Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Army Updaye: New HQ, terrain and more

Nobody is adding any content to the site right now, so I guess I'll show y'all what I've been working on the past little while. A lot of this work is for my tentative Dark Star GT list. Enjoy

My converted Dark Vengeance Chaplain

See, combi-flamer, not plasma pistol... Converted!

Thanks liquid green stuff! Almost no dark angels logo on the cape.
Not too exciting. Just a defence line.

Objective markers made from defence line leftovers.

New Tactical squad Sgt. Storm Bolter and Power Fist

Meet my 5th Tactical Squad. Lascannon and meltagun
My Stern guard veterans. Originally Rapier laser battery crew. Sarge is the Captain Sicarius model. Base coated only so far 

Whaaaaat, another Tactical Sergeant?!?!?
Some of my cheap Russian ruins. 2 sprues worth.

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