research they dont, they merely advance in the other direction).  

Turn 3

Now, im not sure what the hell my Lootas ever did to piss Sean off so bad, but in his words "Man i just have to kill something"  Apparently that means you deep strike a entire squad of terminators and shoot the piss out of a band of picnicing lootas.  I say this because they were back on my deployment zone doing a whole lot of nothing.  Boy did did those terminators ever terminate that picnic.

With the Lootas gone, the terminators turn around and see they are very very lonely.

  By turn 4 it was getting pretty nasty.  Turn 5 saw Sean running his last remaining Space marine over to the objective in my deployment zone to gain some points.  Well those Deffkoptas striked again!

Via one rocket up the ass.  Over kill but what the hell.  

Final score was Orks 6 Space Marines 1.  Super fun game, first time meeting Sean, super cool guy we had a great time!  

  The END!


  1. Yah, that pretty much sums it up. Awesome game though.

    Thanks for hosting Rob!