Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Maybe GW should be sued

Since GW is so fond of suing aftermarket companies for "stealing" their 'intellectual property", perhaps it is about time somebody sued GW for a copyright infringement.

Let me introduce you to the real Forgefiend.
Would the real Slim Shady please stand up
This miniature was created by Paizo, the nerd company that brings you Pathfinder. For those of you who don't know (presumably because you do not live in your parents basement and enjoy interacting with the outside world) Pathfinder is a pen and paper RPG.

These guys know what Pathfinder is. Notice how how the tiger guy's sword is a direct reflection of what happens to his dick when he tries to have a nerd conversation with a real girl.

The Paizo Forgefiend was released in a Pathfinder adventure path in 2007. It is now 2012. Let me do some math here... That means the Paizo Forgefiend was released 5 years before the GW Forgefiend.
Go fuck yourself GW. You stole the name from Paizo.
Games Workshop, you are nothing more than a big bully. Suing everyone for making awesome aftermarket products to go along with YOUR game, yet you steal from others.

As easy as stealing an idea from a fatter nerd

Once again, nerds of the world unite! Boycott GW by not purchasing the new Forgefiend kit. It looks gay anyways!
Boo! I'm the Hellpuncher *GRAWRRRR*
Hold on... This just in... The GW Forgefiend Heavy Support choice is really good... GW is making it awesome to force Chaos players to have it in their army list!
OK, so the unit is really good, so go ahead and use it.

But buy it HERE for waaaaay cheaper. 30% of the American price with free shipping to Canada!


  1. ah yes, the old "sue them, before they sue us" mentality.

  2. Whatever GW has been doing, it works. In December of 2009, GW stocks were trading at $241, today they are worth nearly 3x that at $715. It september, it was reported that GW views the trading "right in line with expectations". Apple does similar things in suing competitors, and it works. You're not always trying to hurt your competition, you also want to scare off newcomers. New rules, new minis, new prices and the "dont fuck with us" attitude is doing very well for them.

  3. In December of 2009 I could buy a Tactical Squad for $35. How much are they now?

    I'm pretty sure GW's business is modelled after the tobacco industry.

    *Goes to have a smoke and glue a Tac squad together*