Wednesday, September 25, 2013


No No No, not that kind.  The social network kind. 

I was recently interviewed by a podcast down in Texas called “Hitting on 3s”

They had put out a request for people to contact them about writing articles for their website.  I already had a bunch of Misfits episodes (the next one will be posted shortly) in the can, and I though they could give us some much needed exposure so I jumped at the opportunity.

No, it's not a very good interview, as we both fumbled our words a little, and much editing was done.  But I did manage to mention the club, the league, and the tourney in May.

I’ll issue a warning right now, the podcast uses explicit language, like me, don’t have painted armies, like me, and aren’t very good at the game, like me, and they treat the game as more of a social hobby than a gaming hobby, like me.

So I guess I’m saying that if you like me you will like these guys as well.

Having gained that opportunity via Twitter, I asked Greg if the 40Kegger club had a Twitter account and didn’t realize I had just volunteered to open it and run it.  The Twitter feed was opened yesterday and the handle is @40Kegger.

After opening the Twitter account, Greg also mentioned that the club does not have a Facebook Page.  Well I started a group for the club yesterday as well, as some of you may know by the Facebook invites you have received.  The group is called 40Kegger wargaming club.

So now that we are saturated with social media, please feel free to use them.  I am the only one who has access to the twitter account, but the Facebook group is open to all who have joined the group.  If any of you have a Twitter account, feel free to send the 40Kegger messages that you might want re-tweeted and I’ll be happy to oblige.

Until next time, happy gaming!

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  1. never EVER ask questions! Its the death knell in any situation! Work place, school 40k.